~ Chapter Two ~

Day two and still no word from Gideon. Trying to focus on my work was beginning to get too hard. Normally it provided me with a good distraction, but now it was just something keeping me from find him. Angus hasn't called me so I believe he hasn't found him either, which only made me worry more. Last time he had disappeared this long he had gone to California, but something told me it wasn't that simple. Surly he would tell his drivers where he was, or at least mention that he was ok. I have hardly slept at night, missing him too much. Every time I close my eyes I imagine where he might be, and it scares me to think about that kind of thing.

Cary and I where sitting on the couch eating some pizza that we had ordered from about an hour ago. Watching some news channel was keeping me busy for now. Taking another bite of the cold pizza I snuggle up against my brother like figure. He was always here for me and I loved him so much for that. I felt bad because he turned down Trey so he could stay with me, but I didn't really want to be alone right now.

Time pasted as the news repeated itself for a second time. I honestly don't know why we where watching this. The doorbell sounding throughout the apartment had me springing to my feet. Followed closely by Cary I opened the door. My heat and smile sank as I looked into the eyes of Jean-Fracois Giroux. I go to speak but his face told me here wasn't here for a chat. He stepped forward, almost like inviting himself in. His eyes hiding his emotions as he scanned the room.

"Where is he?" He demanded. I took a look at him and suddenly saw the blood on his shirt. Now that I actually opened my eyes I could tell he had been in a fight recently. His clothing was ripped and messy, along with his hair, that was all over the place. Cary sensed my unease about him and stepped into his path.

"No one else is here." Cary glared. "Now leave, before I call the police." Throwing Cary a glare that sent chills up my spine he turned and faced me.

"You better not be hiding him from me." He spat. "I'm going to fucking kill him for what he did." Normally I'd be all up for an argument, but the fact that he meant my husband scared me. I was about to ask him something but looked up to find him gone.

"Jesus christ Eva." Cary exclaimed slamming the door shut. "What the hell is going on?"

"That's Mr Giroux." I muttered. I had told Cary everything that happened at the hospital, including about the baby. He sighed heading back over to the couch. I brought out my phone and tried to call Gideon again, but it went to voice mail again. I left a messaged exclaiming that Mr Giroux was after him, before dialing Angus's number.

"Hello Mrs Cross." He called down the phone.

"Have you found Gideon yet?" I asked.

"No news yet, but we are getting closer to him." I let a sigh of relief.

"Mr Giroux is looking for him." Angus went silent on the other end of the line. "Angus?"

"Right. Don't worry Mrs Cross, we will find him." I exchanged a thank you, before ending the call, and rejoining Cary.

As we sat together my mind was fixed on Gideon. I was much more worried now that Giroux was on his trail. A thud at the door caught both mine and Cary's attention. At first neither one of us dared to open it, incase he had returned again. Taking in a breath I wondered over to the door, again with Cary right behind me. I unlatched the door and slowly opened it, to see no-one. I glanced back at Cary who shrugged, I was about to close it when I felt his presence.

"Eva.." He breathed. I stepped out finding him leaning against the wall. Without a second thought I ran into his arms, and held him close to me.

"Gideon.. thank god.." I cried. When he groaned in pain I jumped back. "What's wrong?" He didn't respond, so I grabbed his hand and began to lead him into the apartment. He stepped through the door with me, but suddenly I got the feeling something wasn't right. I turned to him in time to see him collapse. Cary was there in a heart beat. Tears whelmed in my eyes, as I sank to my knees beside Gideon. The strong, dominant and powerful man I married, was laying in a heap on the floor. I couldn't believe it.

He looked completely worn out, beaten and hurt. It pained me to see him this way. His lower lip was bleeding and he had a few bruises on his face. I glanced over to Cary with tears rolling down my cheeks. He pulled me into a hug.

"He just passed out, baby girl. Call Angus." He kissed my forehead before picking Gideon up and placing him onto the couch. Even for someone as strong as Cary, it took all his strength to move him. Angus answered right away and said he was on his way. As I ended the call I went over to Gideons side and held his hand in mine.

Time passed and while Gideon rested up, we all sat in the kitchen drinking some champagne. Angus had looked over Gideon when he came in, thankfully he believes he is exhausted. He has been in a fight, but nothing looked serious. It gave me piece of mind, but I was still worried about him.

We sat in silence, enjoying the red wine. My eyes never left my husband as he rested. The knock at the door caught us all off guard. Setting his glass down Cary walked over to open the door. A sickening feeling set in my stomach as I heard Giroux's voice once again.

"I know he is here!" He snapped at Cary. I got to my feet and headed over to the door, Angus was hot on my heels. "I saw the Bentley outside, so don't play games with me."

"If you must know, Angus gave me a lift home and ended up staying for a drink." I glared folding my arms, looking at him in his drunken state.

"I suggest you leave, Mr Giroux." Angus said firmly. Obviously the look he had given Giroux worked, as slowly Giroux backed up and heading back to the stairs.

Sighing with relief I walked back towards where Gideon was. I froze as I saw him tossing and turning on the couch.

'Ah.. It hurts... stop.. fuck it hurts..' He groaned arching his back. I stepped towards him but Cary pulled me back shaking his head.

"Don't make the same mistake." He mutters walking towards Gideon himself. "Gideon. Wake up." Cary said shaking his arm. Gideon sat bolt upright blinking away the nightmare. He looked around the room, his eyes glancing at Cary, Angus and finally rested on me.

"Eva.." He looked so confused that I couldn't help but walk to him. "D..Did I hurt you?" I placed my finger to his lips and hushed him. Cary and Angus left the room, returning to their drinks. Gideon wrapped his arms around me, muttering how sorry he was, how he shouldn't of left.

I laid with him on the couch, snuggled up in his warm embrace. I wished that this moment could last forever, but I had questions that needed answers.

"Where were you?" I mumble trailing my hand over his chest.

"Eva.." He sighed, after a moment he continued. "At one of my clubs..."


"Yes." He sighed again holding my chin up, he planted a kiss on my lips. I leaned back, pulling my lips away. He looked at me his eyes showing his hurt.

"Did Giroux do this to you?" I asked rubbing my thumb over his cut lip.

"Yes. I didn't.." He hesitated.

"Defend or fight back?" I finished. "Why not?"

"I deserved it. He lost his..."

"It wasn't your fault!" I half yelled jumping up from the couch.


"Don't Eva me!" I snap.

"Please can we not fight?" He exhales and leans back in the chair, running his hand through his gorgeous hair. "I'm too tried to."

"I don't want to fight either, you just scared me.."

"Angel I'm sorry.. But I could of killed you.." I saw his eyes water and quickly wrap my arms around him.

"Shh baby. It's ok. Come on, lets get you showered and to bed." He nods against my chest. I help him to his feet, leading him towards the shower. We pass Cary on the way.

"No sleeping... Eva." He warns before glaring at Gideon, who nods to him and carries on making his way to the shower. I hurry after him, sending Cary a glare in return.

~End Of Chapter.~

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