Hey everyone. I never thought I would post as many stories as I have. I guess getting one story out there is giving me confidence to write more. I wasn't sure where to end this, I wanted more questions but I couldn't think of any more. As always, check out my profile for story ideas. Thanks for reading, enjoy.

Clark and Dean were sitting on the front porch of the Lane house, relaxing on a rare weekend off from the academy. Each holding a glass of lemonade with the pitcher between them, they rocked back and forth in the rocking chairs. A boy around fifteen walked up to them and asked if Izzy was home. Clark's mom came out and told the boy Izzy would be out in a moment and that she would go get her. As the door swung shut behind her, Clark shared a look with Dean.

Clark: So, what's your name?

Boy: Ryan. You two must be Clark and Dean. I've heard a lot about both of you.

Clark: Have you now, well that's a nice thing to say, isn't it Dean.

Dean: Yes, yes, a very nice thing. Can we assume you're Izzy's boyfriend?

Ryan: Yep. About a week now.

Dean: Oh, isn't that sweet - he remembers.

Clark: Very sweet. Listen, Ryan, why don't you pull up a chair so we can talk.

Dean: Yes, we would like to know more about you.

Clark: Considering we haven't heard anything about you.

Dean: Clark, manners.

Clark: Just saying the obvious, Dean.

Ryan: Okay, what do you want to talk about?

Dean: Oh, that's too wide a range of conversation.

Clark: Let's start with the small topics and go from there.

Dean: Great idea. So, when do you plan to give her a promise ring?

Clark: Oh, you're so old-fashioned. What about the engagement ring?

Dean: The wedding ring?

Clark: How long after the wedding to you plan to get her pregnant?

Dean: Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Lane want grandchildren.

Clark: Or will that take long time. Are you fertile?

Dean: Clark, you can't ask questions like that, it's too personal.

Clark: Biological clock Dean, it's all I'm saying.

Dean: Do you know her favorite color?

Clark: It's gonna be hard to pick out a ring if you don't know, or her birthstone.

Dean: Do you know her ring size?

Clark: Should the band be silver or gold?

Dean: What cut the diamond should be?

Clark: Should it be a diamond?

Dean: Going back to the kids, are you willing to have a big family?

Clark: Oh, Izzy would love a big family.

Dean: Has Izzy invited you to Team 1's BBQ?

Clark: Yeah, we need to know whether you prefer hot dogs or hamburgers.

Dean: What toppings do you like on those, and think carefully, it's an important answer.

Clark: Do you have your driving license?

Dean: Any allergies we need to know about?

Clark: Do you have any diseases?

Dean: Clark, again with the personal questions.

Clark: I meant rabies.

Dean: What are you afraid of?

Clark: Are you wanted for any particular crime?

Dean: Have you ever wanted to commit a crime?

Clark: How do you feel about weapons control?

Dean: How do you feel about animals?

Clark: Have you kissed my sister?

Dean: Are you doing it properly?

Clark: Speaking of tonsil hockey, how many cavities do you have?

Dean: Do you prefer sweet foods or salty foods?

Clark: What's your favorite movie?

Dean: Are you closer to your mom or to your dad?

Clark: If you could close Pandora's box, would you?

Dean: Pandora the myth or Pandora the jewelry collection?

Clark: Both.

Dean: Ah, tricky. He can only have one answer for two questions. Nice.

Clark: Do you like and/or understand hockey?

Dean: Does he have an option?

Clark: Not really.

Dean: What's your blood type?

Clark: Do you eat meat?

Dean: Books or movies?

Clark: What's your favorite genre?

Dean: Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice?

Clark: Are you a gambling man?

Dean: What's your favorite board game?

Izzy comes out and looks around.

Izzy: Where's Ryan?

Dean: Hmm. I don't know. He was here a second ago.

Clark: He must've flew off.

Dean: Like a little bird in the wind.

Clark: We didn't even get to the serious questions yet.

Izzy runs back into the house.

Izzy: Mom!

Dean: Should we feel badly.

Clark: I don't know, maybe. More lemonade?

Dean: Yes, please.