Okay I'm rewriting this because the first time I couldn't think of any P names But I thought of enough.

I don't owned Charmed it's just a show I like.

Penelope 14, Pepper 12, Persephone 9, Parker 6, and their little brother Prince is six.

I always wanted to use the names Prince and Knight so that's that.

I also decided to change some of the beginning.

These five sibling (The ones for mentioned) are witches their parents fight the forces of darkness. Well they did until they died now the four girls find that that they need to take their parents place, and that they're the reincarnation of the charmed ones. Well they go through drama and pain and all sorts of stuff.

P.s Thanks to you mysterious guest I was able to pick better names.

I don't own Charmed, I just like the story. Some of the characters may be mine later in the story. Well all of them sorta. This fanfiction is based off the episode pardon my past. Where Phoebe finds out about her past life and her past self is evil.

Four almost teenage sisters: Pray, Pepper, Pain and Paper discover they have super natural powers. They then learn that it comes from their past lives one of which they spent as the Charmed ones. See where this is going? I have some ideas but it's not all mapped out. I just wanted to do one for this show. (I couldn't think of any other P names and I didn't want to leave the same names in) I wanted to express the fact that there not exactly the same charmed ones though.

I decided to add one of my oc earlier than I planned.

Pray 14, Pepper 12, Pain 9, Paper 6 Changed to Penelope 14, Pepper 12, Persephone 9, Parker 6, and their little brother Prince is six.

Penelope stood at the window looking outside seeing the dark streets just a front yard away. Pepper lay on the coach asleep dark lashed forming black crescents moons on her softly tanned cheeks. Persephone was leaning over the top of the coffee table. She was also asleep the back of her head was to Penelope so she couldn't see her face, but a book rested underneath her head she'd been reading it when she'd fallen asleep. Penelope looked back out the window staring at the darkened street and the pale street lights.

Parker hadn't come back from her consoling yet. The six year old was having trouble in school since their grandmother's death. None of them had been doing well, but Parker and Persephone had taken it the hardest. Especially nine year old Persephone, at least Parker had acted out, Persephone had simply bottled it all up and started pouring over the dusty old books in the attack. No one had noticed except Penelope since she'd been taking care of her three younger sisters and their younger brother since long before their father walked out on them in the dead of one cold November night. Twelve year old Pepper stirred in her sleep, muttered something to the dark room of her mind and than simply lay still on the coach. It wasn't that late but they'd been having a ruff time since there grandmother's departure. What with funeral plans and school and trying to keep everything together, and the nightmares, every time they went to sleep in their own rooms they'd have nightmares. Now Fourteen year old Penelope had to take care of her four younger siblings alone.

Prince the youngest sibling and the only boy walked down the steps and into the living room. Fourteen year old Penelope turned toward the sound of his approach, looking at the small three year old he'd been the result of a recent affair on their mothers part. Prince was whipping tears from his dark blue eyes. Penelope pushed away from the wall she was leaning on to meet the boy halfway across the living room. Penelope leaned forward to be semi eye level with the small pale boy. He was paler than the three girls. Who all had light tanned cream-brown skin, and brown hair and eyes, his blond hair was a messy halo on his head framing his face slightly.

"What's the matter?" Penelope asked placing a tender hand to the boys pale cheek.

"I had a bad dream," Prince whispered tears now pouring down his cheeks. "I want to see Parker," He said simply giving away the reason for his bad dream.

"Oh! Sweetie, it's only 8," Penelope said softly. "Parker will be home soon.

"I want her now," He said. It wasn't bossy, just a statement. Like it's cold today or the moon is full.

"I know," Penelope took the boy up in her arms and wrapped him in a hug as she hoisted him off the floor and turned back toward the window. He'd wrapped him legs around her waist as best he could and his arms around her shoulder. They stood there for a moment each lost in there silent thoughts. Then Leo's car drove up to the house, bringing with it Leo and Parker. Leo had been a friend of there family since before Penelope could remember. She found it odd he never seemed to get any older. But he was now there god-father and it was nice to have him around, they could stay together now.

(Yes he's the whitelighter Leo. Shsh the kids don't know it yet.)

Leo stepped out of the car and opened the back seat to let Parker hop out. He gave her his hand and helped her slip out of her car seat. Parkers dark brown curls bounced as she dropped out of the tall car. She walked with heavy foot falls towards the house. Seeing Parker did funny things with Penelope's already fragile emotions. She was happy to see that she was fine, but she was so, so sad looking that it broke her heart into ten million tiny little pieces.

Parker took Leo's hand and walked into the house. The sound of the door. Waking the two sleeping sisters from their places. Pepper sat up rubbing her eyes, Persephone shot right out of her seat ready to fight. Both girls looked up to Penelope who was holding a now smiling Prince. Then turned there attention to the place that Penelope and Prince were looking the entrance to the room.

"Okay you can all relax now," Leo said softly as he walked in with Parker. "Parker is home, and safe." he was smiling his sweet kind smile. It was such a kind a gentle smile you had a hard time not trusting Leo. Pepper was beaming like a lovestruck school girl, well cause she was. She had a huge crush on Leo. He was her dream man, kind, gentle, honest, loving and good with kids.

But at that moment all that mattered to the three children in the living room of the Halliwell manor, was that the second youngest Halliwell was safe and sound. She smiled sweetly, and sadly. She was tired, like all the other Halliwell children. None of them could sleep since their grandmothers death. They looked at each other then the clock chimed nine o'clock.

"Why'd they ask to change the time to be so late?" Penelope said before walking toward the exit of the room. "Alright it's time for bed," The room was filled with a groan. "No groaning we have school in the morning," She was marching the youngest two up while pointing to the two girls still in the living room. "Lets go you two time for bed, up the stairs brush your teeth. C'mon let's go."