Fire. Explosions. Death.

The Normandy is crumbling around her. Familiar faces lay on the floor as she runs past them, deathly still. Faces of those who didn't make it. She sprints up the stairs, hearing Joker's voice blaring overhead. She opens the door that leads to the bridge, the lack of gravity making her progress painfully slow. She sees Joker still sitting in his pilot's chair, desperately hitting buttons in a hopeless attempt to save the ship. "C'mon, Joker, we gotta go!" she yells, running up beside his seat.

"No, I won't abandon the Normandy!" he cries. "I can still save her!"

Another explosion makes her cover the left side of her face with her arm. "The Normandy's dead, just like us if we don't get the hell out of here!" she growls. The giant laser from the enemy ship suddenly cuts through the Normandy again, frighteningly close to where they were. Her heart hammers against her ribcage. The ship—her home—was falling to pieces. Those who hadn't already escaped to the pods were dead. The two of them might be next. She was so scared. Grabbing Joker's arm, she ignores his pained cries and lifts him to his feet, dragging him along the bridge and not stopping until she saw the last escape pod. Hope flares in her chest. She reaches the pod and shoves Joker in it…

Just as she was ripped away from his side.

Blasted back by an explosion, she grips a wall to keep from floating away. Fear grips her like an icy hand. She wasn't going to make it…but she could make sure one other person did.

"Shepard!" Joker's voice calls to her, panicked. She presses the button on the wall next to her. "AVERIL!" The pod door closes, and another blast knocks her against the wall.

She floats helplessly into the void. Nothing to hold onto, no one around to save her. She is alone. It suddenly becomes increasingly harder to breathe. Reaching back, she discovers a leak in her oxygen pipe. She desperately tries to plug the hole, but she can't reach it… Air leaves her lungs, but all she breathes in is…nothing. Her lungs begin to ache. Her head aches. Everything aches. She's alone…suffocating…


Faces appear before her eyes. Her father, Ashley, Jenkins, Pressly…loved ones that she had failed to protect

And then, her vision fades to black.


Averil gasps, jolting upwards on her bed. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of her faces as she rubs her eyes tiredly and hits the "silence" button on her Omni-tool to shut off her alarm, stretching her arms and climbing out of bed. What a night… The nightmare is still fresh in her mind when she walks into her bathroom. Averil splashes water on her face and dries it with a towel, gripping the sides of the side tightly enough to make her knuckles go white. I've been having that dream way too much lately. Every night for the past week, she's been re-living her death, over and over. And by the way her pale green eyes glowed slightly orange, she had been doing a lot of thrashing. She stared intently at her reflection in the mirror. How long could this torture last? How long would she be haunted by the suffocating sensation of her death, and by her dead friends and family? It wouldn't be long before her sister noticed that something's up. Averil doesn't normally let things like death bother her, but after experiencing it first-hand…well, that gave her a whole new perspective. And no matter how well she could act like she was completely unfazed, Audrey eventually saw through her.


Speak of the devil. "Door's open," she replies. Her ginger-haired sister opens the door to her cabin, and Averil walks out of the bathroom to greet her. "What's up?" she asks, flipping her newly-dyed black bangs out of her eye.

Audrey gives her a smile. "Just wanted to make sure you're up. We're about to dock at Ilium." Her smile fades when she takes in her sister's tired, disheveled state. "You okay?"

"Just dandy," Averil replies with a reassuring smirk. Audrey slightly narrows her eyes, like she didn't quite believe her. "I'm fine, Aud," she insists. "I just had a nightmare, that's all."

"Alright," Audrey says slowly. Uh-oh, I'm just about busted. "Well, you should probably get ready to head out. We'll be there in about ten minutes."

"Gotcha. Thanks for the heads-up."

Audrey nods in acknowledgement, giving her a long, worried look before turning and walking out of her cabin. Averil releases the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Judging from that last look Audrey had given her, she'd be keeping a closer eye on Averil for a while. She sighs. It's not like the nightmares are something to worry about. It's only natural for Averil to be troubled by the situation…she died, after all, and was then rebuilt by an organization of terrorists. That's nothing short of insane.

Averil shakes her head vigorously. There's no use in dwelling on that now, stupid, you've got a mission to prepare for, she tells herself. So, she walks over to her armor locker and does just that.

So…Ilium. Much easier on the eyes than Omega, and people even have the decency to keep most of their criminal acts a secret. And there wasn't a batarian or vorcha in sight! Hallelujah! Averil could definitely see herself coming here to relax every so often. It had a…colorful and soothing atmosphere. The people here were even polite. Politeness is hard come by anywhere in the galaxy, especially for a human. But, unfortunately, relaxation isn't on the agenda for today. Nope, Averil's here on a mission…then again, when isn't she on a mission? This whole Collector fiasco is sending Averil and her sister to every corner of the goddamn galaxy, mostly just to recruit people. This time, she's on a quest to find and recruit an infamous assassin named Thane Krios…but, of course, she has little information on him besides his name and a possible lead to his whereabouts, courtesy of her former crewmate Liara T'Soni. It was good to see the timid brat again, especially after witnessing her threatening some human man before she'd noticed they were there. She was quite happy to see both her and her sister, surprising Averil when Liara gave her a hug. It was a nice feeling to know that she'd been missed by more than just her family... Anyway. She doesn't even know what species Krios is…he could be an elcor, for all she knows. Heh. She'd have a field day with that…ugh, if he turned out to be a batarian, she'd shoot him.

Averil shakes her head, scoffing quietly to herself. She really needs to focus; the assassin wouldn't be…wherever he is…forever. Audrey and Jacob trail faithfully behind her as she makes her way through the transport depot, over to a small office area and in front of a desk, where a bored-looking asari sits. She doesn't even look up when Averil approaches her. "Seryna?" Averil asks monotonously.

"Who wants to know?" she replies, her gaze still focused on whatever she was doing.

"Doesn't matter. I need your help to find someone, so if you could kindly get your ass up…" Averil trails off, putting a hand on her hip. Seryna glances up at her for a moment, before getting to her feet.

"Cover for me," she says to the asari sitting at the desk near hers. After receiving a quick nod from her associate, Seryna walks past the three of them, gesturing for them to follow. "What can I do for you?" she asks, folding her arms across her chest.

"I was told you could point me to an assassin…Thane Krios." Averil smirks. "Is that right, or do I keep lookin'?" There's no way Liara would send them on a false lead. She has the right lady.

Seryna observes Averil for a moment. Her head tilts slightly, a gleam in her eye. "You heard right. What do you want with him?"

"That's my business," Averil snaps. "Now, can you help me or not?" After all, she didn't come here for her health.

"Sure, I can help you." She walks over to one of the giant windows and nods her head towards two tall towers in the distance. "He's going after Nassana Dantius. I pointed him to the Dantius Towers. She's in the penthouse level of tower one…and if your assassin is smart, he'll sneak in through tower two. It's still under construction." She smirks slightly. "I used to work for Nassana, but she fired me when I confronted her about her…questionable activities. Too bad for her. I might have been good enough to stop Thane from taking her down."

The name Nassana Dantius rings a bell. Averil remembers her from a couple years ago, when she and her sister were still chasing Saren. She was some prissy asari bitch, who tricked Averil into killing her sister. She…owes Nassana for that little trip, and she always repays her debts. Grinning wickedly, she stares at Seryna, the cybernetic scars on her cheeks glowing a bit brighter in her excitement. "Can you get us in?"

"Yeah, I still have access to the place. Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll take you to tower two."

Averil shifts impatiently. She wouldn't be asking for help right now if she wasn't ready. Damn, people are stupid sometimes. "We're ready now. Let's go."

"That's what I like to hear." Seryna leads them over to a shuttle car. The top of it pops open, and the three of them climb into their seats, with Averil in the passenger seat and Audrey and Jacob in the back. "So," she says as the shuttle car lifted into the air. "The assassin. You planning to stop him?"

Averil looks out the window with a secretive smirk. "I'm just here to make sure he survives."


The car was quickly approaching the towers. They're a lot bigger up close…that priss must have been doing pretty well for herself these past couple of years. But Averil knows her type. Her newfound riches most likely came at the expense of a lot of innocent people. She absentmindedly cracks her knuckles, the ever-so-slight glow in her pale green eyes brightening. Her scars had been getting a lot worse lately—Dr. Chakwas said it was because she wasn't being "compassionate", so the negative energy caused her body to begin to reject the implants. Hence, the glowing scars. And to add to that, the intensity of the glow was tied to her emotions…well, more like her body heat and heart rate, but those were caused by her emotions, so whatever. When her pulse and body temperate rose, so did the intensity of the glow. Luckily, her eyes and scars weren't glowing too much yet, so that isn't really a problem. "Take us in, Seryna."

"Sure thing," the asari replies. She abandons the "road", swerving through the buildings and towards the front entrance of tower two. She lands smoothly and quietly. "Watch yourselves down there," she tells her three passengers as they climb out of the car. "Those towers are going to be crawling with mercs. Make your way up a few floors, and you'll find a bridge that connects the two towers." She pauses. "…Good luck. Give Nassana my regards."

"Will do." Averil gives the woman a mock-salute, and they share a smirk.

"Thanks for the help," Audrey adds, elbowing her sister in the side. After she gives Averil a pointed look and nudges her again, Averil shifts in embarrassment.

"Ah, yeah. Thanks."

"No problem. See ya later." With that, Seryna closes the shuttle door and flies away.

Almost as though on cue, two salarians run, screaming, from a room inside the building. They both look over their shoulders, just as a group of mechs stiffly follow them, gunning them down without hesitation. "Looks like Nassana wanted her workers out of the way," Audrey guesses, a deep frown forming on her face. "I can't believe she would just…kill them all, just like that. Doesn't she have any regard for life?"

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be having a lot of that pretty soon," Averil sniggers. "But mostly for her own life." She tilts her head from side to side until her neck gives two satisfying cracks. Now it's going to get fun. "Let's go find us an assassin." Activating her tech armor, she gives a loud whoop and charges through the glass, crushing one of the mech dogs with a warp, the explosion it causes making one of the humanoid mechs fall over. Audrey and Jacob quickly join in the fight, the former shooting the toppled mech in the head, while the latter pulls the other dog into the air, spraying it with a barrage of bullets until it explodes. Averil blasts the other with her shotgun, kicking it out of her way when she walks past, smiling and putting her weapon away. Shooting things always put her in a good mood. "Alright, let's make our way up to that…" She pauses when she comes upon the sight of a salarian worker, collapsed against a door, bleeding all over the place. "…bridge…uh, what the hell?"

"Help…" the salarian wheezes. "I can't breathe…my chest is killing me…"

Averil scoffs and kneels next to him, applying some medi-gel to his bleeding wound. "Quit complainin', you could be like your buddies out there." She jerks her chin towards the bodies of the other two workers. "Alright, now that you're all patched up, maybe there's something you can do for me. There's an assassin in this tower, and I need to find him. Have you seen anyone that might be an assassin?"

The salarian shakes his head. "I'm just a night worker. Nassana…sent the mechs after us. She said someone was coming for her, and she needed us out of the way…immediately!"

"Unbelievable," Jacob mutters.

Audrey walks up beside Averil, holding her hand out to the salarian. He takes it, and she pulls him to his feet. "Whatever. We'll find him one way or another," Averil shrugs. "Anyway, we cleared out the mechs back there. If you're smart, you'll run outta here like your ass is on fire."

The salarian nods vigorously. "Thank you. If you find any other workers…please, help them."

"No promises." He seems to accept that answer, and he stumbles out of the room. Averil sighs. "Ugh. What a drag. There better be a lot of mercs up there—I wanna get some entertainment outta this." She opens up the door and storms up the ramp, preparing to blast any Eclipse merc that she sees.

She doesn't see anything at first. Eyes narrowing, she cautiously looks around, until the sound of footsteps overhead makes her jump. "What was that?" Jacob asks. Averil quickly shushes him.

"I think I heard him over there."

A male voice echoes from the vents above.

"Well, go check it out."

A female voice responds. Mercs.

"You go."

"C'mon, don't be a coward. It probably isn't even him."

"Fine. But I—"

Averil hears several bumping noises and grunts, signs of a struggle. A few moments later, a body falls from the giant circular vent in the ceiling, and they have to step back to avoid being hit by it. An Eclipse merc…probably the cowardly one. "Not bad," Averil hums thoughtfully. The assassin hadn't fired a single shot to take them out…that takes skill. Skill that Averil can admire. No wonder he's the most talented assassin in the galaxy. "Alright, this whole goose-chase thing is bullshit," she grumbles. Looking at Audrey and Jacob, she continues. "I'm takin' a skycar." Audrey looks alarmed.

"They'll just try to shoot you down!"

Averil grins. "Not if they're distracted." After receiving two confused looks, she explains her plan. "You two keep going up through the tower. Help any workers you can, leave 'em if you can't, and do a little Eclipse housecleaning." She gestures to herself. "I'll snag a skycar and head up to the bridge. I wanna reach Nassana before Krios can take her out and get away."

"Are you sure that'll work?" Jacob asks.

Averil points at him. "Don't question me, Taylor," she huffs, using her "Spectre voice". He gives her a reluctant nod. "Good man. Now, you know what to do. Keep in radio contact, and we'll meet up in Nassana's penthouse."

Audrey ruffles Averil's hair. "Be careful up there. Try not to drive the skycar like you did the Mako," she says with a giggle. Averil "hmph"s and pushes her hand away, fixing her hair while she blushes with embarrassment. Audrey laughs, then she and Jacob turn and walk through the doorway. As soon as Averil starts walking away, she hears the sound of gunshots and battle-cries. Her stomach clenches, and she's suddenly unsure of leaving her sister and her crew member alone against a tower of mercenaries.

"Audrey? You guys alright?" she wonders into her radio.

"We're fine," she replies. "Just a few mercs. No need to worry about us, go hijack a vehicle!"

Averil snickers. "Now that's somethin' I never thought I'd hear you say."

"Yes, yes, get a move on, dummy."

"Keep me updated! Averil out." She shifts her focus to her own task. No longer worrying about the two still fighting, she runs back the way they came with renewed vigor. Down the ramp, through the lobby, out the entrance…within minutes, she finds herself back in the parking lot. The lot is still virtually empty, but a few cars are still parked here and there. She makes her way over to the nearest one—an older red skycar with a yellow tinted cover…window…thing. Opening her Omni-tool, she hacks the lock more easily than she expects…the older versions must not have very complex locking codes. She climbs into the driver's seat after the "lid" pops open, jump-starting the car with a few quick electrical surges. The whole ordeal took a little under ten minutes…if she were as tech-savvy as her sister, she could have shaved that time off by five, but with her skills torn between tech and biotics, she makes do with what she's got.

"We found a small group of workers, Averil." Jacob's voice blares through her radio.

"They were trapped in a little storage room," Audrey adds. "I think…I think the assassin locked them in there."

That's odd. Averil raises an eyebrow. He kills people for a living. Why should he care if a few of his target's workers die? "Did you help them?"

"Of course we did," Audrey says. "We have big hearts, unlike some of us." Averil can almost hear her grinning.

"Hey, I never claimed to be a nice person." She stares straight ahead as the skycar lifts off of the ground. "I'm heading up to the bridge now. I'll see you guys there. Let me know if anything significant happens."

"Will do. Over and out."

Averil's eyes wander over the tower as she starts to rise to the upper levels. It looks like it would be a nice-looking tower, if they ever completed it. She briefly wonders what in the galaxy the towers are for, but she dismisses the thought. The owner of the towers would be dead pretty soon, so it doesn't really matter, now does it? "Bridge, bridge…where's the bridge…?" she murmurs to herself. Her question is soon answered when she catches sight of her destination. It's a long, thick platform that closes the gap between the two towers. Crates lay in various places, which would make good cover if she had to fight anyone…and lo and behold, there were mercs on the bridge. She stops the car, making note of the strong wind that rocks it. Taking a moment to size up both the enemy and the battleground, she discovers two rocket-launching drones placed on the "Tower Two side" of the bridge. Besides those, there were about five regular mercs, a Commando, and an Engineer. Her biggest obstacles would be the drones… A smirk stretches across her face. Sorry, Audrey, but I think my Mako-driving skills are actually going to come in handy here. Averil's famous for her reckless, road-rage, thrill-riding driving, which is why the team always got scared whenever it was her turn to drive. She doesn't have any passengers this time, though, so no one was there to complain. Averil cracks her knuckles, before rapidly pressing buttons on the dashboard. "Look out, motherfuckers!" she shouts, driving the shuttle full-speed towards the bridge. She pulls up at the last minute, but succeeds in sending a few of the mercs spiraling to the deaths. She twists and turns the skycar to avoid missiles and gunfire, maneuvering so that some of the rockets even hit some of the mercenaries. "Ha! Eat that, suckers!" she laughs.

"Someone take out that shuttle!" the Commando yells, shooting a warp at Averil's car.

"Not a chance in hell!" she shouts back, flying towards one of the drones as the warp bullet follows. She pulls up right before she can crash into the drone, making the biotic missile hit it. It fell over, and after a few seconds, it exploded. One drone down, one to go. First things first, though… She stares down the Commando and Engineer. I hope you're ready to die… A dark grin appears on her tanned face, and they stare up at the car nervously. Then, without warning, she slams on the gas and zooms at the two of them, ramming into the Commando as the Engineer jumps out of the way…but fate turns against him, because he jumps too close to the edge. He loses his footing, slipping off the edge and joining the Commando on her fall to the ground way below. As he falls, however, he decides to go down with a bang…he shoots an Incinerate at the skycar, catching Averil off-guard. She doesn't react fast enough, and the blast of fire hits the side of the car. Red warning signs suddenly start flashing on the dashboard, and she starts to panic. On top of that, the other drone continues to fire missiles at her, and with a damaged shuttle, it takes all her reckless driving skills to avoid them. But the drone was relentless, not giving her a moment's rest to fix the damage done to her shuttle. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She desperately presses buttons, but the warning lights continue to flash, the fire raging around her car causing the engine to begin to overheat. "Alright, let's see how you handle this." Cracking her neck, she pops open the "lid" to the skycar, then slams on the gas once again, this time aiming for the drone. As the car approaches the drone, she leaps out of it, tucking and rolling onto the bridge. The car crashes into the drone, and a huge explosion lights up the darker sky. Averil jumps to her feet, taking a moment to admire her handiwork. Dead mercenaries lay in several places, and most of the bridge was scorched. The wreckage from the skycar was engulfed in flames, and she nods approvingly.

"Averil? What the hell's going on up there? We could feel and hear those explosions from down here!" Audrey's voice appears in her radio, sounding alarmed.

"Heh. Don't worry, sis, I was just taking care of some business. You shouldn't have any trouble on the bridge, by the way…" She giggles. "You're welcome!"
Audrey sighs. "I'm not anticipating the sight I'll be seeing when we get up there." Averil grins. "Anyway, we found another group of workers. They seemed really worked up, but we calmed them down. We should be up to the bridge in about ten minutes or so."

"Gotcha. See ya when I see ya." Averil clicks off the radio, sauntering up the ramp and towards the elevator that leads to Nassana's penthouse. "Time to see what this assassin's all about." She opens the door to the elevator, stepping inside and pushing the penthouse level button. And now…she waits.


Averil is greeted by Nassana's hiss when she walks through the penthouse door. She smirks, stopping in front of the desk and folding her arms across her chest, her eyes skimming over the few mercs that stood around her. "Nassana. Miss me?"

"You're supposed to be dead!" the asari cries incredulously.

Her head tilts. "I got better," she says sarcastically.

Nassana scoffs. "You must think this is all very ironic. First, you take care of my sister…and now you're here for me."

Averil rolls her eyes. "Don't flatter yourself. You're not that important."

"Why else would you be here?"

"Maybe I just missed you," she snickers. Nassana glares at her.

"And so you destroy my tower? Decimate my security?" Her glare deepens. "Do you take me for a fool?"

"What was your first clue?" Averil drawls, her expression cold. "I'm not here for you, Nassana. But I wouldn't stop this even if I wanted to." As she says that, she hears bumping noises in the vents. He's here, she sings in her mind.

"What do you mean? Of course you can stop it! Just don't…" She turns her glare to one of her guards, who was fidgeting nervously. "What?!"

"I heard something," she replies.

"Go check out the entrances!" Nassana commands, looking more and more desperate by the minute. "Is it credits?" she asks Averil. "Is that what you want? Just name your price! We can make this problem go away!"

The noises increase in volume, and Averil smirks darkly. "All the credits in the world won't make this problem go away, Nassana." She pauses. "Oh, and Seryna gives her regards."

Suddenly, the assassin silently slips down from the vent. She watches as he comes up behind one of the mercs, snapping his neck. He punches another in the throat, crushing his esophagus, taking out his pistol and shooting the last merc directly through the heart. "What the—" Those are the only words Nassana is able to utter before he grabs her, pressing his gun against her gut and firing. His eyes close as she gasps, and he lays her against her desk, folding her arms over her chest as the life slowly fades from her body. That was a badass entrance. Averil puts a hand on her hip, staring at the assassin, but he doesn't even look at her. Instead, he folds his hands together, head bent, as though he were…praying.

"Oi, I went through a lot of trouble to find you, the least you can do is look at me!" she snaps, annoyed that he was ignoring her.

"Prayers for the dead must never be forsaken," he mumbles, his voice deep and gravelly. Her eyes wander up and down Thane's body. He definitely isn't a batarian… She takes in his appearance, from his light green and black scales, to his large black eyes, to the tight leather clothes he wore. If she wasn't mistaken…Thane Krios is a drell. Her eyebrows slowly raise. Drell were few and far between. She'd never seen one in her life, even with all the places she'd travelled around galaxy…but if all drell males look like this one, she'd like to see more of them. Averil wasn't big on aliens, but if there were a male equivalent of asari, they would be drell. The clothes Thane wore left little to the imagination, and although he was…oddly colored, he had a very handsome face.

"Yeah…uh, I don't think she really deserves it," Averil says slowly, scowling at Nassana's corpse.

"Not for her," he replies softly. He lifts his head, glancing at her. "For me." He slowly walks around the desk, running his hand along the edge. "I was curious to see how far you'd go to find me." He stops, standing in front of her. The setting sun in the background cast a lovely orange glow on his back, giving him a mysterious look. "Well, here I am." His eyes slightly narrow, and he stares at her.

"I can see that." Averil's eyes narrow as well, and she folds her arms across her chest. "How the hell did you know I was looking for you?"

"The sound of gunfire and explosions. I prefer to work quietly. If I have to fight through guards, I've made a mistake…" He pauses. "I rarely make mistakes."

Someone's confident. "Whatever." Averil takes a deep breath. "The name's Averil Shepard. I'm on a mission to destroy the Collectors, and I want your help."

"The Collectors?" Thane raises a brow. "I have heard of them. They do not typically bother others."

"I guess they got bored," Averil sneers. "Because they've been abducting human colonies. I'm gonna put a stop to it."

"I see…" Thane eyes her skeptically. "Defeating the Collectors would require passing through the Omega 4 relay. No ship has ever returned from doing so."

"They couldn't cut it." Averil cracks her knuckles. "I've had my share of impossible tasks, and I'm still standing. This won't become a suicide mission if I can help it."

"A suicide mission…" Thane turns towards the giant window of the penthouse, clasping his hands behind his back. "Yes…a suicide mission will do nicely." Averil's eye twitches. Didn't she just say it won't be a suicide mission? Thane glances at her. "…I'm dying."

Her eyes widen. She wasn't expecting that! "What?!" Why hadn't she been told?! "Are you contagious? How much time do you have left?" If she came all this way just to have her potential recruit die, she'd be pissed.

"My illness is not a danger to anyone else," he says reassuringly. "If you are interested, we can discuss it further on your ship." Oh really?

Her lips curl upward in a half-smirk. "So you'll come with me?"

Thane holds out his hand, letting Averil catch a glimpse of the way his middle and ring fingers were fused together. That's…weird. "I will work for you, Shepard," he rumbles, smiling ever-so-slightly as she grasps his hand firmly, shaking it up and down. "No charge."

"That's what I like to hear. Follow me, and we'll—"

The door behind her suddenly opens, and Audrey and Jacob walk up behind her. "Avie!" Audrey cries happily. She throws her arms around her sister's shoulders. "I'm glad you're not injured! The bridge is a wreck!"

Averil huffs. "Yeah, yeah, I did warn ya. Get off me…" she puffs out her cheeks, pushing her sister's arms away and feeling her cheeks get warm with embarrassment from the show of sisterly affection. Audrey giggles, ruffling her hair, then turns to face Thane.

"I take it this is our assassin?" Averil nods, and she holds her hand out to him. "I'm Audrey Shepard, Averil's older sister. We're leading this entire thing together. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Thane shakes her hand, bowing his head slightly. "Thane Krios. The pleasure is mine."

Averil looks expectantly at Jacob, but he simply scowls at Thane, not saying a word. She purses her lips. "And this is Jacob Taylor," she says to Thane, jabbing him sharply in the side with her elbow. "He's part of our crew. Say hello," she hisses at Jacob.

"Hello," Jacob reluctantly mutters.

Looks like he's not too fond of assassins. Averil clenches her jaw. If either one of them cause trouble, I'll kick their asses. "Yeah, well…now that we all know each other, can we leave?" She jerks her thumb towards the door. "I'm sick of this tower. And I'm hungry. We've still got snacks on the Normandy, right?"

"Yes, if you haven't eaten them all," Audrey teases. Averil sticks her tongue out childishly. "I agree, though, we should get you settled in as soon as possible," she tells Thane. "Are you ready to leave?"

"Whenever you are," he replies.

"Good." Averil rolls her shoulders, gesturing towards the door. "Move out!"

A/N: Well. That turned out to be longer than I expected! And it was also kinda hard to write out the action-y parts…I apologize if they suck. XD Anyway…Thane's been recruited! Yay! :D We're kinda going out of order with these missions…it's all for the sake of the story, I promise. ^-^ Let us know what you think!