OK, it's Taito (I can't help - I love these guys, I do, I do, I do!!) it means yaoi. It's fluffy Taito. Kinda.
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//...// indicates thoughts. It's two years after the Digimon Adventure, that's why no new team, and basically no other Chosen but for you know who. (to those who don't know: a love between two guys, Yamato and Taichi, repeat, LOVE)
And DISCLAIMER runs as following: I wrote long letters washed with tears to Toei and they still wouldn't let me have Digimon... *bursts in tears and grabs a photo of Yamato and turns on Negai Kanaeru Kagi to the point of being deaf..* I doooooon't owwwwwwn Digimoooon!

-What's wrong with being a blonde?-
Chapter 1

Taichi's POV (point of view)

He realised he had a special issue about blondes after his third girlfriend dumped him and he still missed her blonde hair. Ah, whatever. Taichi grumbled.

For people who lived in the community of black haired and brown-eyed people, it presented some difficulty in finding a blonde girlfriend. //But why blonde?//

Taichi sent the football in the goal and went to get it. The school was over; there was no one in the soccer field. Only him and the orange sun. It was a perfect place to scramble one's thoughts together and vent one's anger without damaging anything or anyone permanently.

//Blondes are stupid. I mean that's the price for being a blonde - no offense! Get yourself together,
Taichi! Why do you have to pick out a blonde from all the girls around you? You aren't stupid, right?
Right?... Right.

//No more blondes.//

* * *
//Taichi, BAKA! Stare the other way! No, I don't mean at her legs. I mean, right, left, turn around, damn you!// cried his inner voice, the one who didn't like blondes and was slowly beginning to realise there was no place for him in Taichi's head.

//She has blonde hair...//


//Whatever. I wanna feel it. I wanna have her.//

//Taichi, you're scaring me... Get away.//

"Hi!" the girl smiled sweetly. Taichi slammed his jaws together with his hand. The girl laughed.

"What's your name?" Taichi said.

"Michiko. And yours?"

"Tai... Taichi... Tai."

The girl laughed again. //Taichi no baka... // Taichi thought, melting inside.

* * *
The orange sun was there again as well as he was. The brown haired goggle-crowned teen kicked the ball into the empty goal.


//What was she? Fourth or fifth...//

//You'll get over it, Taichi. Be a man. She's not the first to dump you. Blondes come and go. And you're still great! Just look at the way you kick that ball around, marvelous, incredible, intrepid Yagami Taichi!!!//

Taichi wiped his mouth with the sleeve.
//I thought she'd be the first to work out nice. God, I mean - we kissed!.. That's when she broke down. And I'm still a virgin! At thirteen. Maybe, it's not that bad, I have four years more for this... But I liked kissing her//

//No comments...//

* * *
"Hey, you look right down-hearted, Tai."

"Lay off."

"Is this because of that blonde chick? Aw, she's not worth it. Say, let's go to a disco tonight? You and I?
No blondes?"

"Are you asking me out?" Taichi was too shocked otherwise he'd pick his belongings and run away. Taichi wouldn't think of himself as gay, not yet. There were too many girls for him to discover. Besides, he hadn't yet met the guy of his dreams. His friend, who was a dark haired teen from his soccer team, flashed him a smile.

"I personally always thought you were kinda cute, Tai."

"Say it again, and you'll end up eating baby food throughout your life." Taichi got up however. "Let's go then?"

"Glad you snapped out of it."

* * *
Taichi, Teishiro and some other soccer mates were sitting at a table in a nightclub, where they sneaked with the help of Teishiro's older brother, a bartender. The dark haired teen motioned somebody to come closer.

"Over here, Ren-sama!"

Taichi caught sight of blonde hair and his heart sank. //I thought I said no more blonde cute girls, right?!// But as the figure moved into light, Taichi's jaw dropped. How could he have mistaken it for a girl?!

"Yamato." Taichi grabbed the blonde by his hand and pulled him down into the next seat. "I haven't seen you for ages! Where'd you been? Why didn't ya call me when you got back?"

Taichi completely ignored the teen Yamato came with, concentrating on his long-no-see friend. A year they emerged fresh from the Digiworld Yamato disappeared out of sight, and Taichi could hardly get any news from Takeru who lived far away. Well, he wasn't able to register that Yamato was here again. Taichi wondered if Yamato hadn't forgot their crazy adventure in another world, his digimon. Anyway, the thought of his friend by his side sent lightings of pleasure into Taichi's skin.

Taichi started because he realised Yama had been speaking for a long time now and Tai hadn't heard a word of it.


"You hair stuffed head! I said I was at my grandma's!"

"What the hell you were doing there?"

"She got seriously sick, Dad had to send me over, 'cause no one was available. And as the school year began I ended in the local school and was stuck there for a year."

"I missed you," Taichi said.

"What?!" Yamato shouted over the music.

//Blondes!// Taichi sniffed. //Trust it to them to miss out the important part.//




"How are the others?"

"Who?!" Taichi stared at Yamato. He could see the blonde was working up. Taichi's legs went wobbly at this. He forgot how actually cute Yamato could get at times...

"The team!" Yamato shouted. His eyes sparkled so fascinating when he was so angry...

"You'll find out soon."

//Fascinating? Tai, I'm scared.// said the voice that shouldn't be there and that always had to kick in with a drawling nasty notice, like 'I tooooooooold yooooou!...' when you did anything wrong.

"Have you heard anything of Jyou? What's up with Koushiro? Where's Mimi?"


"C'mon, really? How's Hikari?" Yamato was so short-tempered.

"As usual."

Temper, temper... Taichi smiled contentedly when he found himself in charge of situation. With Yamato going slowly crazy, it was more fun.

"She grew up a lot," he provided mercifully. He could see Yamato's lips moving in a swear.

"What's so funny?" Yamato rolled his hands into fists.


Oh, how Taichi savored these moments when Yama was trembling with emotion.

"How's Sora?"

"Sora?" Taichi asked with an innocent face.

Yamato muttered some curse, completely vexed. Why does Taichi had to be such a blockhead.
Yes, Taichi could almost read it in his looks.

Taichi smiled.

Teishiro leant over to him, saying, "Your flirting with him is not even funny since it's so obvious."

Taichi smiled more. Blondes. He knew how to wind them round his finger.

* * *
Yamato opened the door and found a grinning Taichi on the threshold.

"Hi!" Taichi said cheerfully. "Thought I called on you, since you failed to show up at school." He pushed past Yamato and started to take off his trainers.

"Oh, come inside," said the blonde in a bothered voice.

Taichi didn't move his eyes off him for a second.

"What?" Yamato said nervously.

"Nothing," Taichi chuckled.

Now he could see those blue eyes glistening dangerously.

"Are you trying to get me?" Yamato asked impatiently.

Wow, blondes think! Surprise, it didn't took Yama long to figure it out.

"Stupid," Taichi waved it aside.

"Then what are you staring at?"

"Umm.." Taichi could see the blonde getting his emotions under control (no good!). "I'm kinda starving. D'you mind if I help myself to the fridge?"

Taichi strode into the kitchen without a look back. He knew Yamato was following him. Awwww... maybe he was even angry with those nice tinkles in his eyes and curled lip?!...

"Hey, I wanna eat some rice and sausages. Cook them for me!" Taichi pushed a frying pan into Yamato's hands.

"Taichi.." said the blonde with a building menace.

//Oh yes, he's getting it!// Taichi made a puppet face.

"I'm so hungry!" he wailed. "Listen to my stomach!" he pressed himself to Yamato's front, leaving the blonde teen standing agape in his arms.

"Hear it?" he asked most innocently.

Yamato shot out of his arms and put the frying pan on the stove, throwing some sausages into it. Taichi sat down at the table watching him. Watching Yamato cook for him was so delicious.

* * *
"Hi!" Taichi almost toppled over with laughter when seeing the expression on Yama's face. The blonde was utterly clueless as to why Tai called on him after school. Again.

"You're not telling me you're hungry?" Yamato blocked the door.

Taichi managed to squeeze himself between the door and Yamato and into the apartment.

"I am! But don't worry. I've got some food!"


Tai was about to melt down the wall when he heard those warning notes in his friend's voice.

"Yama, but puhleeaaase? Mom left for the hairdresser's and I suck in cooking, I'm so hungry..."
//I just could eat you up whole on the spot.//

Yamato slammed the door shut and turned to Taichi. "This is starting to get regular..." he said through gritted teeth.

//He's too clever for a blonde// Taichi thought. "Aren't you a natural blonde, Yama?" Tai asked all of a sudden.


//Guess not..// "OK, what d'you pick? Fried chicken or spaghetti with meat?" Taichi held the packs of food in the air, letting Yamato choose.

Yama grabbed a chicken pack with a snarl and went into the kitchen.

"Next time, go to McDonald's!" he shouted as he irritably put on the apron. Taichi put his chin into his hands, leant over the table near the stove and smiled wickedly.

* * *
"Taichi, no!" Yamato said, about to slam the door in the brunette's face. Taichi put out a foot.

"I'm not hungry!" he protested.

"What are you doing here then?!!!" Yama said crossly. Taichi shuddered in pleasure.

"We're friends, right? I thought I'd call on you since you're so lonely..."

"You're thinking too much!" Yama snapped.

"Yama, don't be a nerd! Whom are you hiding in there?" Taichi pushed the teen inside playfully but forcefully and shut the door behind himself. He was out of his trainers in a second, and, ignoring the fuming blonde, went into Yama's bedroom.

"So, what do I find if I peek into this room?" Taichi teased.

"Your death."

"OK." Taichi opened the door. Before Yama could hurl himself at him Taichi checked that the room was clear of girlfriends, it was all he noticed because in a split of a second Yamato furiously hit him and Taichi quickly punched him in return.

//Just like back in the Digiworld... only Yama was not so hot then...//

The boys rolled on the floor, going for each other's throats. //I have him now.//

Taichi knew he was stronger. Yamato was aware of it as well. And he would struggle away still, pinned with Taichi's weight to the floor. Tai straddled him and locked his hands over Yamato's head.


"Get off me!" Yama wailed indignantly.

Taichi leaned in closer to gloat silently to his blue eyes and to smell the frustration coming from the blonde. //I wonder it is such a strong emotion... like love... It must be what his love smells like...

Taichi buried his face in Yama's neck, letting the blonde locks caress his cheeks and lips... Yamato panicked and tried to throw Tai off.

"Hold still," Taichi commanded, enjoying his hair, its silky structure... //Aww god.// He ran his tongue over Yama's ear and tasted his hair.

"Tai, what are you doing?" Yama asked in shock.

//Stupid blondes... So hard to figure it out.// There was obvious panic on Yamato's face. He kicked out to free himself.

"I said hold still, Yama," Taichi warned. His lips glided over his cheek and down his jaw line, taking in the tenderness of his skin. Taichi moved to the right side of his face that was still unattended by his lips and Yamato breathed a relief. Tai intuitively knew what the blonde was thinking about.

Not lips...

//Not lips, heh?//

Taichi turned to study Yama's blue eyes. Scared, wrathful, confused, hopeful, puzzled, begging... Sooo emotional.

//And why the hell not?!!//

Taichi reached for his lips and his mouth crushed on Yamato's mouth, drinking that sweetness from him, forcefully driving his tongue in through Yamato's half-opened teeth...

The blonde growled and threw his friend off. Yamato wiped his mouth and stood up, panting.
Taichi was sprawled miserably on the floor, watching him... //Angered. So cute. Tai, you're
in love. Thanks for the news.//

"Get out," Yamato said with an ice edge to his voice. Taichi shook his head, slowly sitting up.

"GET OUT!!!" Yamato shouted. Taichi looked up. He was so mad... His hair was kind of tousled up and his face was flushed, he was shaking and clenching his fists.

Yamato grabbed Tai's collar and slapped him on the side of his face with all his strength. Tears of pain spilled out of brown eyes.

"Get out, Taichi... please..." Yamato begged. He helped his friend to stand up. "I'm sorry," he said, inspecting Taichi's throbbing cheek marked with his hand...


Tai smiled. "I'm not sorry," He leant to seal another kiss on Yamato's mouth. Yamato's hand collided with Taichi's right cheek, making it match his burning left one.

"Remember the Digiworld, Yama?" Tai asked quietly. "Well, you weren't such a homophobe when we used to roll down the hill in one big heap... I'm pretty sure you aren't straight…"

Yamato made an attemp to crash Tai's shoulders with his hands but he lowered his fists helplessly to his sides and finally hid them into the pockets of his jeans.

"You're toying with me, Yagami Taichi. Don't." Yamato said with a restraint. "Please, go. I don't believe you for a minute."

"Hontou ni dai suki..."

"I didn't hear it..."

"Then I'll be back." Taichi made an eye contact with his friend. All those blondes that had ditched him should have taught him to go back when it was required but Taichi was a tough nut to crack. He always knew what he wanted. He wanted to be with Yamato. He was resolved to be with Yamato.

//I'll leave only to come back...//

"You know," he said from the threshold. "You're not a natural blonde, Yama."

"Oh yeah?" The teen referred casually propped his shoulder against the wall.

"You're too clever," Tai informed him and marched out.

Yamato smiled and ran his hand over his hair. "Stupid Tai... Stupid, stupid Tai. Anyway, what's all that belief about being a blonde?..." Yamato felt a shudder running through his stomach.

//Oh no. Taichi is not coming back!... If I can help it.//

He he he... I ate too much chocolate when decided to write this... Anyway it was late at night... I think the story doesn't make any sense... to you. I have a part 2 in my head. Maybe part 3 eventually. I'm stuck on Taito. I love Taito. Taito is good. *smiles a Digimon Kaiser smile and whispers, "Seeing you squirm is so delicious..." *
It's Taichi's idea blondes are stupid, no mine no offenses, and believe it you're hearing this from a blonde.
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