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Chapter 2

The Slayers

"It's your decision. You can choose a normal life or… you can go with us to England to receive a proper training. You can make a difference in this world. When I was the only one I couldn't even dream of achieving what we can achieve now. We can help people. We can fight the darkness in this world and make it a better and safer place. This time we actually have enough strength when together to be a significant opponent to evil," Buffy was making her speech to the rest of the slayers.

Buffy suddenly thought that she should write that speech down. It could come useful when she would find more slayers.

Only two of the slayers wanted to go back to their families. The rest, including Kennedy, wanted to go to England.

"Alright," Buffy said. "Those of you who want to come back home… you can pack up your things, say goodbye and I'm sure that Giles will find you some safe transport."

"Yes," Giles said, looking at his papers with the girls' data. "You can go, but I would like to be in touch with you in case something happens," he said.

"Ok, I'm going to find Willow." Kennedy walked to the door.

"Cold you ask her for more precise location of the slayer that she sensed?" Giles asked. "If she's close we have to talk to her."

"I'll tell her," Kennedy promised and left the room.

"Thank you… Buffy?" Giles looked at his slayer.

Her face was strange now, absent. She didn't pay any attention as she was obviously thinking hard about something. "Buffy, is everything alright? What is it that bothers you?"

"It's noth… it's Angel," she admitted very quietly with a sigh, so Giles could barely hear her. "I'm just wondering… maybe I should… you know… visit him? Let him know that everything's fine, see him for the last time…"

"I'm not sure it's such a good idea. Maybe you could call him?" he suggested.

"Yeah... If he needs me, then I'll come visit," she said and also left the room.

"Faith, find Xander and Dawn and tell them what we have decided."

"Ok." She shrugged. Her face was grumpy and kind of sad. Principal Wood had left them shortly after he'd got better.

"Angel?" Buffy almost whispered his name when he picked up the phone.

"Buffy…" he sounded relieved. "Good to know you're ok. What about the rest?"

"Anya and Spike are dead," she said with no emotions in her voice. If she'd said it differently, she would've cried and she didn't want Angel to know how weak she was at the moment.

"Oh… I'm so sorry… but my…"

"Yes. Your locket worked. It was a miracle. Spi… he… he saved us all," she said, twirling the phone cable around her wrist.

"I'm glad. It's good news."

"Yes. Who'd say that he could sacrifice himself for all of us."


"Maybe… Do you want me to come?" she asked and held her breath while waiting for his answer.

"Buffy… oh… I don't know if it's such a good idea. I'm in the middle of something right now. I'll tell you what it is when I find out more, I promise. Where are you going?"

"To England," she answered, being a little disappointed.

"England…" he repeated with surprise.

She told him what the plan was.

"I know where it is. It's a lonely castle… Nobody's lived there for years."

"Giles reassured us that he had it renovated and said that right now it's a great place."

"If he said so…"

There was nothing more to say… and it felt so awkward.

"Dawn, Xander…" Faith walked into the room next door.

Those two were sitting in two different corners of the room. Dawn was looking through the window, then at Xander and again, through the window.

Xander was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Despite the hope that Dawn had, he hadn't noticed her at all. It was like always: Buffy's younger sister in love with her best friend. A friend who'd always made fun of that crush and now was sure that she'd got passed it. She couldn't expect that suddenly, right after the woman he'd loved had died, he would immediately turn his attention to her.

Dawn hated herself for feeling relieved that Xander was alone again, so she chose to forget that those feelings were inside of her.

"People! Move! We're leaving!" Faith raised her voice a little and then, after having said that, she walked out of the room.

Buffy was thinking was else she could say to Angel. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, but she didn't dare.

What had happened? Why was he so mysterious? What was he exploring? What was he looking for?

"Buffy… oh, I'm sorry, you're talking," she heard Xander's voice behind her. She turned around and just one look was enough to let Xander know who she was talking to. "Oh, maybe I'll just go."

"Is that Xander?" she heard Angel's voice on the phone.

"Yes. I have to go."

"I'll contact you soon."

"You're so mysterious…" she sighed heavily. "I hope you won't keep me in the dark forever. I want to know what it is."

"It's nothing that concerns you. It's me... I love you."

"Yeah… me, too." She hung up.

Xander didn't say a word even though he wanted to. It would be better for you if… no, he wouldn't say that. Not like this. It wouldn't have changed her feelings anyway.

They visited the slayer Willow sensed. She turned out to be a 31 years old mother of two children and a happy wife. It was obvious that she wouldn't go with them. She wouldn't throw everything away just for the training. But still, it was the Scooby Gang's duty to make her realize what she was capable of now.

"What? Are you crazy? Vampires?!" she laughed at loud.

She stopped laughing when Buffy caught a vampire after dark and killed it just before her eyes.

"Patricia…" Buffy started, calling the woman by her name, "it's nothing wrong, nothing to be afraid of. Just think, you have the power and thanks to it you can protect your children from any harm. Don't forget about it, don't deny it. I'd been doing it when I used to be the only one, but I didn't have the choice that you have. You can still be a mother and a wife. You just… are stronger than before. It's not a curse… Only, when you happen to see a vampire, stake them, ok?"

"Of… of course," she stammered. Her husband wasn't home yet, so the Scooby Gang didn't find out whether she'd actually told him or not.

Buffy would like to tell. It reminded her of the history of her own past relationships. Relationships with vampires had no future and if it hadn't been a vampire, she would've had to lie her whole life. She would've had to deny who she really was. She couldn't do that. That was why she would probably wait her whole life for Angel, what was completely stupid or, she would just stay alone. Single. She needed a man who would know all of her secrets and be her best friend in the same time. Where would she find somebody like that? It would've been easier if she'd been a lesbian, she thought and laughed at her own joke. She felt a little bit better.