An Act of kindness from an unlikley person Ch6

A/N: Ok, I've finally found time to update this story. I hope the people steal reading will enjoy this chapter, and just as a heads up, the next chapter is where the action will start to pick up. As for the mysterious person that has been stalking the Loonatics, more will be revealed about him within the next few chapters, but for now I'll give you all a hint; he has somthing to do with what happened to Duck's family.

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Duck stood nerbously outside of Lexi's door. He knew after what just happend, he definatley needed to talk to her, but he wasn't sure what to say, or even if he should even bother knocking on that door. Truth be told, regardless of how he talked around the other guys, he had never been too good at talking to women. He tried to work up the courage to knock on the door and lifted his hand up in a fist. But, at the last minute he chickened out and lowered his arm. Now, not even sure if he should even bother trying to work things out with her, heck, wasn't even sure what he did. Even he realized he could be a pain somtimes, but he never saw her react to him like she did earlier this night. He took a deep breath an sat down outside her door, half thinking of just going in there but the other half saying just leave it alone.

After a while of just sitting there thinking of what to do, he finally worked up the courage to get back up and knock on the door. He gulped before raising his hand up and pounding on her door. For a few agonizing minutes, all he did was stand there in the dark, waiting for the door to open and for her to step out. A couple of knocks and about five minutes later, and he was ready to go back to his room and just sleep this whole thing off. But before he could go anywhere, the door finally slid open to reveal the seemingly more agravated rabbit, who starred at him, before saying.

Lexi: What do you want?

Duck turned to her nervously and tried to say somthing, but he was at a loss for words at that moment.

Duck: Ahhh, hay Lex. How you holding up.

Lexi: What do you care?

She said in a very agitated voice. Glaring at him. Duck struggled to find the words for a minute, but eventually decided just to spit it out.

Duck: Lex, I just wanted you to know I'm sorry for how I acted...

Lexi: Oh, shut up.

She said, before turning away. Duck tried to grab her shoulder, but she just swated his hand away and closed the door. Duck realized this was going to be even harder then he thought. For one second he considered just going back to bed and forgetting about what happened, but he had a bad feeling this wasn't going to be somthing that was just going to go away. So, in the end he decided to just get this over with and let what happens happen. He closed his eyes, before conting to three, at wich point, he quacked into Lexi's room. He looked around in the dimley lit room, he couldn't see much, but it was definatley easier to move around in then his room. He spotted her laying on her bed facing away from him, at first he tried not to spook her, before realizing she probably already knows he's in here. He took in one last deep breath, before muttering.

Duck: Lexi?

Lexi: What?

Duck: Huh, you know I really am sorry about what happened earlier and I...

Before he could go on, she turned around towards him with a terrifying glare.

Lexi: Your SORRY!

Duck: Well...

Lexi: Duck, for the last week all I've been doing is trying to help you, but all you ever did was just brush me off. Or even worse, just flat out tell me to fuck off and mind my own buisness.

Lexi got up from the bed and started to approach Duck agrilly, while Duck took a few nervous steps back. She looked like she could just blast him any minute.

Duck: Well...

Lexi: What?!

Duck: Ok, I get it, I've been a real jerk to you latley. I'm sorry.

Lexi: Latley? Just a few minutes ago you called me bitch and a slut, when all I was trying to do was talk to you!

Duck: What? I never said that.

Lexi: Never said that? I just heard you call me all kinds of nasty things just minutes ago, and you have the nerve to say you didn't!

She said, with a lot of anger coming out, while throwing one of her pellows at her team mate. Duck honestly didn't know what she was talking about. He knew she had reason to be upset by the way he acted to her, but now it seemed like she was just making up things he didn't say. He thought about calling her out on this, but he decided he better not go there. Meanwhile, the Loonatics mysterious "house guest" over heard their argument and couldn't resist listening in on the "entertainment".

Duck: Ok, ok Lex. I know I've been a complete and other jerk latley, when all you've been doing was trying to help. It's just... what you been trying to find out is... kinda touchy for me. But still, I probably shoudn't have said... what I said to you, and I'm sorry.

She took a step forword, cousing Duck to flinch thinking she was going to hit him or somthing, while their currently invisible friend let out a smug grin. But it never came, he looked back up at her for a minute to see her expression now softend and a slight dose of thread lifted off Duck's shoulders, while the mysterious person's grin was replaced by a mixture of dissapointment and anger.

Lexi: Huh, fine I forgive you.

She said, while looking into his eyes, cousing Duck to let out a huge sigh of relief, followed by a familier egotistical smile, before out of no where, she slapped him across the face.

Lexi: But if you talk to me like that ever again, I'll personly drag you back to that balcony and throw you off myself.

She said, a hint of anger returning to her voice, before quickly dispersing. Duck rubbed his cheek about to say somthing, but decided against it.

Duck: So Lex... are we cool?

Lexi: Ok, we're cool, but... I still don't know why you tried to kill yourself.

She looked at him with a hint of worry in her eyes, but Duck didn't know how to tell her. How could he? It was a dark secret he held, and as much as he tried to barry the past under his own ego, there would be nothing he could do that will change his team mates view after this. If he told her it would not only ruin his image, but having all that out in the open would destroy in defensive barrier he had left. She looked at him pationtly, waiting for him to tell her.

Duck: Lex...

Just then, the doors opened and the other three Loonatics.

Rev: Hay-what's-with-all-the-nois...

They all stared at each other awkwardly.

Tech: Uh, is this a bad time.

Meanwhile, The mysterious intruder entered the lounge and for the first time allowed himself to be physicly visible. He was human like in apperance, but had unaturly pale skin and greenish yellow eyes with black slits for pupals. He was dressed in all black clothing and had long black hair running down his back, and he was wearing leather boots.

Mysterious person: Those weak minded fools. If only they knew how foolish such beleafs are.

He pulled out a small device with a red blinking light on it, while setting another device on the floor and pressed a large button on it, right before throwing the other device in the kitchen.

Mysterious person: That should get those fool attention.

He said with an evil smile, as the strang device on the floor opened a large red portal. A loud blast was heard from the kitchen, while a group of men came out of the portal.