Everybody moved to Philadelphia a week later anyway. They bought a pretty big and nice house in the suburbs and lived there together. Although they weren't related at all (except for Buffy and Dawn), they felt like one big family.

Buffy was surprised by the slayers. They said goodbye in a very surprising and touching way.

"Buffy…" one of them spoke. "It's all thanks to you, thanks to you we've gained our powers, powers we couldn't even dreamed of, but first you alone had to fight against the forces of darkness when you were barely fifteen years old… We were thinking what to give you as a goodbye gift and then we realized something so obvious. You don't have to save the world anymore or running after vampires. We'll all be doing this for you. Every single one of us, so you can rest for a while. We can do this, we've learnt a lot from you. We still have Faith and beside, you deserve a normal life you always wanted."

Buffy couldn't speak, so did her friends.

"I…" she started eventually. "I… I don't know what to say… You have no idea how much it means to me…" she stammered. "Thank you, but I think that from time to time I'll have to slay some vampires in my area anyway."

They all laughed.

"Xander," Buffy whispered, turning to her man.

"I know, honey, I know… We can live like the most normal couple in the world now. And… we have all the time in the world. So, what d'you say? D'you wanna spend it with me?"

"It sounded… very official, but, yes, I want to. Very much." She smiled and squeezed his hand.

In the past few weeks she discovered something amazing. It was new and exciting - she didn't have to worry about his boyfriend becoming bad anymore. There was no such a danger in this relationship, Xander wasn't one of so-called bad boys. Everything had gotten better. Someone finally made her feel young, loved and finally, she could love back as much as she was being loved.

The life was just starting for her…

And with all those hopes for the future they flew back to America.

"I love our new house," Buffy said with a blissful smile on her face while sitting in the garden. The sun was just setting, but it was still hot.

Xander walked out of the house and handed her a glass of lemonade.

"Wonderful," she whispered, looking at him bathed in the rest of the sunlight.

"What is?" he asked.

"You. In the sun. It's nice to have a boyfriend who can actually walk in the sunlight." The smile couldn't fade away from her face.

"It's good to be loved." He also smiled.

"Gee!" Dawn growled. "Get a room!"

"Dawn, I thought we've talked about this."

"Buffy, you died and then came back, beside this little quarrel we had after you two… nothing."

"Xander, can you leave us for a moment? I'll be right there."

"No problem." He got back to the house.

"Dawnie, I thought that you didn't have any feelings for him anymore."

"It's true, but now, when everybody's happy that you're alive and everything's ok, we can finally talk."

"I promise you, when I said to you that Xander wasn't for you I didn't know I would fall in love with him."

"I know and I understand. End of topic. Even if... he won't get interested in me, so let's cut it."

"So everything's good between us?"


"Come here." Buffy hugged her sister.

"You two have my blessing," Dawn sighed. "What doesn't mean that I don't feel weird."

"I understand."

"Buffy!" Dawn screamed while pointing at something in the trees.

Buffy turned around.

A demon. Very ugly and disgusting demon with some strange liquid on its claws.

"Yuck!" Dawn blenched.

"Buffy?" Xander and Willow ran out of the house, alarmed by the little Summers's scream.

Buffy moved toward the demon, but she immediately landed up on her butt a few meters away. It was fast. She had to admit that.

"Gee..." She stood up. "I think I shouldn't have given up on my training… Xander, don't!" But he already jumped to it with a sword in his hand.

Demon hurt him with its claw and Xander moaned. Fortunately, it was just a scratch.

"HEY!" Buffy went mad. "Stay away from my man!" She took the sword from Xander, who looked confused, and chopped the demon's head off. "Xander? Everything's alright?" she asked, because he was looking in the distance very strangely. "Xander?"

"I… I can't see…" He waved his hand right before his eyes.

"What do you mean? Your eye's fine."

"But I can't see…"

Buffy took his face in her hands and looked at him. He was right.


Willow got closer, also confused and looked Xander in the face. Then Giles appeared.

"Let's take him to a hospital," he suggested. "Maybe there is a complication from the last… attack… when he lost his eye."

"I'm not so sure… it has to be that demon!" Buffy yelled.

"Buffy, he barely scratched his arm…"

"Maybe it was a poison?" Willow suggested. "Giles, do you have any books here?"

"Actually, I do. The transport cost me a small fortune, but…"

"Ok, let's get to work then."

"And I'll take him to a hospital," Buffy said, trying not to sound terrified.

She helped Xander get to his feet.

"Do something with this body," she pointed the demon. "It would be best if you just keep it for a while. We may need it," she added.

"Buffy…" Xander whispered while they were going toward the car. "What if…"

"Sshhh... it'll be alright. You'll have your sight back. Don't worry."

"And what if I don't?"

"We'll deal with it. I'll never leave you, don't worry..."