An act of kindness, from an unlikely person.

A/N: This is a quick little story I thought of. I don't know if it's going to be any good, but I hope someone likes it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Loonatics unleashed, nor do I own the characters.

The Loonatics had just gotten back from a mission and were trying to relax, it had been a long week for them all and they hoped this was the last time they would have to leave home today, Especially Lexi. First of all, earlier that week Zadalvia sent Ace on some high priority secret mission and that left Lexi in charge of the team, then Syther breaks out of prison again and they have to chase him all week, while taking care of several riots that broke out all over the city, then when they finally get Syther back in prison he breaks out again and this time, brings Massive with him (seriously, Acmetropolis has the worst prison guards in the universe.) and to top it all off it was Lexi's birthday tomorrow and no one on the whole team remembered.

Tech was in his workshop with Rev and Slam had gone out to get lunch ( He had already eaten up everything in the kitchen for breakfast.) leaving Lexi and Duck alone in the lounge. Lexi was trying to rest up for a second before the next alarm inevitably went off, but Duck going off about how Zadalvia never seemed to respect him and how, since Ace was gone he was finally going to show everyone how incredible he was. Then when Lexi was finally sick and tired of it, she snapped.

Lexi: Duck! Do you know how frustrating it is, having to lesson to you all day! All it is, is owe I'm the greatest, people don't show me the respect I deserve, Zadalvia is such a bitch. Will you just be quiet for one second? Just one second.

Duck: Geeze, whats gotten your ears in a twist?

Lexi calmed down and told him, what was bothering her. She finished with saying.

Lexi: And to top everything off…..

Duck: What?

Lexi: Ace won't be here for my birthday, not that you would understand anyway.

Duck: Lex…

Just, then the alarm went off and Tech ran into the room.

Tech: There was a break in at the planetary gold reserve, I then it was Massive.

Lexi sighed, and then said.

Lexi: Well, lets get this over with.

The next day, Lexi woke up after barely getting a couple hours of sleep. It turns out when they found Massive, Syther and a small army of petty thugs was waiting for them. She felt like just staying in bed for the rest of the day, but she knew she had to be ready, so she sucked it in took a hot shower and got dressed. When she walked out the door, she noticed a small basket of Cookies with a little card in it. She picked it up and it read.

Dear Lexi,

I'm sorry I missed your birthday and I promise I will make it up to you when I get back.

Love Ace

Lexi practically jumped up in excitement, till she noticed something strange. The litter wasn't in Ace's hand writing and it was awfully short for something he would have written.

Then she heard Duck rambling on about something.

Duck: That Rabbit better be in a better mood today. Those cookies cost me a fortune.