This is something that popped into my head at 1 am, and I decided to write it down. Yes, it is in a kinda "free-style" poetry form, but I just thought that it would be suited better that way. This is from Sebastion's mind, as he thinks about Jim. Taking place after the Fall. Enjoy!

I don't own anyone :(

I can't say I don't miss you
Because I do
Your face,
Sculpted from marble by gods
Designed by the infinite cosmic wonder
Reflecting the mind within
So beautiful
Dark brunette strands, always perfect
Never wrong, out of place
Except in the mornings,
Even then, russled and tussled
Calling to be touched or stroked,
Grand Arched Wonders,
Showing disdain, sarcasm
Love, amusement
Expressing Eyebrows
And the Eyes
Your eyes
Like they think your soul is
Like a warm summer night
Cold, sharp, ice, glass
Amused and lust-filled
Showing only what you wish to be seen
And beneath that
Adorable Nose
Narrow yet lush
Scolding, frowning, punishing
Kissing, licking, loving
Harsh Sweet Lips
And that body,
Like the jaguar in sheep's skin
Like the hunter as prey,
Lithe and Fast and Lean
And Wonderful and Smooth and Soft
And you flaunt it,
Tailored, Expensive, Custom-made,
And the Voice,
Lyrical, Accented, Strong,
Singing, Shouting, Screaming
Panting, Moaning, Crying
That mellow, smooth voice…
Wounding and Hurting and Soothing
Your Mind,
Oh God, your Mind!
Diamonds, and Tacks, and Sharp deadly things
And Death and Pain and Hatred
Resentment, and Brilliance
And Plans, and Ideas
And Information, and Diamonds,
And Glittering Wonder
And that brilliant thing
Remembers and thinks about me
And He is wonderful
Crazy, Insane, Mean, Sadistic
Loving, Caring, Kind
Taunting, Teasing….
So brilliant
So smart
I miss you…
You knew.
And Never Told
I watched
"One last job,"
You sang that morning,
In our bed,
In my heart….
"One last job,"
Anything for you, Boss
"Never stray your eyes from John."
So serious, so calm.
So quaking underneath.
Sadness, perhaps? Regret?
For knowing what I would go through?
"Always be ready to shoot. Never stray from John."
Those Eyes, so unmasked,
"Never look at me."
Anything for you, Boss
Anything, my life, my pain, my joy, my heart
Anything for you, Boss
Anything for you, Jim…
Gun ready
Eyes on John,
Eyes on John
Eyes on Sherlock
Eyes on John
Eyes are you, Boss
Eyes on you, Jim
Eyes on you, Love…
Movement, distraction
Eyes away from John,
Ready to defend.
No harm towards you, Boss
Never any attack towards you, Jim
Words, spoken,
Lips, moving
Unhearing of your voice
What did you say?
What did you think of?
What were you thinking?
I disobeyed, Boss
I couldn't not watch, Jim
Guns, Shots
One shot
Noise, screaming
In my head, yelling
Jim, Jim, Jim
Jumping, falling
Done. Job Done.
Jim Jim Jim
Boss, Move
Move, Jim
Damnit, get up
It's over, get up
Come on Jim…
It's done…
I'm so weak, Boss
I'm not strong,
I'm not without weakness,
I'm not like you, Jim
I wish I was like you, Jim
I want to be like you, Jim
I want to be with you, Jim
It's alright, Jim
I'm always by your side, Boss
I'm always watching over you, Boss
I'm always loving you, Jim
So cold out, Jim
Snow and Quiet and Emptiness
It's okay Jim,
I made sure you're away from all the idiots, Boss
There's room for me next to you, Boss
I'll be by your side, Jim
Jim Moriarty,
Carved words into fancy stone
Sebastion Moran,
Soon to be beside you once again, Jim
One gun,
Fired Once, Twice Loaded
One bullet, Killing you
One bullet, Saving me
Wait for me, Jim
I'll be right behind you,
I'll always stay by your side.

I hope you liked it :) I'll admit, I did cry a little when I wrote it... If you couldn't tell, these were the last thoughts of Sebastion as he Sat by Jim's grave, soon after the fall. In the end, Sebastion kills himself with the same gun that Jim used to commit suicide. If you enjoyed it, please review! :D