Chapter One: The Order

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As you can see I started another story, wasn't my intention but I just had an idea and started writing. Anyway this is your typical story that starts at his three-year training, only thing different Is that Naruto rather than accepting the harsh reality of Sasuke's defection he is instead forced (Ordered) to abandon Sasuke's rescue and instead focus of destroying the Akatsuki.

Naruto will be much stronger than cannon upon his return, most likely Jonin level (Probably around Kakashi or Darui's level) Wont make him Kage level until later other wise there would be little room for improvement later.

Konohagakure no Sato: Hospital

"You're a fucking idiot!".

Jiraiya's words were harsh and unforgiving, Naruto himself was shocked, he had been teased and insulted before by his friends and even mocked by his sensei, Kakashi, but never had anyone so close to him spoken such harsh words to him before. The words cut deep especially because subconsciously Naruto realised that Jiraiya had summed up all of Naruto's flaws in four simple words.

Jiraiya for his part let of out a sigh of annoyance, he had tried to explain the gravity of the situation involving the Akatsuki to Naruto but the boy instead brushed off his warnings and proudly proclaimed he would instead rescue his traitorous friend. Naruto clearly did not understand how dire his situation was, he was a weak and stupid child in a adult's world.

"You don't see just how bad your situation is do you brat?" Jiraiya asked the blonde whiskered boy.

"What situation?, I have to rescue Sasuke, I made a promise and I never go back on my word!" Naruto argued back.

"Why can't you understand, the Akatsuki is probably the biggest threat within the Elemental Nations and there gunning after you, instead of preparing for the inevitable encounter with them you want to chase after a traitor!" Jiraiya growled out at the boy.

"Sasuke's not a traitor he's a comrade and any one who abandons a comrade is less than scum!" Naruto yelled back in defiance.

"Sasuke already abandoned you and Sakura, he's no longer a comrade, he is now a traitor and as a shinobi of Konoha, it's your duty to either kill him or bring him to justice, not to rescue him like some damsel in distress. Sasuke knew the consequences of his actions when he left, he has made his own chose and now must follow it to the end" said Jiraiya.

"But Kakashi-sen..."

"ENOUGH, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, I HAVE HEARD ENOUGH OUT OF YOU" Jiraiya bellowed in rage at his naïve student. Naruto flinched at the anger in his sensei's voice.

"Naruto if the Akatsuki capture you and gain the Kyubi just how many people do you think will be killed when they inevitably use its massive destructive powers. You friends, your village, and so many others will die because of your stubbornness and as a person who has the power to stop this I will do everything to prevent that from happening even if it means killing you" Jiraiya said coldly, yet inside his heart was crying he truly didn't want to be so harsh with Naruto but he was out of options.

"You said you wanted to be Hokage, but you just don't seem to understand what it means to be a Hokage, right now you're the furthest thing away from Hokage" Jiraiya said.

That last statement left Naruto stunned, once again self-doubt began to fog his mind. Naruto remembered the Yondaime Hokage sacrificing his life and Naruto's chance at a normal life in exchange for saving thousand of other lives. Naruto had always admired the Hokage's who had sacrificed their lives to save the village, Naruto had liked to believe he had modelled himself after their ideals, yet when it came down to it Naruto was all talk, he was still indecisive about sacrificing his bond with Sasuke for the benefit of the village as a whole. Naruto then knew that as he was now he could never become Hokage if he kept this mindset.

"Naruto, the decisions already been made by Tsunade and the elders, Sasuke Uchiha is to become marked as a criminal and is to be killed on sight or captured should the order be given. I want you to think hard Naruto are you a Konoha shinobi, are you a man who can become Hokage, or are you just trash who breaks the rules and disobeys his leader" Jiraiya said quietly before leaving the hospital room.

Moments later Tsunade entered the room and sat by Naruto's side without making a sound and watched as tears spilled out of his eyes.

"Why are you doing this to me" Naruto whispers out in despair. Tsunade frowned at his distress and moved over to gently caress his cheek, moving in slowly she planted a gentle kiss on his whiskered cheek before pulling him into a warm embrace.

"To protect you, because you're like a son to me and I love you, I will always protect you even if it means you hate me for it. I can just hope that one day you will forgive me for being selfish but I wont let you die, not when it's within my power to keep you alive" Tsunade whispered gently into his ear.

Naruto for his part was silent before he silently began sobbing into her embrace.

One week later:

Naruto sat under a tree within training ground seven, reading a taijutsu scroll that had been given to him by Tsunade. One week had passed since his harsh reprimanding from Jiraiya and Naruto had so far spent most of his time pondering on the current situation, he had also put some thought into Jiraiya's words as harsh as they were held an element of truth that Naruto could not shake off.

On a brighter note Naruto and Tsunade had become closer even though it was by Tsunade's orders that he felt his current conflict, the loving words she had spoken and her honest desire to protect him had lightened the burden on his heart. Tsunade had even provided him with scrolls to help him improve his abysmal taijutsu, the style according to Tsunade belonged to Butsuma Senju, her great-grandfather, Butsuma had great natural physical strength just like Naruto and so Tsunade believed he would benefit from his style.

Naruto so far hadn't gotten to far into the style as he had no sparring partner, Jiraiya had left on a mission to gather information from some informants and would not be back until another three weeks. Naruto was then placed back onto Team 7 until Jiraiya came back, although on a brighter note Kakashi had began taking their training more seriously.

Not only had Naruto started taking his own training seriously but he had also replaced his orange jumpsuit for black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt and a sleeveless red haori like Jiraiya. Along with new clothing he had taken the time to ask Iruka-sensei to provide him with the information he missed in the academy due to his love of pranks and attention seeking attitude.

Letting out a sigh he turned to look at his teammate Sakura who was seated nearby him reading a medical text, she had been taken under the tutelage of Tsunade and already proven herself to be a natural at the medical arts. Sakura had also received a similar lecture about her casual approach to her shinobi career and like Naruto, resolved to improve. She had taken the news of Sasuke's missing-nin status hard but having had a talk with Tsunade, grudgingly came to an understanding, that didn't mean she liked it, and she still would try to save Sasuke from himself but she would still follow the orders given to her.

Hearing footsteps on the grass nearby Naruto looked up to the visage of his sensei, Kakashi. Naruto and Sakura stood up and greeted their sensei for what would be one of their last training sessions as Team 7 for the next three years. Kakashi quickly observed his students taking in their recent changes, he was happy that they had begun taking their careers seriously, but at the same time was saddened that it wasn't him who managed to change them.

"Your late again sensei" Sakura said with an annoyed huff.

"Sorry, my refrigerator was running so I had to go and catch it, I was lead on a merry chase all the way to Iwa where I was caught in a fierce battle with an army of Sumo wrestlers, of course with my amazing skills I defeated them and then made my way home" Kakashi explained nonchalantly.

"Lair" Sakura and Naruto said with disbelief.

"No, I assure I'm telling the complete truth, besides I'm a ninja and ninja can't lie, it's almost an unspoken rule" said Kakashi. Naruto and Sakura just looked unconvinced.

"Uh-oh Im loosing face here" Kakashi thought. "Now why do I get the feeling you don't believe me your own sensei who would never lie to his cute little genin". Sakura and Naruto could only sweat drop at his blatant lie.

"Well now that greetings are over care to fill me in on what you have learned lately" Kakashi asked. Kakashi knew that his two student's were learning the trademark skills of their respective Sannin teachers and so wanted to know what he could teach them.

"Well Tsunade-Sama has begun my instruction on the medical arts and Shizune-senpai has begun teaching me how to use and apply poisons as well as how to wield senbon" Sakura informed her sensei.

"Good, with you superior chakra control Iryojutsu should be a breeze for you to learn, never the less I expect you to put your fullest effort into learning it no matter how easy it may come to you. Also Sakura should you get the time I want you to begin learning Genjutsu to supplement your Iryojutsu, if you need help I can call in a favour with Kurenai" Kakashi instructed, pleased with her progress.

"Well I have begun learning a proper Taijutsu style and I have also spent me free time working on chakra control and while my control is still a little shaky, Tsunade-baa-chan said it wasn't as bad as people claim it to be, I have been given clearance to begin learning more advanced Ninjutsu" explained Naruto.

"Good, learning a proper taijutsu style will do you a lot of good, also putting your massive chakra reserves to use with ninjutsu is a great idea, but make sure to be careful. Naruto while your training with Jiraiya I suggest you study up on Fuinjutsu and if possible find yourself a weapon that takes advantage of your natural strength" Kakashi advised Naruto.

"Yes sensei"

Reaching into his pocket Kakashi pulled out two slips of paper and handed one each to Naruto and Sakura, seeing their confusion he decided to explain to them the basics of change in chakra nature.

"What I have given you is called chakra paper, chakra paper is used to determine one's elemental affinity"

"Elemental affinity, I've heard of that term before but where?" Naruto asked. Sakura seeing an opportunity to show off her intelligence spoke up.

"Elemental affinities are the chakra natures a shinobi has a particular alignment with, there are five basic elements, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth. Each shinobi is aligned with one element, two in some rare cases or those with Kekkei Genkai, for Jonin level ninja it's common for them to have trained in more than one element despite not being aligned to those other elements. For example Naruto, Zabuza had an affinity to water while Haku who had a Hyoton bloodline had an affinity for Water and Wind" Sakura lectured.

"Good Sakura you pretty much covered the basic aspects of change in chakra nature, but now your both about to find out you're element. To do this simply pump some chakra into the paper and I'll explain the results" Kakashi explained getting nods from his two students.

Pumping a small slither of chakra into her paper, she was surprised when her card became soaked in water, looking over to Naruto she was even more surprised when Naruto's card burst into bright, hot flames, the paper burned for a moment before going out and a small cut appeared on the paper.

"Well Sakura it seems you have a water affinity. This is good for a support type like you as water release has many assassination techniques that will allow you to pick off your enemies while the frontline fighters distract the enemy up front. Water also provides you with a number of supplementary techniques that will assist your Iryojutsu and Genjutsu, also water is a common element in Konoha so there is plenty of people to help you master your element" Kakashi explained to his pink haired student.

"Naruto you on the other hand have a powerful fire affinity and a minor wind affinity. For you I suggest using your fire release as the core of your ninjutsu style, that small flame you produced before was intense and I can only imagine how powerful your flames will be in the future, as for wind I can't really help you there but one thing I noticed is that your affinity for wind is barely at average strength, my suggestion is that you use it to supplement and increase the strength of your fire release or use it with a weapon to make up for its lack of strength, but don't worry with time and training it's power will gradually increase" Kakashi informed Naruto.

"So how do we actually use are affinities?" Naruto asked with excitement.

"Good question, both of you take a leaf, then pour your chakra into that leaf, Sakura your goal is to use you chakra to soak the leaf, Naruto use your chakra to set the leaf aflame".

Kakashi sat back and watched his young students begin their training, both where hard workers and surprisingly skilled, Kakashi could only imaging how strong they would get in the coming years.

Three Weeks Later: Konoha Gates.

Three weeks had passed since the two genin had begun their elemental training and the results were good, Naruto had finished the basic steps for fire manipulation in record time and was now moving onto learning the more advanced control techniques. Sakura on the other hand had recently finished the advanced control lessons, mainly due to her amazing chakra control, now she was working on improving her reserves so that she could use more ninjutsu.

Now Naruto stood at the large oaken gates of Konoha, Jiraiya at his side ready to begin their journey. Naruto knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he could not afford to pass up, he had put his differences aside with Jiraiya and decided to learn all he could, he would not let the Akatsuki succeed.

Tsunade, Shizune, Kakashi and Sakura had come out to farewell the duo, knowing they wouldn't see the two for another three years. Tsunade took it especially hard, having to let her son in all but blood travel the world for three years with dangerous criminals hunting him down was giving her a lot of stress.

"Well this is it, it's time to go Naruto" Jiraiya said after having said his farewells to Tsunade.

"Right, just a moment" Naruto said. Walking forward he wrapped his arms around Tsunade who happily returned the gesture.

"You better come back safe brat you still have to take this job from me" Tsunade whispered sadly.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll return home and take the hat from you, that you can believe" Naruto stated with a confident grin getting a smile from the Hokage.

"Naruto take care and be sure to learn as much as you can okay" Kakashi said getting a nod from his blonde student. finally Sakura came up and surprisingly hugged him, he was shocked but eventually returned the gesture.

"Naruto, I know that you still feel bad about Sasuke, but I want you to know I was never angry at you and as for your promise...well some promises are just made to be broken, it's not your fault. With that said let's make a new promise".

"What promise?"

"Let's both promise that by the end of the next three years we will both have become Jonin" Sakura said, Naruto grinned and nodded in acceptance.

"Agreed, in three years we will both be jonin". Sakura nodded and released her teammate.

With the farewells said both Naruto and Jiraiya turned and walked out the gates to begin their three-year journey. Neither knowing the adventure they would experience.

Anyway I created another story hope you liked the first chapter. I will continue it if people liked it.

As for my other stories "Red Cloud Rebirth" next chapter is nearly completed and will be posted soon along with the next chapter for "Yoton no Naruto" along with some other stories I wrote in my spare time. I have so many ideas I can barely concentrate on my main stories but I promise I will not forget them.


Naruto Uzumaki
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Affinity: Fire, Wind
Ability: Uzumaki Chakra
Weapon: None
Skills: Ninjutsu/Bushinjutsu (Clone Techniques)/Shurikenjutsu
nin:3 gen:1 tai:2 speed:3 strength:3 stamina:5 intelligence:1.5 handseals:1 total:18.5

Sakura Haruno
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Affinity: Water
Ability: Chakra Control
Weapon: None
Skills: Iryojutsu/Genjutsu
nin:2 gen:3.5 tai:1 speed:1 strength:1 stamina:1.5 intelligence:4 handseals:4 total:18