Chapter 8

Bellice Forever

I stood staring at the spot where Rosalie's car disappeared, for a long time and then very dejectedly turned to Bella who now looked considerably less angry and a lot more confused. I walked right passed her, up to the house, up the stairs and into her room. I took Megan Fox out of the closet and started prepping her.

I needed to calm down, 'cause everything just went to fucking shit.

I wasn't and idiot, I can only imagine what Rosalie was thinking when she saw that kiss. What I can't imagine was what the fuck Bella had been thinking.

Think of the devil and she slips tentatively through the door like it wasn't her room, but a stranger's space she was invading.

"Ally…" I held up my hand to stop her.

We had to talk, we really needed to fucking talk, but if I said anything now, it was bound to damage our friendship. And I couldn't lose Bella, not when Rosalie was most likely done with me now that I've fucked up for the third time in less than a week. Who would want to take a risk on someone that fucked up so much anyway? I would definitely stay far clear of me if I were her. Too much fucking baggage.

I sat with my back against the foot of the bed, my legs crossed and Megan Fox perched between my thighs. Bella came to sit opposite me mimicking my position, saying nothing as she stared at the carpet. When I was finished taking a long drawn out hit, I held my breath, passed Megan to Bella, laid my head back against the bed and slowly sighed out the smoke toward the ceiling.

And that's the position I stayed in for the next few minutes as Bella just sat with me, saying nothing, not even smoking.

My best friend fucking kissed me.

Right after I had the best sex of my fucking life.

I had fallen hard for Rosalie Hale and I was willing to just close my eyes and keep falling 'cause Rosalie was the kind of girl that would catch you, not watch you fall flat on your face and then walk away to go coax some other lesbian into jumping. Rosalie wanted what I wanted. We had a connection, something real, something definitely worth going after.

But now my best friend, who I had been convinced I was in love with, has decided that she 'thinks, she may like me like that' and decides to go ahead and kiss me. I shouldn't be surprised that that was how Bella chose to try and figure out her feelings. That's what she does, she doesn't beat around the bush and worry about something for three years, she just jumps of that cliff, fifty feet into the ocean without doubt or hesitation.

"What were you thinking Bella?" I asked her sadly and those chocolate brown eyes locked onto me and all I saw was remorse and apologies.

This was partially my fault as well, we should've cleared the air yesterday already, before I went to see Rose, but then again, I wasn't planning on things progressing with Rosalie the way that they had.


"I thought that I was losing you…" She whispered. "I thought I was losing my friend." She rasped out in that thick smoker's voice of hers.

"You won't get rid of me that easily." I smiled at her hardly able to bear seeing her so despondent and I could see her lighten somewhat at my statement.

"You've never been like that with anyone Al." She frowned at me. "You were completely focused on her and I felt neglected. 'Cause summers are our time together, before you go to Seattle and I go back to work and I don't see you again for another few months. I mean we're lucky if we get time for a weekend together with your insane hours and my shifts. So I panicked." She looked admittedly freaked out. "If I didn't have you as a friend I wouldn't survive living in this place. There's no one in this fucking town who gets me like you do. No one in the fucking world."

"No one gets me like you do either, so I don't plan on ever not being your friend Bells." I told her moving closer so our knees were pressed together and taking her hands in mine.

"Rosalie gets you." Bella muttered. "Not only does she look like she can fuck you senseless, the two of you look like you could be best friends. And if you've got a best friend that's conveniently your girlfriend, why would you need me? And so in a moment of fucking stupidity, I thought why couldn't I then be your girlfriend then?" She explained and it had kinda been my reasoning as well to be honest. "I mean you're hot and I already love you, so we just needed to do the other stuff." She shrugged awkwardly and I smiled at her.

It had sounded just as easy as that to me too.

"So when I saw you earlier, standing there looking like you'd just been thoroughly fucked, I panicked and thought I'd lost my chance and…" She looked at me repentantly again. "And then I kissed you, and Rosalie saw, and now I've fucked up everything and you're never going to forgive me for fucking up your chance with the hot stripper mechanic, and I may lose you anyway." Bella groaned and hung her head in defeat and I leaned forward and hugged her to me.

"I can't be mad at you when I was guilty of that exact same reasoning." I told her. "I thought we just needed to cross that friendship line." My eyes fell on Megan standing next to us and I looked at Bella narrowing my eyes. "That night with Megan and the Absinthe…" I began and watched Bella growing increasingly nervous. "What exactly happened?" I asked her and she looked relieved that I didn't seem to remember.

"I don't a fuck remember either!" Bella laughed. "I remember waking up – and your naked body is gorgeous by the way –" She added matter-of-factly, "and then I figured knowing you, you're probably gonna freak out, so I left you to wake up in private, I braced myself to come back and hear you freak out about what we did, whatever that was, but then you never said anything." She shrugged. "So neither did I."

I started laughing when I realised that the night with Megan and the Absinthe would forever remain a mystery. Bella joined in and we both were in near hysterics, I guess laughing at way more than just that night, until we finally came to a rest on our backs side by side on Bella's bedroom floor.

I stared up at the ceiling thinking of how I had felt when I woke up with Bella after that night, and how it had felt waking up with Rosalie this morning…

"I've fallen for Rose, Bella." I whispered hoarsely next to her.

"I know." She answered. "I'm really sorry I kissed you Ally. It felt…" She trailed off and fell silent.

"… Awkwardly incestuous?" I offered.

"Yeah." She chuckled.

"You are always going to me my best friend." I told her rolling over on my side so I could look at her.

"Bellice forever." She smirked.

"Bellice forever." I agreed before laying my head on her shoulder and snuggling into her side.


"So…" Bella started after a while of us just lying there on the floor. "Do you want me to tell Rosalie I kiss-attacked you?" She asked tentatively and I smiled that she wanted to fix this for me.

"I don't think it's going to be as easy as that Bells." I smiled sadly sitting up.

"You slept with her last night?" She asked and I nodded. "And then she saw me kiss you this morning… She's probably so pissed right now." Bella stated dejectedly.

"And hurt." I said in a tiny voice.

We sat in silence again for a bit.

"So what are you going to do?" Bella asked me, looking more impatient than I was for not having an answer.

"I dunno Bells. Just tell her the truth?" I offered.

It was the most plausible plan.

"Well yeah," Bella gave me a DUH look. "But you're gonna have to get her to listen to you first though."

I nodded.

"Should I wait till she gets home?" I asked. "Or would it seem like I want this more if I rush after her?" I frowned trying to figure out if Rosalie would appreciate her private business walking into her place of business.

Bella got up determinedly and I ascended warily as well.

"Ally." She said pointedly. "You need to show Rosalie that you are willing to endure blistering winds and scorching desert!" She said in that horrid fake British accent and grinned madly at me and it was fucking infectious.

"And I will climb to the highest bloody room of the tallest bloody tower!" I shouted lifting my fist in the air, sounding kinda Australian and beamed back at her.

"Good! Now let's go!"


"You're coming too?" I asked her hesitantly wondering how Rose would feel about seeing Bella after what happened. Hell I was wondering how she'll feel seeing me.

Bella smirked at me.

"Firstly, I have to be there to confirm that I kissed you. And secondly, she'll be surrounded by her people, so you need to be surrounded by your people too, in case this turns ugly." She said and I grinned at her again.

Bella was my people.


It was still early on a Tuesday evening when we arrived at the Glass House. I wondered if it was open, the place had no windows, but there were a few cars in the lot, but the owners could be anywhere. I sat stock still in the car, seemingly unable to move and actually climb out.

Why was I so nervous? I didn't do anything wrong.

"You didn't do anything wrong Ally." Bella said next to me. "Come on let's go see if she's in there, maybe you're just shitting yourself for nothing." Bella chuckled and got out of the car and I reluctantly followed.

Truth be told, I wasn't scared of apologising; I was scared that she would hear me out and then decide that I just wasn't worth all the fucking trouble.

The doors were open and soft music was playing, but the place seemed empty aside from Leah polishing glasses behind the bar like she worked at Cheers. Guess the ladies only started stripping later on in the evening.

I walked toward the bar, Bella staying a step behind me and a scowling Leah greeted us.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" She asked rather viciously and I almost pissed my pants.

Leah was fucking scary.

"Is Rosalie here?" Bella asked her.

"None of your fucking business Bitch." Leah shouted at her and we could only stare at her animosity in bewilderment.

Wait a minute. Rosalie must've told them about the kiss, she must be here. Was her car outside? Why didn't I just look for that fucking car, then I would've known for sure.

"Listen Leah, it's not what you think –

- Hey!" I was cut off by an irate Vicky rounding the corner, dressed like a normal person in jeans and a top, yet still managing to look extraordinary. "You two better fucking leave, now!" She hissed as she stalked toward us.

Leah took out a baseball bat from below the bar and rounded it to join Vicky who stood smirking, most probably at our terrified expressions.

"Looks like we've run into blistering winds and scorching desert." I muttered to Bella.

"Time to unleash the Kraken." Bella chuckled and I couldn't help but laugh as well as we still managed to joke in the face of imminent death or bludgeoning at the very least.

"Why don't we step outside so you don't make a mess on Rosa's floors?" Victoria drawled like she was in a mafia movie.

"Why don't you stop interfering, and let Alice speak to Rosalie." Bella bit back and I had to take hold of her wrist to try and get her to stop talking before we got our heads bashed in.

Victoria took a threatening step forward and so did Bella. They stood nose to nose glaring each other down as I watched on in horror.

Why the fuck was I now left to fight the constantly angry looking bitch with the baseball bat? Thanks a fucking lot Bells.

I frowned and let go of Bella's wrist, crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Leah.

"I'm not leaving until I speak to Rose." I gritted out through a clenched jaw 'cause I was scared she would see my teeth clattering in fear.

I dug my fingernails into my palms, willing my legs to stay strong as Leah took a menacing step towards me.

"Leah!" A familiar husky voice rebuked the bartender.

Oh thank fuck!

"What the fuck is going on here?" Rosalie came walking toward us staring at the mini brawl that almost took place.

Well at least I knew she didn't arrange to have the living shit beaten out of me.

"We were just chatting." I said and Leah nodded, casually leaning onto her bat as Vicky and Bella finally disengaged from there violent eye-fucking session. I should've taken a picture and sent it to Mom.

I smirked at Bella knowingly and the little bitch even blushed.

And then I remembered Rosalie was watching and slowly turned to her. She looked fucking furious. And could I really blame her? I mean really now? First I comfort her while she's sad, get her to open up to me, then we fuck like mutant monkey rabbits the whole night long, then we arrange to go on a date, then she sees me kiss my best friend, then I follow her to work, seemingly pick a fight with her friends slash staff and then I share meaningful looks and smiles with said friend who I supposedly kissed that very morning, right in front of her.

I commend this woman for not having punched me already.

"May I speak to you please?" I asked her.

"Could you leave please?" She retorted coldly.

"I kissed her. She wasn't expecting it!" Bella shouted in a clear bout of panic at how things were going. "I was confused... It was weird." She added softly as Rosalie's glare shifted to her.

"Bella and I should never kiss." I agreed. "Ever." I emphasised.

"It was like kissing my sister." Bella went on.

"Yeah. Please Rose. Can we just talk in private?" I asked her again.

Then I watched as Rosalie Fucking Hale straightened her spine and squared her shoulders, managing to look even taller and more spectacular than she already was, as she stared me down with an iciness that left a trail of goosebumps up my arms.

"And what if it hadn't felt like that Alice?" She asked me. "Now because it didn't work with Bella, I'm suddenly good enough again?" She raised a perfectly sculpted blonde eyebrow. "Please leave." She requested in an eerily polite voice, turned on her heal and walked off with her head held high and her hips swaying in an almost hypnotic rhythm.

I stared after her with wide eyes.

What the fuck was that? Wasn't it she who said to go sort my shit out and get back to her? My shit is sorted! I'm fucking here. Oh… But I was their last night… Maybe she thought I had already sorted my shit out…

Agh fuck me.

"Her office is at the back, 'round the bar, first door on your right." Vicky told me and I stared at her blankly. "She likes you, she's hurt, now she's pretending to be angry. Go fucking fix her." She instructed and I nodded obediently and followed her directions, my throat feeling dry in nervous anticipation.


Rosalie's office door was open so I walked in determinedly and closed the door behind me, only faltering slightly en route to her desk when I saw her sitting in her big leather chair, a tumbler of what I can only assume was Scotch in her hand.

It felt like I was in one of those really old gangster movies and I had to come tell the boss that I'd just lost a shipment of fifty thousand grand's worth of cocaine and some fat guy with a sweaty lip and permanent smirk will appear to interrogate me and cut off my pinky finger with a pair of garden shears.

"What do you want Alice?" She rasped unemotionally from her seat, her electric blue eyes burning holes into my face. "Would you like me to thank you for an epic pity fuck?" She asked sarcastically.

I remained silent contemplating the best way to respond to that absurdity, but she continued coolly not waiting for my response.

"Well thank you very much, the scratches on my back should remind me off you for a while still." She said bitterly taking a sip from her glass, her cold stare never shifting from me.

Why the fuck was I getting so turned on by this?

"It wasn't a pity fuck." I finally managed to speak and she lifted a mocking eyebrow. "I wanted to be with you Rose. I chose to be with you." And I had chosen her.

Bella was still rambling incoherently about maybe thinking she liked me. Something I would've killed to hear two weeks ago. But I left her and climbed over a high fucking wall just to make sure Rosalie was okay.

"And what would've happened if Bella kissed you and you felt something?" She asked me.

My eyes narrowed and I felt myself getting angry at her.

"Seriously? You're angry at me because of a 'what if' situation?" I asked her and she chuckled humourlessly.

"Four days ago you were in love with your best friend based on a 'what if' situation. And then you came over and you were there for me when I needed you even though we barely knew each other. And then we were two consenting adults who were intimate for an amazing night. And then we arranged to have a date. And then I see you kiss said best friend you had been in love with for god knows how long, right in front of me. Now I know we haven't spoken about what our relationship was exactly, or whether we'd be exclusive or not. But I'm pretty sure that anyone in my position would be pretty fucking upset at seeing that."

"She kissed –

- you. Yes I heard that and I don't think either of you are lying. She kissed you this morning at ten fourteen, its eight twenty five now. That's over eight hours of me sitting here and replaying that fucked-upness over and over in my head, where I should've spent the day daydreaming about your fingers inside of me and your face between my fucking legs!" She told me heatedly and my lower belly mechanically clenched at the memories.

"Rose…" I whimpered pathetically.

"So forgive me Alice, if I'm still a little pissed at the moment and not so forthcoming with my forgiveness." She sneered at me.

Fuck she was so hot when she was angry. I forced my shaky legs to move forward and went to lean against her desk right in front of her.

"How long do you think you'll still be pissed at me for?" I asked cautiously.

I was reading this situation right, right? She did just say she believed that Bella kissed me, that she was worked up 'cause she'd been thinking about it the whole day… She wasn't dismissing us and the possibility of an us, right?

"I don't know." She answered in a low voice, leaning forward and placing her glass on the desk, her arm lightly brushing past mine, sending every hair on my body standing upright, along with a nipple or two. "Do you just want to fuck me Alice?" She asked, a hint of hurt flickering into that cold stare.

"I want you, even more so since last night." I told her in a shaky voice. "But that's not all I want." I told her honestly. "We don't have to have sex for a while if that's what you need me to do to prove it to you. Just please Rose." It was sad that I was begging, but I would go on my knees if I wasn't gripping onto her desk so hard, it made my fingers feel permanently locked into that position. "Whatever you want, just give me a chance. Give us a chance."

I'm not sure if it was the perfect way I was begging like the needy little bitch Rosalie turned me into, or something that she saw in my eyes, but in one swift movement, I was sitting comfortably in her lap. And those striking blue eyes of hers were staring at me with a tenderness that had my heart and vagina throbbing in synchronised elation.

I snaked my arms around her neck and grinned up at her.

"Whatever I want?" Rosalie smirked and my smile faltered and my eyes narrowed at her before she kissed me and all coherent thoughts ceased at once.


Not surprisingly, we found Bella and Vicky making out at the back in one of the booths. Normally I would've been pissed at Bella for shitting where I eat, but I guess it only served to prove to Rose that Bells and I were honestly just friends.

"Okay ladies, Alice and I have a few more things to discuss. Why don't you go down the road and get something to eat. We open at ten." Rosalie told everyone who eye'd our clasped hands and my flushed face and smirked at us before they left without a word. Bella gave me a little wink and a thumbs up, before she smacked Vicky's ass, who shrieked excitedly at the contact.

I just chuckled and shook my head at her.

When we were alone again, Rosalie walked to the DJ stand and pressed a few buttons, picked up a remote and joined me again nodding toward the stage. I turned bright red during my ascent but eventually made my way up to the pole. Rose took her seat in the chair directly opposite me and looked at me with unmasked amusement.

"You said whatever I want Alice." She grinned devilishly.

Fucking Gorgeous Bitch.

I've got a sneaky suspicion that this was also payback for calling stripping indecent. I wasn't a bad dancer, I could do modern dance, olden dance, and even some mermaid dancing. Haha!

But this was a whole 'nother level of dancing I thought as I eyed the pole guardedly.

"Just relax. It's just us here." Rosalie told me sincerely and I did relax a little. "Tell you what," She said sitting upright. "For every piece of clothing you take off, I'll take off an item as well?" She offered and I looked at her sceptically.

This was ceasing to be a punishment for me and turning awesomely into deliciously kinky foreplay. At my silence she took off her top and sat there in just her bra and jeans. "I'll even go first." She smirked seductively and suddenly I had all the incentive I needed.

"Press play." I told her, biting my lip and grabbing hold of the pole.

Rosalie Fucking Hale was going to be the best girlfriend ever.