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"Ya Bon?

"Who's Ash?"

They had flown in a blissful silence up until this point. At least that's how it had appeared. Bubblegum's jealous mind however couldn't say focused. Ash must have known about what Hambo meant to Marceline. Something the vampire had never cared to share with her.

"How do you know Ash?" Marceline asked, interested.

Momentarily doubting the sensitivity of the subject, Bubblegum answered, "Well Maja said she was sold Hambo by 'some wenus named Ash' and –"

She stopped, feeling Marceline begin to slightly tremble in her arms.

"Marceline?" Bubblegum asked gently, expecting to be met with tears.

Instead the girl in question let out a lighthearted laugh, not a hint of sorrow in the tone, "He was my boyfriend a long long loooong time ago. And 'wenus', wow, that's even a kind thing to call him."

Bubblegum was glad to hear her words had not affected her friend negatively.

Marceline was unaware of how a single word had affected the Princess, but she felt as pink arms held her tighter.

"Hey ease up with your arms. I may be undead but you don't have to try and make me completely dead." She joked, still giggling to herself.

"Oh. I'm sorry." The apology was twofold.

Marceline could not see Bubblegum's expression behind her. But something in the way she had apologized made the Queen want to calm her worries, "Don't be. Really Princess, I'm in your debt." But the seriousness didn't last long, "You get a free pass to make fun of me, use me for experiments, anything really. You really have no idea what loosing Hambo felt like. And then the feel of getting him back."

"I think I do." In came as a whisper, so soft, perhaps it was never even spoken aloud. When Marceline didn't comment on it Bubblegum decided it was the latter.

"So how did you get him back anyway? Hambo that is."

They were already near the castle and Bubblegum was glad for this. She had been hoping to avoid this conversation topic at all costs.

"I said I took care of it."

Marceline stopped, slowly allowing the Princess to maneuver from her back. Making sure her feet landed gently on the balcony floor before floating higher once more, "I know what you said. It's just Maja is a witch, and well, if she wanted she could totally take you out."

The Princess crossed her arms, eyes narrowing in defense, "You saying I'm week now. Way to go with that 'I'm in your debt' act. That lasted, what, a minute."

Marceline snorted, words dripping with playful sarcasm, "Sorry sorry. You're the strongest, smartest and prettiest person I know. There happy."

"Mmmm." Bubblegum thought, "For now."

Marceline could only shake her head, "Whatever weirdo, look, I'll see you later." She turned around to take off into the dark morning, but hesitated, turning around with the intent of setting the record striate, "But really, I meant it. I owe you one."

Bubblegum wanted to argue, to tell her there was nothing to owe. Tell her-

But the words didn't come, "Ya, ya get out of here." Shooing the thought, as well as the other woman, away, "The sun is about to rise and you left your protective gear back along the way."

With one last look at blue eyes and back at Hambo, the Vampire took her leave.

Bubblegum watched her go, suddenly becoming aware of just how cold this early morning was.

At the time, giving up her shirt had been so easy. The goal of seeing Marceline happy had overshadowed any repercussions.

Had it even been a fair trade?

Maja apparently thought so.

But to Bubblegum seeing the tears of joy and relief on Marceline's face had been worth more than any comfort that shirt could bring.


Without it she felt cold, literally and figuratively.

You see the Candy Princess had fallen for the very thing she recognized in all her suitors.

Infatuation, puppy love, a crush and in this case doomed to be unrequited.

How did she know it was unrequited?

The better question was 'how could it not be'.

Even if Marceline liked her, the Princess had long decided never allow a romantic relationship in her life.

There was too much at stake. Too much she had no control over.

Lost in her mind, Bubblegum didn't notice her colorful friend ripple though the sky toward her, "Bubblegum."

Jumping at the voice, but glad for the distraction, "Lady! What are you doing here so early?"

"You have a meeting with the Lumpy King and Queen this morning, remember?" The Rainicorn gently informed.

"Fudge balls! I completely forgot."

"How could you forget?" The blond noticed something as the girl turned to head inside, "Were you crying?"

"No." She paused, not completely sure herself, "I don't think so." Touching her face to find no tears, "Why would you ask?"

Lady followed her inside, watching the Princess rummage though her closet for something finer to wear, "Your eyes look wet."

"Maybe something got into them during the flight." Bubblegum said without thinking, hurrying into the bathroom to change.

"Flight?" Lady called after her.

Bubblegum realized her worlds and answered back though the door awkwardly, "Oh ya, um, Marceline needed my help. Getting back her childhood doll from a witch… it was nothing important."


Lady knew of her well.

The Vampire and Bubblegum had once been very close. That was until something happened and it sent the whole thing to poop.

The only thing Lady knew was her best friend still very fond of her, enough even to keep her shirt after they stopped talking.

On one occasion Lady had even accidentally caught the princess nuzzling it. To which the candy girl explained was simply her wiping her nose.

But something was off, actions and words from her pink haired friend about the vampire mixed as well as oil and water.

The Rainicorn began to look around in boredom when something caught her eye on the open closet door.

A photo?

Little legs carried her over to it. With one last look over at the bathroom door, Lady began to study the hidden image.

Two familiar figures stood side by side. A pink arm resting upon a slim gray shoulder, pink lips smiling like a child with nothing to fear and blue eyes … she knew that look.

And Lady became ever surer.

For whatever reason the Princess was either: hiding an affair or a less happy alternative, in a one sided love.

But why would she not say anything?

"Alright rea-" Bubblegum emerged from changing only to see that Lady had found something of interest. She tried to stay calm. To follow instinct, run and shut the closet door would be just a tad too suspicious.

Lady turned around with a blush, embarrassed for snooping, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Bubblegum misread the blush and with a dry mouth pressed her friend to continue, playing dumb, "Tell you what?"

Seeing her friend begin to suffer from this revelation, Lady decided to pull back-, "Why didn't you tell me that Science slept in you closet sometimes?" -changing the topic seamlessly.

It took a moment for Bubblegum to recover, "Oh right." She moved slowly to the closet door, closing it in the most natural way she could manage, "He likes the quiet."

"I see." Lady smiled kindly, "We should leave him alone then."

Bubblegum nodded in agreement.

"Waaaaait, so you're telling me Bubblegum likes Marceline?" Jake eyed his girlfriend. He loved gossip but only when it was true.

"Yes. I'm almost sure of it." Jake could see how much this meant to Lady and listen closely as she continued, "I want to help but just don't want her to get hurt. I don't think their dating. She doesn't date. But if I do something and she get's her hopes up and Marceline doesn't like her then. There must be a good reason she's hidden it. It's not like there's a law against dating. She can rule a kingdom and date too. No one has said she couldn't. People have even been trying to push her to find someone. Marceline isn't even from the Candy Kingdom. There's no bias."

Somewhere along the line Lady's words became random facts. A rant fuelled by the desire to see her friend happy.

Seeing this, Jake stopped her, "Aw Hun, it's sweet you care about PB but that's not going to happen."

"What part?"

"Marceline likes her"

"Really?" Lady became exited. This could actually go very well.

"Well, I said 'like' not love. I don't really know that part. How about we try to set them up? Really, what's the worst that can happen if we try to get them together huh?"

Jake closed eyes, nodding at his plan.

"Get who together?"

Jake answered, "Princess Bubblegum and Marceline babe you where the one to bring it up."


Jake's eyes shot open wide. He had been so proud of his plan he hadn't even realized who's question he had just answered.

"Oh … uh, sup Finn."

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