Bella was well acquainted with the sensuality of the fingers running down her exposed back, for she'd spent many nights enjoying the benefits of her lover's talented hands. The seemly innocent caress was an irresistible promise of ecstasy to which she would willingly succumb. Just the prospect of indulging in the passion simmering between them was enough to rip a moan from the very core of her being. Closing her eyes she forgot about their guests and abandoned herself to sensation. The slight brush of the delicate white silk of her dress against her naked erect nipples had her body crying for possession. The wetness of her uncovered sex would have been embarrassing had she not been beyond reason or shame.

A soft whisper of a kiss touched her neck evoking memories of the carnal delights those full lips were able to elicit. Lost in a haze of unbearable lust, she threw her head against the broad chest of the man whose hands encircled her waist from behind. Forgetting all notions of propriety, she had no qualms about enticing his body with her own. The contact between soft and rigid flesh lured Bella's intended prey into compliance, for Eleazar lost all control over the game he'd started. Their overwhelmed minds couldn't get past the urgency of the smoldering desire clouding their judgment. Hence their surprise when the snickering bridesmaid approached and loudly reminded the couple of their amused audience.

Blinking against the embarrassment tinting her cheeks, Bella watched in open mouthed awe Eleazar's reaction. The very masculine smile of satisfaction gracing his lips conveyed no regret at their lack of restraint in such a public environment. Deciding to just follow his lead, Bella simply waved to the few onlookers who applauded their performance. Taking advantage of the scandalous moment, Eleazar took her into his arms and carried her out of the beautifully decorated room. His indelicacy at leaving early was quickly forgiven by their friends, for they understood the eagerness of the newlyweds for privacy.

Skeptical souls scattered around the merry party were already predicting the end of the union. To their way of thinking, three months wasn't enough time to create a lasting bond between two people. And when passion faded due to the inevitable routine of everyday life Bella and Eleazar would be left with nothing but a piece of paper bounding them to their idiocy. Their opinion was born out of prudence and their conclusions were pertinent, but romantic hearts care nothing for the obvious and undeniable.

Romantic hearts beat in tandem with the irresistible melody of hope, lustily surrendering themselves to the allure of destiny. Hurt and disillusion were the price they had to pay for chasing the bright possibility of forever, but the bitter end was worth the all-consuming glory of being in love. They were resilient and valiant, for no matter in how many pieces they were shattered, romantic hearts always found a way to be whole again. Eleazar was the owner of such a heart and so was Bella.