" So, hello readers! Yes, you. In front of the screen. Hi. Yeah, I'm breaking the fourth wall so much right now, aren't I? Well, SHUT UP IT'S MY STORY! " The author said, yelling at the end.

" Who's yelling? " A voice came from the garage, followed by " I dunno, let's check it out, Chance. "

Awwwww fudgecakes. The author thought, as the footsteps approached. The author quickly picked up his phone, containing this exact story you're reading right now, and jumped through the window.

The footsteps sped up as they heard the shattering glass, and once they reached the living room, they saw a nametag.

That nametag said...

Mister Cereal.

* cue dramatic drums *

" Mister Cereal? " They said in unison.