" We gotta find some new firepower. " Cereal said, as he was ctually growing tired of the RATTATATATATA sound.

" Agreed. " They tossed down their weaponry and ran upstairs. Cereal reached the door first, and Koma was rushing up the stairs, the creepy flying things in close pursuit. Koma finally reached the door, and Cereal shut it.


Cereal burst into laughter.

" Why are you laughing!? " Koma shouted.

" Pfft... Physical comedy... Hahahah! "

The ran down the hall, reaching a supply closet. Cereal threw open the doors, and began searching.

" Bleach... Broom... Spray on white, turns blue when clean... Sword... "

" Sword? " Koma echoed.

" Yeah, a katana to be correct.

" Gimme. "

" Kay. " Cereal handed over the katana to Koma, and turned back to the closet while Koma swung it around.

" Drill! " Cereal exclaimed.

" Why a drill? " Koma asked.

" It has multiple uses. " Cereal replied.

" What do we do now? " Koma asked.

" I dunno.. We gotta find Jake, I guess? "

" To the salvage yard? "

" To the salvage yard! "

- Note: This is a filler, I'll expand more on this later, I gotta focus on 2 Weeks After. -