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- What's Wrong With Being a Blonde -

Chapter 10
by Wormmonsoul

"Hey! Yamato!" Taichi sprang up to the hospital bed and patted the blanket. A growl signified that Yamato heard him. "Wake up, sun is shining!" he threw the curtains apart and Tsunomon squinting peered from under the blanket covering Yamato's feet.

"Taichi..." the digimon groaned and dove under the blanket again. The trouble was in the past and Taichi obviously returned to his obnoxious self.

"Come on, come on, come on!!"

Taichi plopped down on the bed and Yamato quickly scooted away from him unless the brunette was going to tickle him fiercely.

"Alright, alright," he yawned. "I just didn't have much sleep..."

"Were you and Tsunomon talking again all night?"


Taichi propped his chin on his fist and stared at the clock when Yamato went to the bathroom to get dressed. He sometimes wondered what the Child of Friendship and his digimon found so interesting to talk about. Anyway, it helped Yamato to return to normal and even doctors didn't mind the digimon (although they were sure he was a talking toy). Taichi sighed. The Gate to the Digital World was due to open in two days, according to Koushiro's report and their digimon were going away. The digimon weren't supposed to appear in the Real World, still if their Children were in danger the Gate would open for them. That was why Greymon came and saved Taichi from yakuza and later Garurumon appeared to save Yamato from Ren.

Yamato emerged from the bathroom and picked Tsunomon up.

"Breakfast?" the digimon and Taichi asked hopefully.

"Hikari made sashimi all by herself," the brunet added. "She learns to cook and wants us to try her dishes."

Yamato gave a weak smile but decided to risk it anyway.

"I miss my kitchen," he said wistfully. "I wish I could go home already... And we're going to be soo behind when we go back to school."

Taichi nodded and pulled him out of the door and into the hall.

"You didn't forget, did you, Yamato?" Tsunomon said.

"Forget what?" the dark-eyed boy quickly asked.

"He promised to do it today."

"I'll tell you later, Tai," the blonde frowned. Ahead of them, in the main hall, they caught sight of Akiji; he was often seen in the hospital ever since he and Sei brought Ren here. The yakuza boy was still in coma, and it had already been three weeks, with no improvement. Yamato raised his hand in greeting and Akiji nodded to him.


After they had breakfast Taichi was going to see the doctor. His pulse and ribs were checked upon and finally the doctor declared that Taichi could go home in a week. The dark-haired boy sprinted away to tell the news to Yamato. Only he couldn't find him anywhere.

"Hey, Taichi, what are you running in circles for?" a familiar voice called him, and Taichi turned to find grinning Akiji behind him. "Lost anyone?"

"Have you seen Yamato?"

Akiji motioned him to follow. "I've seen him, right."

He led him to Ren's ward. When Taichi entered cautiously, he saw Sei staring out of the window with hopeless eyes, and Yamato by Ren's bed. He could see the yakuza's pale face in detail and its lifeless features were scary. Yamato wasn't very much comfortable with staying near Ren either. Taichi threw his arms around his blonde and he accepted gratefully.

"What are you doing, Yamato?" he whispered.

"Remember what Tsunomon said in the morning... He made me promise that I should go and see Ren..."

"Yamato, you're shaking..."

The blonde didn't seem to hear a word Taichi was saying, "I know I must forgive him but I can't... I just want to walk away and never see him again. I don't want to understand him. I don't want to forgive, but Tsunomon said…"

"Let's go back."

He pulled the blonde out of the ward and Yamato gave a sigh of relief. Akiji patted his shoulder in reassurance. There was a hint of a smile in the corner of his lips and Taichi wondered what could make the bartender so happy that he tried to hide it.

"You can visit again anytime, Yamato, Taichi," he said.

"It's so difficult... But I will," said the blue-eyed boy. Surprised, Taichi glanced at him. Then he pulled him closer with his arm over his waist.

"Say, Yama-chan, why do you want to see Ren? You've got me worried a bit, you know."

"I want to stop being scared of him."

The brunet was shocked. But then his eyes glowed warm and he threw both his arms around him and tightened his embrace until they stood face to face. The blonde blushed fiercely.

"I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, Yama-chan," Taichi announced to the entire hall.



Two days later, their digimon were ready to leave them.

"It's time, Yamato," Tsunomon whispered. "I have to go back."

"Tsuno... When am I going to see you again?"

Yamato didn't show how much distressed he was, but his eyes were full of tears. Tsunomon started to cry. Koromon looked at the orange digimon and sobbed too.

"Don't worry, soon we'll meet and we're going to have a lot of fun," Taichi grinned.

"I'm not worried," the blonde answered stiffly. "Stupid Taichi.."

Yamato kissed his digimon between the eyes. Tsunomon blinked. Taichi's eyes went wide – it was the first time he saw him kissing anybody since coming to hospital. Maybe, Taichi had a chance, as his boyfriend too?

Not long after the digimon said their last goodbye, the Gate to the Digital World opened, and they disappeared in the bright stream of light.

"Well, it looks like Koromon won't try Hikari's fishchips for lunch," Taichi sighed. "I wonder whom we're going to feed them to?"


Taichi and Yamato were sitting on the windowsill by the open window and the cool evening wind washed their faces. It was already dark. The starry sky glowed orange, reflecting city lights. The brunet watched the other boy from the corner of his eyes. Would Yamato accept my kiss? he thought and his heart was beating wildly. Taichi moved closer to the blonde.

"Are you alright, Yamato?"

"Why do you ask?"

"It's a bit cold here..." the brunet sighed, "I know you miss Tsunomon. If you don't want to sleep alone, I'll stay with you."

"Oh… Alright."

Taichi touched his hand, "Yamato.."


"When we go back to school, what are you going to do? As for me, these crazy doctors told me I can't play soccer for another four months, and I'm sure the coach will kick me out from the team. That would be a shame. But really, I'll tell them to replace me with Daisuke. This kid is damn good..."

Yamato nodded listlessly.

"I'm going to start a rock band," he said. Taichi grinned.


"I always loved music."

The tanned hand slowly gripped the pale one. Taichi moved closer until his breath brushed Yamato's cheek.

"What about us?" he asked quietly. The blonde boy tried to hide a smile but he didn't properly manage it.


"What?" Taichi asked defensively. Yamato sniggered. Taichi caught his shoulders and slightly shook him, annoyed by his reaction. "What?" he repeated in indignation.

"Baka.. Can't you tell? I want to be with you," Yamato sighed. "But don't rush things, Taichi.."

"Me rush things?" he made big eyes. The two boys sat close to each other on the windowsill. The city before them was beautiful with all lights and soft noise.

"Imagine if our parents saw us like this, sitting by the open window on the third floor," the brunet chuckled. "They would be really freaked out. But we've grown up already, right?"

"Yes, we have."

Taichi studied his face in the dark, then whispered, "How much would I rush things if I kissed you now?"

"Not much," the blonde whispered back. Taichi moved closer and touched his lips with his. The wind played with their hair and the brunet's hand rose to guard Yamato's face from the long blonde strands that were getting in the way. The kiss ended soon. Yamato slipped from the windowsill and into the room. Taichi followed, immediately drawing him in his arms; he could feel the strong beating of Yamato's heart echoing in his own chest.

"Scared?" Taichi breathed into his neck.

"...No. I'm fine with you."


It was the day they were leaving hospital. For the last two days Yamato regularly visited Ren's ward. Sei, the yakuza who was in love with Ren believed that Yamato was a perfect nurse. Taichi had no idea what they were talking about but Akiji reassured him that everything was fine.

As Yamato was growing stronger Taichi secretly marveled at his cool and mature looks, and, needless to say, he was very aware of interested glances that some girls sent Yamato once in a while. And he couldn't help but feel suspicious of the whole Ren deal.

"So, you're gonna be a rock superstar?" he asked jealously the blonde who helped him to pack.

"Definitely," Yamato struck an impressive pose. "Want my autograph?"

Taichi tackled him onto the bed.

"List me as your number one fan," he grinned. They stared at each other, as if waiting for something to happen: Taichi started to lean towards his lips but then Yamato uncomfortably pulled himself up and away from the other boy. The brunet frowned. Didn't Yamato want to kiss him? And why not?

At that moment very rushed and excited Akiji pushed the door open and it banged startlingly loud when it hit the wall. The young man was excited.

"Ren woke up," he said.

"What?!" Taichi sprang up.

"Is he alright?" Yamato asked anxiously. Taichi's heart sank. He sent him a very jealous look.

"He's weak, but he's going to be alright," Akiji shook his head. "I can't believe it. Do you want to see him? His father is on his way here… Well?"

"Sure," the blonde said. "Taichi, are you going?"

He turned to the brunet who gloomily picked up a shirt from the bed and stuffed it into his bag.

"Go ahead," he grumbled darkly.

"What's wrong?"


"What's got into you, Taichi?"

"Leave me alone!"

"Is it because of Ren? Are you jealous?" Yamato asked incredulously.

"Why should I be?" Taichi frowned at the bag that wouldn't close, since it was full. "Damn it," he hit his fist on top of it.

"No reason," Yamato shrugged. "But you're jealous."

"No, I'm not!"

"Are too!"

"Go to hell, Yama!"

The blonde slipped behind Taichi, threw his arms around his waist and placed his chin on his shoulder, making cute eyes at him.

"Hmm… Why Taichi is jealous?…" he murmured in a baby fashion.

The brunet turned his head and fixed him with a furious look. There was not only hurt in it, but a sort of an accusation. Astonished, Yamato drew away.

"What's wrong, Taichi?"

"You slept with him," the brunet said distinctly. Yamato stared at him, then struck him across the face with all force.

"You MORON!" he shouted and ran away. Akiji shook his head and exited the ward, leaving Taichi with a red print of Yamato's fingers across his cheek, in the middle of the room.


Yamato heard the steady beeping of Ren's heart as he stepped into the ward. Sei was impatiently pacing by his bed. Ren was still, eyes closed, finally breathing. When Akiji pushed him towards the bed, Yamato realized he was rooted to the floor.

"Hello, Ren," he said.

The young boy opened his eyes and looked at him.

"I'm glad you're awake," Yamato said. The dark-haired didn't answer for a long time, his eyes were unfocused.

"Hello, Yamato," he breathed finally, then he turned his head to his bodyguard. "Why are you still alive, Sei? I thought father killed you because of me."

The young man stared wildly at him. Nobody knew what to say to that. Akiji was the first to speak.

"Ren, you mustn't talk. You have to rest. Maybe we should come later?"

"Yes. Go away. Not Yamato."

Sei started to protest but Akiji took him by the front of his shirt and dragged him out. The blonde waited until the young men exited the room and sat down on the edge of Ren's bed. The dark-haired boy stretched his thin hand over the blanket and clasped Yamato's wrist. They looked at each other. The yakuza's eyes were dark and haunted.

"I wanted to ask you something, Ren," Yamato said at last. "Did you try to kill yourself.. because of me?"

The yakuza closed his eyes. "No. I'm tired. What kills me is that I constantly lose those I love. And you're not the first…"

"Your mother?"

"And Sei, and many more.."

"Sei loves you," Yamato shook his head. Ren stared back at him, hopeless.

"You don't know anything about me and Sei. He was my best friend, dammit… I trusted only him. And then he comes to me and says that he wants to fuck me, and what do you think I was supposed to answer him? "Yes, I'll be your sex toy?" I told him to fuck off."

The blonde found himself smirking. "Kinda reminds me how you came out on me, don't you think?"

The dark-haired yakuza closed his eyes and sank back into his pillow. He was suddenly so motionless that Yamato shook his hand, scared.


"I've made a lot of mistakes…" he said. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Taichi helped me to get over the rape." His face flushed red and he set his jaw; he didn't want to talk to Ren about their past. Again, there was a long minute of silence and they could hear Sei talking to someone outside in the hall. The young boy squeezed Yamato's hand,

"Yeah… I'm always hurting people. You should get used to it." Ren smirked. The room was silent but for the beeping of the screens. Then Ren whispered, "I want to make someone happy just like Taichi makes you happy."

"Taichi?" the blonde echoed. He smiled. That Taichi… he said a horrible thing to him. But no matter what, Yamato couldn't imagine his life without him. "Yes, he does."

"Do you want to stay with him, Yamato?"



Yamato, surprised, didn't know what to say. The yakuza was giving up on him? He didn't expect him to let go that easy. Ren looked extremely tired, and the blonde cast a worried glance at the door, guessing whether he should call the doctor or not.


"Stay with me for a while… till I fall asleep… Please," he said finally. "They must have given me some kind of pills. But first there is something… Tell Sei. I didn't mean to upset him. He stayed with me and I always hurt him… If he tells me again that he loves me, what should I do, Yamato?" Ren sighed.

The blonde leant to him. "Ren, do you love him?"

"I think… I do."

Yamato watched him fall asleep. He stood up quietly, said goodbye and with a sigh of relief went out. There was Akiji, Sei and Taichi waiting for him in the hall, and Sei was repeatedly smacking Taichi on the head with a fan.

"Stop already!" the brunet exploded.

"Not until you stop being a baka!" Sei grinned.

"It's not my fault he hit me!"

Smack! The fan landed on Taichi's hair again.

"Akiji!" Taichi wailed. "Make him stop!"

"Hm?" the other man said. "Oi, Yamato-kun! Is Ren-san asleep?"


Taichi straightened his face, pushed himself from the wall and walked up to Yamato.

"Hey, I'm sorry, Yama. I shouldn't say what I've said. I'm an idiot. Are you coming home or not?"

"Course, I'm coming home, you idiot!" the blonde said amiably. "Sei-san, Ren wanted to apologise. He wants you to stay with him. Take care of him." There was a gentle smile on Sei's lips when Yamato finished.

The blonde turned to the brunet down the hall. "Hey, Idiot, wait for me! We're going home."

"Cut it out!!!"


The brunet was whistling something as they filed out of the hospital doors, and slang his bag over his shoulder. Their parents wouldn't come to pick them up, Taichi and Yamato were already in the first year of middle school so they could find their way home by themselves. The boys went along the street to the underground station.

"So, these yakuza won't bugger you again, Yamato?" the boy asked matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean! No way. I'm free!"

"Are you sure?"

"Well, I do have a big-headed, nosy, stubborn baka as a boyfriend," the blonde made a face. "Why do these things happen to me?!"

Taichi grinned from ear to ear, and ran his hand through his blonde hair. It grew long and it was so beautiful on a sunny day like this. It looked tasty.

"Say what, I'm hungry, Yama."



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