An Unfortunate Gift

"Thank you, Granny. It's wonderful..."

Dori held out his gift from his grandmother so that his two younger brothers could see.

Nori sniggered at the shapeless, lumpy mass of beige wool in Dori's hands - supposedly a jumper, but evidently their grandmother's eyesight was not as it used to be...

Dori subtly kicked his brother, turning Nori's stifled giggles into a gasp.

"I think it's lovely, Dori," Ori piped up kindly, staring up his oldest brother adoringly. Dori smiled at the little dwarfling by his side, who shot him a sunny smile.

Dori offered his grandmother tea and after munching their way through two fruitcakes, gloriously sweet and rich, she placed a wet kiss on each of their cheeks and left.

Nori slapped his brother on the back and resumed his laughter.

"Why don't you try it on, Dori? You never know, it might suit your beard..." Nori trailed off as he continued to snigger at the unfortunate gift.

Dori ignored Nori and turned to Ori, who was eyeing the 'jumper' with interest. Dori smiled at him and held it out to him.

"Would you like it, Ori? It's much more your colour."

Ori's face split into a wide grin, and Dori helped him slip it on. It was rather large - in fact, it nearlydrowned the lad! - but it certainly looked better on than off. Ori looked so pleased he might burst.

"Thank you, Dori! It's the best present ever!" he exclaimed, and began spinning and waving his arms to get a better look at his new jumper. Nori had stopped laughing, but looking at his younger brother twirling around, he nearly broke out again, but a quick swipe to the back of his head from Dori stopped him.

Ori looked with a flushed face at his older brothers, his chin beardless and little freckles adorning his nose, and Dori chuckled with pleasure.

Later that evening it was all Dori could do to get Ori to take the jumper off and change into his night things, and in the morning Ori pulled it on almost immediately.

Dori knew exactly what he'd be getting Ori for his birthday...

... And so begins Ori's penchant for oversized knitted jumpers! :P When I saw it in the film I just squeed - he's so cute :3

Oh and I have no idea how dwarves would address their grandmothers. So I just went for 'granny'. :P

I hope you enjoyed! A very silly fluffy fic... a tata-for-now present for you all, to tide you over until I get back! Until then, namariƫ, my friends :)