Mordin Solus Versus the Shroud

What should have happened when Mordin cured the genophage in ME3. But no, Bioware wants us to be SAD. Some folks didn't get this scene based on their game choices. Some of this dialogue is canon, some of it has been added to in an attempt to be amusing.

Shepard raced into the lab at top speed and skidded to a shaky halt in front of the salarian scientist who typed frantically at a keyboard. The room rocked with explosions and debris flew around them like seeker swarms. "Mordin, is the cure ready?"

Mordin struggled to remain on his feet as explosive force and debris pounded away at him. "Yes, loaded for dispersal in two minutes. Procedure traumatic for Eve but not lethal. Maelon's research creepy but invaluable."

"She's okay?" Shepard appeared visibly relieved.

"Headed to safety now." Mordin did not look up from his work. "Her survival fortunate. Will stabilize new government should Wrex get any ideas. Good match. Promising future for Krogan." He huffed a chuckle. "Marriage to Garrus still appropriate. Cement alliance. Ensure long term cooperation. Amusement at possibility unprofessional. But still good idea."

A large chunk of building crash landed next to Shepard. "Damn!"

Mordin gestured off to one side. "Control room at top of Shroud tower. Must take elevator up."

"You're going up there?" Shepard did the 'It's Superman!' point.

"Yes. Manual access required. Have to counteract STG sabotage. Ensure cure dispersed properly."

The commander was insistent. "Mordin, this whole thing is coming apart. There's got to be another way!"

"Remote bypass impossible. STG countermeasures in place. No time to adjust cure for temperature variance." Mordin looked up at the Shroud tower, where poisonous clouds billowed, um, poisonously. "No. No other option. Not coming back. Suggest you get clear. Explosions likely to be... problematic."

"Mordin, no!"

"Shepard, please. Need to do this. My project. My work. My cure. My responsibility." He sighed. "Would have liked to have run tests on the seashells. The swirly ones with the echo inside."

The commander drew a blank on inspiring speeches. "I'm sorry." Why was just saying 'I'll miss you' so damn hard? (No, really, Bioware. Why was it?)

Mordin shakes his head and smiles gently. "I'm not. Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."

Helpless and hating it, Shepard's face fell.

"Shepard. What is human expression? Ah, yes. 'Stop being sad and be awesome instead.'* Go save galaxy." And with that, Mordin disappeared from view.

The elevator rose. Mordin drew a deep breath and braced himself for what was to come.

A generic Asari virtual intelligence repeated over the loudspeaker. "Warning. Temperature malfunction detected." Hmm. Salarian VI must talk too fast. Declarations of imminent doom should be soothing.

Mordin strode boldly toward the control terminal and dodged fiery blasts from malfunctioning equipment. His fingers flew over the keyboard. "Ah. Classic bypass. Standard fail safes. Excellent work. Yes, yes."

"Temperature now within acceptable range. Dispersal commencing."

The Scientist Salarian straightened with a gentle smile on his face, quietly proud of his work. At peace. "Genophage cured. Krogan freed. New beginning. For all of us."

The tell tale flash of a powerful explosion rips through the facility. Mordin's vision is obscured, but his shields do not fail him. Windows all around him blow outward with the force of the blast.

From outside the Shroud, Shepard watched the explosion with a 'somebody kicked my puppy' expression. The commander cupped pieces of floating cure. They were as fireflies melting on armor; flakes of the last winter snow drizzling into spring.


Shepard looked up at what remained of the Shroud. Mordin. Damn it.

Solus had been the Commander's rock. His amphibious, speed talking rock. The Salarian had always been a port of calm in a stormy sea of complete unknowns, doing six impossible things before breakfast. The most brilliant mind Shepard had ever known.

As the commander watched, a fireball exploded out of the tower, pouring black smoke and crackling with strange energy emissions. It slowed and seemed to hover in mid air before it defied the laws of physics, inexplicably changed course and headed directly toward Shepard and the gathering of Krogan.

A dozen high caliber shotguns and Shepard's assault rifle were immediately aimed at the flaming mass.

All the comms in the area crackled into life; a hard, gritty beat poured into disbelieving ears. Music rolled off the flying mass like so much lava, pulsing with a bass heartbeat.** A few shots were fired by a nervous young Krogan. They were aimed true but bounced off shields that crackled with energy discharge.

And suddenly, Shepard just KNEW. "Hold fire! Hold your fire, damn it!" The ultimate Alliance soldier spun away from the rapidly approaching missile of fiery doom and made sure, by using Shepard's Angry Face(tm), that every Krogan in line lowered their weapon.

Realization made Eve's eyes light with hope; she stepped to Shepard's side. "Commander, it can't be..."

"Hell, yes it can. It has to be." Please, let it be.

A minute later, the ball crash landed with a thud. The strange music sputtered out. A small explosion sprayed the site with white foam like someone had flung a jar of marshmallow creme at a wall. The flames died, the energy emissions fizzled out with a pop and black smoke roiled around in a cloud.

Mordin emerged from the cloud of smoke, bent almost double with coughing and waving his hands to clear the air. So covered in soot and foam as to be unrecognizable but for being the only salarian in the whole star cluster. He OOZED smug. "Yeah. I can fly."***

Shepard stepped forward to wrap the little genius in a spontaneous, heartfelt hug. "Mordin. MORDIN. You made it!"

After patting the Commander on the back briefly, Solus stepped back into his own personal space. He cleared his throat, embarrassed at the human's display of emotion. "Awkward. Still not interested, Shepard. Observed entire crew of Normandy willing to give you stress relief. Will forward list."

Shepard laughed, so happy to have this friend back that looking a little lovesick was no problem. "How? How did you manage this? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Prototype technology, Shepard, developed in down time on Normandy. No time for field test. Highly dangerous. Odds of success incredibly low." He shrugged modestly. "I might have gotten it wrong."

Shepard's face cracked with an enormous grin, "Impossible!"

Wrex gave Mordin a friendly slap on the shoulder, almost knocking the Salarian off his feet. "That was amazing. You're lucky you didn't burn your quad off."

Solus winced. "Somewhat singed. Would like to shower and see Dr. Chakwas." Mordin rotated his slapped shoulder and winced again. "Maybe not in that order."

"What's that music you were blasting over your comm?" Wrex was curious. "I could kick even more Reaper ass to that."

"Ah yes. Black Sabbath. Used as theme song in musical version of Ironman. Played Tony Stark, epic super hero from 21st century Earth. Not patter song. Not Rodgers and Hammerstein, but appropriately robust."

(*Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris)

(**In case you're curious-and I know the song has nothing to do with the movie- go the Tube and search Black Sabbath Iron Man)

(***Tony Stark played by Robert Downey, Jr.)