Epilogue (or rather, it's just victory smut)

-(don't) follow the white rabbit-

"Don't fucking—ngh—tease—" Kanda grits out, frustrated. "Fuck—Lavi, fuck—"

Lavi chuckles, lowering his lips to place a light kiss on Kanda's neck, and then peppering his way down the smooth skin as he rips Kanda's shirt apart, buttons flying, to the collarbone, to his chest, to his nipple, where he manages to squeeze out a shuddering gasp from the pilot below him.

He's got Kanda's hands restrained together with his bandana which allows him absolute control over what he can do with Kanda's body. He understands why Kanda likes to keep him begging because the sound of desperation is addictive—he loves how much power he has over the other just as much as he likes to let Kanda have it.

They had just saved the world, or rather, Lenalee and Allen did, they were just backup—such an anticlimactic statement now that he thinks about it—where both he and Kanda passed out in exhaustion the moment they get out of the Jaeger back at the base.

Someone does them a favour by putting them both together in Kanda's bed to sleep, because the first thing that Lavi wakes up is to panic that Kanda isn't alive with him. But his co-pilot had been breathing peacefully, arm wrapped around his waist. He doesn't think he's ever going to see anyone so beautiful or anyone who can trip his heart like Kanda does.

He wants to burn that sentiment into Kanda, so he waits until the other wakes up before he pounces.

Lavi returns back to Kanda's neck to suck a lovebite in return for that bruise on his own, drinking in the curses for him to stop teasing. Daringly too, especially when Kanda never listens to him when he begs.

"What do you want me to do?" he hums in Kanda's ear, licking the shell of it sensually. "I can blow you, if you want. Or I can fuck you, slow and hard. Which one do you think will make you scream louder?"

"Fuck you, I don't—ah—" the retort is cut off when Lavi reaches into the other's pants and pulls his erection out, fingers running over the length.

Kanda struggles at the uncomfortable position, so Lavi helps him by pulling the rest off his legs. Kanda is flushed from neck down, body glinting with a tension that marks him more aroused than he lets on.

"Beautiful," Lavi murmurs, crawling back up to kiss Kanda on the mouth. "You're so beautiful."

Their tongue dance lazily together, and Lavi loses himself into the taste of Kanda, moaning contentedly. He only realises that he's still fully clothed when Kanda bites him on the lip in impatience. Slowly he takes them off like a strip show, baring his abdomen first before pulling the whole shirt over, and then sliding his pants down to reveal the bulge against his boxers. Kanda watches him hungrily when he takes the last of it off, tossing it aside.

Instead of returning to please his bed partner, Lavi starts to rummage at the bed side table, pulling out the drawer to search for something.

"What are you doing?" Kanda demands.

"Where do you put the lube?" Lavi asks, frowning. "Or lotion? Or something—"

Kanda rolls his eyes at the mood killer. "Untie me. I'll get it."

Lavi is smirking when he turns around to glance at him. "Nice try, Yuu. Now which is it? Or I'll fuck you with just how wet you are."

Kanda growls at the humiliating insinuation, but he scowls reluctantly. "Blue bottle."

The red head takes the correct one and joins Kanda back on the bed. It doesn't take long for him to coat his fingers, which he then prods at Kanda's entrance. Kanda glares at him throughout but it doesn't lessen Lavi's resolve. Once the first finger pushes through, Kanda's back start to arch in display.

"Deeper," Kanda breathes out demandingly, eyes screwed shut. "Faster."

Lavi obliges, pushing it as further as he can go, but still careful not to cause unnecessary pain. When it seems that Kanda is getting used to the intrusion, he pushes a second finger in. Slowly he tries to curl his fingers at all angles to find the spot that will make Kanda scream—after five tries he does, and the result is fantastic.

He doesn't think Kanda has ever gasped his name this loudly and he wants to hear it more, so he starts thrusting his fingers. The more he sees Kanda shaking in hot searing pleasure the more he wants to be in Kanda to feel it. He pulls his fingers out and quickly lubes his hard cock up, even if it's already wet and slippery with his own precome. He aligns himself with Kanda's entrance and pushes in without warning—even so, Kanda does manage to see the process well enough.

Lavi pants, trying to breathe as he feels how tight Kanda is around him. He groans as he pushes himself fully in, struggling not to come immediately. Kanda spreads his legs wider to accommodate him, and after a while he jerks his hips.

"Move," he grits out.

Lavi almost laughs at how bossy Kanda is even when he's being fucked, but he concentrates on setting the pace as he thrusts in and out, slowly at first, then increasing the force and pace. He keeps his eye open to meet Kanda's own gaze, and he kisses him mouth opened and slick—and this is what it feels like being separate but together, apart but complete.

When Kanda comes Lavi knows by the moan he catches with his mouth.

It's always the knowledge that it's his name that drags him along, head first.

He never wants to get back up.

-(don't) follow the white rabbit-


Officially the end. I wasn't kidding when I said it was an excuse to write smut ahahahaha

Hope you guys enjoyed it nonetheless. Peace out.