"Hello, my name is Doctor Bright!" said the man who was obviously out of shape standing in front of me. The face of the man had looked familiar, and I was staring at him, with a weird face, and while he was introducing himself to me and Gil, we accidentally made eye contact with him, while also making the weird face.

He looked to his left and right, and behind him, while I was still making the face. "What?" Said Dr. Bright.

"I have seen your face before, but I just don't know where," I said still mesmerized at his appearance. When I was looking at him, he was like, the perfect depiction of an a man that most men want to be. A man who was the normal height of a human, but still about a head smaller than me, and im six foot two. A white man, who had short blonde hair. A man who looked like they would be physically active for anything, but also looks like they would be able to eat anything, a man who had perfect cheek bones, and a man, who was handsome as shit, with forgiving, and careful light blue eyes.

"Oh, you probably saw me in the d-class debriefing speech this morning. I was one of the men sitting up on the stage." Said Dr. Bright.

"No, I mean that I have seen you somewhere before I was sent here to the SCP foundation. I don't know where I have seen you before. I know I saw you on the stage, but even when you were up there, you still looked familiar." I said.

"hmm, you must have seen someone that looked like me, because I haven't left this facility in over 10 years. Well, I mean that I haven't left any sites of the SCP foundation. There are hundreds of SCP foundation sites all around the world."

"Yeah, that must be it," I said sarcastically, but it appeared that he didn't seem to notice, or he heard me, but thought it wasn't sarcasm.

"well great! Lets get down to business to explain to you why we are here in front of this SCP. Here is-" Said Dr. Bright as I cut him off mid sentence, which I figured out was probably a really bad idea.

"What SCP?" I asked rudely.

"The SCP that we are standing in front of"

"I don't see any SCP."

"Did you read your profile this morning about what SCP was today?"

"No, I didn't, sorry for the disappointment," I said, starting to get pissed off.

"Oh, well, the SCP is behind that big, metal door you see there." Said doctor bright, as you could easily tell that he was getting prepared to explain what everything was and/or is.

"Is it a creature or object?" I asked

"Well, kinda," Dr. Bright said, "the SCP that is behind that door is SCP-087. SCP-087 is a stairwell that has no ending, well, no ending that we have found. It's a strange phenomenon that happens inside of it, where if any light source has a power of over 70 watts produces no light at all. Its almost as if the stairwell itself is absorbing the light for… energy. We haven't discovered why or how it does this. But anyways, today, you, me, Gil, and another guard will be going down the stairwell as far as we possibly can to see if we can find the end of it. The other guard should be coming…"

"Hey guys, sorry im late" said the other guard out of nowhere

"5 seconds ago," Said Dr. Bright, humorously. "Everyone, This is Bucky. He is going to be the other guard coming down the stairwell with us."

"Ok," I said, "Can we get going? I feel really motivated to go right now."

"yeah, we are going to leave in a few minutes when we all get ready and geared up, we will get going."

Soon after he said this, him and Gil walked away to the room of scientists to get the supplies that we needed to get, and I was given a huge back pack that was strapped to my chest and waist, and so did the gaurds, while doctor bright got a a cylindrical back pack.

After we all got suited up and ready to go, one of the doctors came running out of his office, screaming 'Wait! Hey d-class, wait!', as I turned around and he gave me a small camera that he strapped to my chest, and gave me what appeared to be alittle headset, that had one speaker on my right ear (my strongest ear) and not the left ear , and the strap went around my head and locked itself around my left ear, and a small microphone that came out of the right ear speaker, so I guess I could talk to them.

"This camera is connected to some of out computers in the lab and it shows everything that is in front of you, or more precisely your chest. This headset allows us to talk to you and for you to talk to us, so we can get as much data as we could get possible, for further research." Said the doctor while getting me all geared up and stuff. "Here, do an adio and video check. Ummm, say something."

"I am about to enter SCP-087 for exploration," I said while looking at the doctor in the lab. He gave me a thumbs up. "Does the video work?" I said into the microphone.

"Yes I can. Can you quickly do a spin so we can see it moving?" Said the doctor in the lab through his microphone.

"You got it," I said as I spread out my arms and turned around in the circle he told me to.

"Ok, thanks. Everything is fine now, everything is ready, now lets start exploration." Said the doctor in the lab.

"NOTE," Dr. Bright said as he quickly advanced toward my face, trying to get to my microphone. I didn't know this, so I planicked a little bit and jumped back before I relized what he was doing. He leaned into the microphone and said, "We are now entering SCP-087 on site 95 at 1:33 pm, on April 17th, 2013." And when he finished, he walked away like nothing happened, as I heard the doctor in the lab say,

"Noted, now, d-class personel please enter the SCP first, and don't let anyone go infront of you" said the scientist in the lab.

"Ok I yelled back, as I turned and looked at the slowly opening steel door, and once it was open.

I took my first step in.

Unknowing what hell I was getting myself into.