Watching the emotional scene with Cereal, he hesitantly said, "Is it my turn to sing?"

Cereal dried his eyes, eating a bowl of cereal that Roy gave to him.

"Yep." Roy said after giving Cereal the cereal.

"Alright," he said, taking in a deep breath. He stepped forward as the lights dimmed and a sweetly sad tune started playing.

I was once a kitten,

Living in the dark, gloomy city

of Megakat.

Me and my lifetime friend,

Chance Furlong,

We foug-

The song was rudely interrupted with an explosion and footsteps. Lots of footsteps. Cereal, holding his empty bowl, looked behind him to see what seemed to be Enforcers. He could vaguely hear Alien lifeform and Be careful and I'm hungry. He was particularly confused by the last one; I mean, it's like 11:00 AM, shouldn't he have had brunch?

Anyway, there were people who will think Cereal and Roy are alien lifeforms. Which they kind of were, but that's beyond the point. It also didn't help that Razor was with them. The group began to run when they realized one important detail: The ship was in the air.

"Does that mean we have to fight them off?" Cereal asked, preparing his magnum.

"Mhm." Roy said, dusting off his katana.

"And... There we go. Calibrated successfully." Razor said, messing about with his Glovatrix.

The group was officially ready for the onslaught when one scrawny figure stepped forward.

"Watch out, guys. I can already sense this guy is a gigantic douche," Cereal whispered to the group.

"Agreed," Roy said, also whispering.

The figure was close enough for them to realize the hair color and stuff. He had brown fur with a little bit of a blonde toupe-looking hair. Cereal nodded and thought to himself, douche. I can sense it already.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Steele of the Enforcers," he began until Cereal poked his gun's barrel.

"W-What are you doing there?" Steele looked at Cereal. He continued.

"Quit it." He said, getting annoyed. Cereal persisted.

"Seriously, stop it." Still poking.

"Oh my God, stop it!" Cereal stopped.

"Finally. So, I am here to detain all of you to maintain the peace!" He said, a douchy look in his eye.

"What? Why? We didn't do anything wrong." Roy said.

"Well we have to follow orders."

"Who's orders?" Cereal asked.

"The Commander's." He said, a gleefully childish glint in his eye.

"Alright, I'll comply." Cereal said, walking forwards."

"Good. No need for-" He was rudely interrupted when Cereal kicked him right in the crotch. He fell to the ground screaming bloody murder. Roy and Cereal quickly exchanged a high-five. It took about five minutes for Steele to recollect himself.

"Dammit! Agh, you are SO first!" He whined.

Roy walked up and also nailed him right in the crotch. The same results as before.

"AUGH! That's it, you're getting tazed!" He said, pulling out his tazer.

Razor took the liberties and gave him a cold hard kick to the crotch. Same results but a 110% increase in whining.

"Oh God... Ow... Okay... We'll do this your way." Steele said, attempting to kick Cereal in his crotch to no avail. He fell against a wall and slid down, still in pain.

"Get... Them!" He said, malice in his voice.

Cereal groaned.

"Why can no one take a joke?