Chapter Six: Welcome to Tanigakure

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Tanigakure: With Naruto.

Jiraiya watched with a grin as his godson appeared before him with a puff of smoke, he particularly enjoyed the wide-eyed look of confusion on the boys face as he tried to understand what had just happened.

"Where am I, What just happened?" asked the confused boy.

"Your just outside the border of Tanigakure no Sato, as for what happened, well you just got reverse summoned to my location" Jiraiya said with a smirk.

"Ero-Sennin!" Naruto shouted in joy at seeing his sensei. Jiraiya face planted the ground upon hearing his old nick-name.

"DAMN IT BRAT STOP CALLING ME THAT!" the sage shouted getting a laugh from the boy.

Jiraiya took a moment to study his student, the boy definitely looked stronger and he held an aura of peace about him. What Jiraiya truly noticed most was that Naruto looked as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders, like he had finally been able to put some doubts to rest.

"So how was your training, was it productive" asked the white-haired man. Naruto went to respond but quickly remembered some last words from his baa-chan.

"Remember Naruto never mention what you saw here, never reveal how you learned to control your powers, and most of all never reveal the survival of our clan to anyone. The world tried to hunt us to extinction because of their fear once, if word got out that we had survived they will no doubt try again, I wish I could do more to help you and the other Uzumaki stranded out in the world but I must do everything in my power to keep our clan protected until the time comes when we can finally reveal ourselves. So until then you'll just have to keep up the act of being one of the few surviving Uzumaki left in the world".

"My training was great, I learned a lot from some old tomes I found inside what I assumed the be the clan heads house, I just spent the rest of the month training my ability" Naruto said, only revealing little of what actually happened.

"I can tell you have gotten stronger, and you seemed to picked up a new outfit while you were gone" Jiraiya spoke eyeing his students new uniform.

Naruto still wore a black long-sleeved shirt along with long black pants, he also wore arm guards and a royal blue high-collared long-sleeved haori with dark red trimming. The Uzumaki swirl lay imprinted on the back of his haori.

"Oh! this, I found it among the ruins and it just happened to be my size so I decided to take it along with some other things" was Naruto's response.

Jiraiya nodded "Well anyway your comrades have also shown up for the exams and we're just now waiting on you so let's go".

Tanigakure: Academy:

Walking through the crowd of ninja from all corners of the continent Naruto searched for his teammate Sakura. He saw genin from villages he had never even heard of before, Hoshigakure no Sato (Hidden Star Village), Ishigakure no Sato (Hidden Stone Village, and even Shimogakure no Sato (Hidden Frost Village), Naruto was excited to see what they could do.

Using his clans chakra sensing technique, Kagura Shingan (Minds Eye of the Kagura), Naruto spotted out the strongest teams. The first was a squad was from Kumogakure, it consisted two kunoichi, one a busty blonde and the other a dark-skinned red-head and the last member was a dark-skinned man with blonde hair, all three carried swords.

The second squad was one from Hoshigakure, it had a dark-haired boy wearing a dark grey shirt and gloves with light grey pants, a sickly looking white-haired boy wearing a pale green kimono, and a brunette kunoichi wearing a light pink blouse with a turquoise dress over it along with light pink leg warmers. While the group didn't look particularly powerful they held a special chakra that felt toxic.

The third team was a complete unknown it consisted of three kunoichi with no clan or village markings leaving one to question their loyalty. The first kunoichi had short auburn hair with honey-brown eyes, she wore a yellow and black body suit along with black thigh-high boots. The second kunoichi had dark hair in ponytails carried a nervous expression on her face and wore a white kimono like dress with a red obi. The third kunoichi had short blonde hair and blue eyes, she wore a black leather top up from her belly and leather bloomers with stockings.

The final team much to Naruto's surprise was from Otogakure, Sasuke appeared to be leading the squad along with an orange haired kunoichi and again to his shock was the red-read foul-mouthed kunoichi from the retrieval mission. As much as Naruto wanted to confront Sasuke he decided that now was not the time. Looking around he finally found Sakura and his fellow rookies.

Naruto was amazed at Sakura's transformation she had definitely grown stronger, sensing her chakra he could tell she was now solid chunin level a massive improvement from the weak genin she was six months ago. She had a healthy glow about her and her body was no longer thin and frail, she had begun developing into a woman and it showed, the perverted part of Naruto couldn't help but notice her breast had grown a cup size and she now had some curves.

She now wore a long-sleeved red kimono shirt with a white outline that went down to her thighs along with fish net shorts and knee-high open toed boots. Her hair once again been grown out now flowing down her back to her waist with two pink bangs framing her beautiful face. Naruto couldn't help but think that if Sakura was attractive six months ago, now she was smoking hot or at least that's how he saw it.

The rest of his fellow genin all looked well and he could tell by their chakra that they had all grown stronger, although sadly their progress paled to that of Sakura or his own. Still Naruto found himself immensely happy that they were all in good health.

"Hey Naruto" Sakura greeted her teammate enthusiastically.

"Hey Sakura-chan, you're looking well" Naruto greeted, offering her a soft smile.

"Wow you look so different now" she spoke in astonishment before walking to his side. "Your even slightly taller than me now" Sakura said in surprise much to Naruto's joy, he never liked being the smallest of their group.

"Yeah well you're looking great too, you've definitely grown a lot since I last saw you" Naruto complimented her giving her a small blush at the comment.

"Wow this is Naruto, he's grown so much since six months ago, he so much more mature" the pinkette though to herself.

Naruto looked around the room for his fellow comrades, spotting Team Asuma he noted that Ino and Choji had temporarily teamed up with Ami, a former student in their academy class, although she initially failed her jonin test a year ago it appeared she passed six months later and was now being assigned to a chunin exam.

Next he spotted Team Kurenai, Kiba was looking as excited as always, happily boasting to Shino who as usual barely said a word. Hiding behind Kiba was Hinata who looked completely out of her element but then again she had never done well under pressure. Team Gai stood metre's away from them each looking calm and collected yet Naruto could see the eagerness in their eyes.

Looking over to a lone Konoha ninja he tried to remember her face but nothing came to mind, she had long blonde hair and wore a pair of swirl-lensed glasses, her face held a nervous expression as she combed her frizzy hair with her fingers trying to keep her nerve. She wore a simple red battle dress with her head band around her waist like a sash. Sakura seeing his confusion decided to answer the inevitable question.

"This is Shiho she's our teammate for these exams" Sakura answered, Shiho greeted him nervously with a shaky smile. Deciding to help her out Naruto greeted her back with a warm smile putting her nerves at ease.

Sakura smiled as she watched her two teammates conversed happily, Shiho's nerves clearly having settled. Even to this day Sakura was still amazed at the effect Naruto's presence had on people.

Training Field: Later that day.

After having filled in the paperwork and signed their team into the chunin exams Team 7 along with the other competitors were dismissed until the next day when the chunin exams would begin. Seeing an opportunity for some last-minute training Naruto decided to wander off to a training ground, meanwhile Sakura and Shiho had decided to try out the hot springs with their fellow Konoha kunoichi.

Reaching out with his sensory abilities he easily picked up six chakra signatures following him, one he easily recognised as Sasuke the other's were the three mysterious kunoichi along with the big chested woman from Kumogakure. The final signature was supressed leading Naruto to believe it was an ANBU from Tanigakure keeping an eye out on the group of stray genin.

Stopping in the centre of the training ground Naruto waited patiently for Sasuke to finally reveal himself. Before long the rouge Uchiha appeared before the blonde, his arrogant smirk still plastered to his face.

"What do you want Sasuke?" Naruto asked suspiciously, after their final bout in the Valley of the End Naruto would forever remain cautious around Sasuke as it was clear he could not be trusted.

"What's this no greeting, not even going to beg me to come back to Konoha" the Uchiha stated mockingly.

"If you came here to waste my time then beat it I'm not interested in dealing with your ego" Naruto spat back. Sasuke bit back a laugh at seeing his old comrades feisty nature.

"You're still the same hot-headed clown I left defeated from six months ago while I have grown in leaps and bounds so watch your mouth and don't get cocky" Sasuke retorted.

Taking a deep breath Naruto calmed his anger like he was trained to do, looking at Sasuke calmly he began building up his chakra for the inevitable conflict.

"Sasuke I'm only going to say this once and once only, surrender yourself over to the Hokage or face you're execution" Naruto spoke calmly. Sasuke snorted and unsheathed the Chokoto strapped to his waist.

"You don't seriously believe I'm going to go back to that cluster of huts you call a village, and here I thought you might have matured tch guess I was wrong" Sasuke insulted causing Naruto to sigh.

"Well I tried guess I have no choice but to kill you" spoke a resigned Naruto. Pulling out a handful of shuriken he launched them at the Uchiha and without handsigns he spewed out a burst of fire to coat the shuriken with flame.

Seeing the oncoming barrage of flaming shuriken Sasuke dodged with the aid of his sharingan while thinking of the familiarity of the technique.

"That jutsu was the Katon: Hosenka Tsumabeni (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson) I remember because Itachi used to use it during his training with Shisui, but Naruto didn't use handsigns unlike Itachi. How did he do that?" Sasuke though furiously as he dodged the flaming shuriken and charged Naruto with his blade.

Naruto seeing Sasuke charge at him with a sword elected to wrap his arms in chakra chains and block Sasuke's strikes. The two rival's clashed for the next few moments with neither gaining any ground until the two hit a deadlock. Naruto smirked at seeing his defence working against a sword but then again he really had no doubt about its success after all it was his clans jutsu.

"Are you sure you know how to use that sword Sasuke I mean it's only been six months since we last thought and there is no way you could have become proficient at Kenjutsu in such limited time" Naruto questioned getting a glare in response.

Sasuke grunted with exertion as he tried and failed to cut through the chains on the blonde's arms, activating Chidori on his blade his temper almost reached its limit when the sword still failed to cut the chains. For once Naruto was truly enjoying tormenting someone, it normally went against his nature but seeing his rival so pathetically frustrated somehow made Naruto want to smile.

"Damn it dobe why isn't it cut through?" Sasuke snarled. Naruto decided to take the opportunity to mess with Sasuke's head.

"These chains are a Uzumaki clan technique, far superior to that pathetic excuse of a butter knife you call a sword" Naruto mocked. "These chains aren't made of steel so they can't simply be cut through nor can they be uses as a conductor for lightning, plus they have the strength to pin down a Biju struggle all you want Sasuke you won't be able to defeat my chakra chains".

"You little-" Whatever Sasuke was going to snarl was interrupted by a chain covered fist slamming into his face launching him across the training field. The shadow clone of Naruto that hit Sasuke then appeared by the originals side.

Sasuke groaned as he picked himself up off the ground, blood spilled down the side of his face from the split eyebrow Naruto had caused. Despite that he had suffered the first wound of the battle he couldn't help but enjoy himself. Sasuke didn't join the chunin exam for promotion he joined for an opportunity to test his limits and fight difficult battles and he was clearly getting what he wanted.

Chuckling lightly Sasuke regained his bearings "It's was carless of me to forget your skills with the Kage Bushin (Shadow Clone) that was a clean hit I'll give you that but don't get cocky and let your guard down" he spoke darkly, his sharingan spinning dangerously.

"Wouldn't dream of it, but what do you say we stop messing around and heat things up?" Naruto responded, summoning flames to the palms of his hands.

"Fire eh well from that distance it wont be much use to you" Sasuke said as he ran through familiar handsigns.

"Chidori from that distance is almost guaranteed to miss, just what does he think he's doing" Naruto thought confused.

"Chidori Eiso (One Thousand Birds Sharp Spear)" he called out as a spear of lighting sped out across the field at extreme speed's and pierced the clone. Meanwhile Naruto jumped up high to avoid the attack.

"Tch a damn clone" he cursed. Looking up he saw a small force of clones coming at him from above, each drew out a kunia and launched it at the grounded Uchiha who easily dodged with the aid of his Dojutsu.

"Chidori Senbon" he growled out as he unleashed a barrage of deadly accurate lightning needles to impale the clone group dispelling them. Looking around for anymore clones along with the original he sighted the weapons around him and smirked.

"Same old Naruto, you still predictable with your clone tactics" he thought. "Chidori Nagashi (One Thousand Birds Current)" he whispered out as he released an electrical discharge of lightning and as predicted dispelled all the transformed clones around him. He frowned when the real Naruto was not among them.

From behind a tree Naruto spied on Sasuke's battle with the clones meanwhile he was processing the experience the dispelled clones sent back to him, Naruto was surprised by the different variants of Chidori Sasuke had created and frowned in slight jealousy when he realised he had not done the same for his Rasengan.

Stepping out on to the field he gazed impassively at Sasuke. Seeing the Uchiha about to perform the Chidori Spear again, having now recognised the handsigns, he called upon his flames and with a cry of Katon: Magatama he unleashed a volley of fireballs.

Sasuke cursed as his jutsu was disrupted by another seal less jutsu and began dodging for his life, one of the magatama exploded near him knocking him off his feet but he managed to regain his footing. Sasuke was still surprised at the techniques explosive power and resolved to not be hit.

Both rivals began a final sequence of handsigns and respectively cried out "Katon: Endan", "Katon: Gokakyu (Fire Release: Great Fireball)".

Both young men exhaled large streams of fire at the other, each attempting to out power and kill their rival. The ground beneath the deadlock was scorched black from the intensity of the blaze as both fire users stubbornly fought on.

Eventually Naruto's inherit skills and ability won out, though it helped that the long exchange had allowed Naruto to add more toad oil to his flames.

"Impossible I'm being defeated in my own clans element" thought a panicking and furious Sasuke. Quickly drawing some blood he slammed his hands down on the ground before the flames could consume him.

The fire hit his location and exploded violently, shaking the earth they stood upon and clouding the area with thick grey smoke. Naruto awaited eagerly as the smoke dissipated revealing a large charred and burned snake that was wrapped protectively around Sasuke.

Naruto swore in disgust as the blatant abuse of a summon "You filthy scum how low can you get" he cried out in anger.

Sasuke shrugged uncaringly as the snakes corpse collapsed around him "It matters not".

Before the two could get back to their fight a cloaked ANBU appeared before them, he was dressed in a deep green full body cloak and wore a forest camouflage coloured mask with what looked like a dark red spade's symbol on the forehead of the mask.

"Genin Uchiha, Genin Uzumaki stop this fighting now, it's clear to me that this has escalated beyond a mere spar" he demanded with authority. "Genin Uchiha since you were the instigator of this fight I shall escort you back to your lodgings" he spoke.

Both Naruto and Sasuke followed his commands, both while powerful for genin both knew that they were no match for the ANBU regardless of village. It was a common misbelief that ninja from minor villages were inferior to those from the great five, but that was wrong. The great five only had the privilege of having a broader spectrum of talented children to recruit leaving the left overs for the minor villages. To make up for this each minor village generally had a specific specialty that allowed them to deal with ninja from the great five evening the scales.

As Sasuke left the field he thought about the recent battle "Next time I'll make you take me seriously, you will give me the fight I want even if I have to force your hand, unfortunately for you I know exactly how to make you take me seriously" he thought darkly.

Meanwhile back at the field Naruto used his sensory technique to scan for anymore signatures and found that the three kunoichi, Sasuke and the ANBU had left, only the Kumo kunoichi remained.

"You know I know your there so why don't you come out" he spoke with annoyance.

"So you knew I was there that whole time how interesting, your dossier said nothing about being a sensor type I knew following you would yield results" Samui spoke as she dropped the Genjutsu hiding her.

Naruto for the first time got a clear view at her visage, from her curvaceous body and ample bust, to her elegant form and cold expression along with her bright blonde hair and her icy blue eyes Naruto was struck by her beauty. If Sakura was hot then this woman as absolutely gorgeous.

As the heat rose to his cheeks Naruto couldn't help but think, as much as he didn't want to admit it, Sakura had nothing on Samui.

Anyway hope you liked the fight, Naruto and Sasuke are roughly even with Naruto gaining a slight lead. Neither were serious or going all out this chapter although Naruto did gain significant information on Sasuke's style and jutsu giving Naruto the advantage. Neither used the curse seal or Kurama so both still have their ace cards to play.

In terms of strength, skill and ability Naruto ranks first by a slight margin but having gained information on Sasuke gives him a significant advantage. Sasuke follows up closely Sasuke himself gained some information but that is largely useless. Sakura follows up last but as a medic in training it's to be expected as she is not a powerhouse like the two boys.

Since these Chunin Exams have an abundance of ninja from minor villages I decided to write down some stats for them.

Village Stats:

Population: 1 (Small village nestled among many valleys makes it difficult for non-shinobi based trading and farming)
Military: 2 (Shinobi trained in variety of Bukijutsu and weapons each unique to the wielder)
Economy: 2 (Sells specialised shinobi weapons from trading with Takumi Village along with trade with Konoha-Suna)

population: 3 (Hordes of rouge ninja, bandits, criminals, and slaves all take refuge willingly of not within Otogakure)
Military: 1 (Aside from a select group of elite's most Oto shinobi are fodder although the village does boast talent)
Economy: 1 (Mainly operates of stolen money from the countries daimyo, most money goes to experiments)

population: 1 (Isolation and high death toll in training keep population low)
Military: 2 (Unique abilities granted by star chakra make up for low number of shinobi)
Economy: 1 (isolation and location keep the village rather adequately funded for a minor village but unable to expand)

population: 1.5 (Location in a hot spot for war makes the village hazardous to live in)
Military: 2 (Well trained and disciplined force who utilise hit and run tactics in skirmished between Suna and Iwa)
Economy: 2 (Trade routs with Kaze-Suna, Tsuchi-Iwa, Bird country and Kusa)

Population: 1.5 (Location not ideal for civilian life making for a small population)
Military: 2.5 (Skilled shinobi force with Kumo based training, recent military increases with fall of Yugakure)
Economy: 1.5 (Trade with Kaminari-Kumo and Yu no Kuni, shipping with Mizu-Kiri and Nami no Kuni)

Takigakure:Population: 1.5 (Hidden Location make's it difficult to find)
Military: 2 (possesses a Jinchuriki, skilled with water style and hit and run tactics)
Economy: 1.5 (Hidden location makes trade very difficult, village mainly self-sufficient)

Population: 2 (Influx of refugee's from Amegakure increased population)
Military: 1.5 ( Masters of stealth and assassination, silent civil war between political factions reduces villages power)
Economy: 3 (Many trade routs plus self-sufficiency help with great economy)

Population: 3 (City like village with influx of refugee's from surrounding country side gives high population)
Military: 2 (Powerful leaders and good combat effectiveness in battle)
Economy: 1.5 (Isolationist means requirement for self-sufficiency)