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With Marceline out of the way and the amulet put to rest, the Lich could no longer sense the Princess's mind.

Walking out into the hall he made his way through the castles passageways in attempt to leave. The citizens he met along the way bid him with friendly 'hello's like he had never encountered before.

What joy in choosing a vessel everyone so loved, he thought. For truly this was only the appetizer in his taste for power.

The lich beamed with confidence as the realization hit. He was already in such great power. With the body's influence and his goals, there could be nothing to stop him.

I could have made you strong, princess. Immortal even, see. The Lich whispered to the long since hushed voice buried within.

Already taking one step out into the sweet air he so hoped to help turn sour, the Lich was rudely halted.

Peppermint jump in front of the figure, "And where are you going, your majesty?"

"Out" Was all the being said. He did not need to explain himself to one of the Princess's many citizens.

"And Marceline?" The butler questioned on, "Between you and I, I know how you so love to speak with her in private for hours on end."

"She is simply taking a long rest after looking after me so." Even as the words left cracked pink lips, the Lich didn't even believe them. And so he added the order, "I would like for you not to disturb her."

He began to walk around the butler in a haughty dignified manner. What used was this form if she was to be stopped by her own help?

But words held him back.

"Finn is coming to met with you."

The Lich's interest was peaked enough to turn back around to face his servant.

"He was very worried as word spread of your fainting spell. He vows to do anything you ask to make yourself well." Peppermint replayed the message with a bow.



The Lich could almost not contain how happy he was. He knew the boy well. And because of this he knew the youth could be swayed easily when faced with a plea from someone he had such admiration and affection for. On top of this he would not be expecting to be fooled twice by such a body switch, such as one never really expects two knife storms to happen in the same day… yet they do.

"Where did he say we would meet?" The Lich asked, trying not to sound overly excited.

The butler wondered, "Are you sure you are up for it?"

"Marceline asked the same of me." He remarked, amused at how people cared so much about something so minor as a powerless girl falling to the ground. With a reassuring tone, the Lich responded, "I'm standing and walking about, so yes. I'll be fine."

"The throne room." Peppermint informed.

Almost giddy, the Lich hurried off without another word. He had a change in plans. Finn would now help him in his mission.

When the 'princess' was out of sight, Peppermint walked down the hall. Turning a corner, he began to wave franticly at the young boy who was peeking his head out on the other side.

Finn rushed to the mint's side, panting from his hasty journey.

"Dang Peps, now you got to tell me what's up." Finn enquired, "Not that I didn't like the awesome quest!" He added as an afterthought.

"Did you bring it?" Peppermint asked, disregarding the request.

"Here." Finn showed the medallion in his hand, "I just told FP the truth and she gave it to me." He explained. He had been surprised just how simple it had been. Though seeing his ex girlfriend and her new knight was the hard part.

Peppermint did not care how it was retrieved. With simple relief from seeing the object, he sighed, "Great, you keep that and do as I say."

"Where's Bubs? Is she alright?"

"No of course she isn't and glob knows why Marceline isn't here." He fidgeted. The gumball guardians would have his stripes if they began to suspect anything. They needed to fix things and fast.

The teen became equally as worried for his friends, "Is she alright?"

"It's the Lich, Finn." The Butler rolled his eyes, disregarding the fact the young man had no way of knowing what was truly going on. "He's taken hold of the princess." He finally revealed.

"So what are we waiting for?!" Finn was ready to jump into action.

But the butler stopped him, "Not now. We're waiting on Lady. I called upon her help as well." He unfolded his hand to show Finn a round and mirror like objet, "As the princess slept I took this from her. It was the last barricade between her and the Lich. He explained.

"Wasn't that a bad idea?" Finn wondered.

The mint pondered, "Something would have happened eventually." He noted as though it was nothing at all.

"You said Marceline was with her." Finn looked around, "Why isn't she here now?" He had so many questions.

"She could have handled herself, I'm sure." The mint comforted in words he did not quite believe himself.

Just then a colorful creature came soaring in.

"Bro?" A yellow dog jumped down from the rainicorn.

"Jake, what are you doing here?" Finn asked.

"I was with Lady, man." He pointed up toward his fretting girlfriend, "And then Peps called us in a hurry to get this." He extended his hand to show an equally beautiful amulet.

"I was feeling very nervous. No wonder, something happened." Lady was muttering to herself.

As peppermint explained his plan, the group simply put on their bravest faces and held fast. This was bound to be a tricky assignment.

With a cry, "Let's do this!" the group set out.

"You can't." A lone voice intruded in on them.

Lich waited in the throne room. He sat in the uncomfortable chair trying out the feeling. He felt a rush as he mused on just how far he had come. Once a prisoner in amber and a different dimension; and now look at him, sitting in the very spot his oppressor once ruled.

Eyes shut basking in the moment he heard the door open.

"Finn~" He called, welcoming the boy in with a sweet voice.

"Eh." A voice buzzed, "Wrong."

Eyes snapped open at the sound of the voice, "You?" The Lich was taken aback as he saw the figure enter the room.

"Me." She stated in words coated with poison.

The Lich stood, taking a few steps toward the figure in disbelief. He refused to run from someone he had just believed to have killed not minutes ago, "I stabbed you with a wooden stake. You should be dead."

"Funny thing, when taking on this amulet-" She revealed the heirloom from under her shirt. "-it seems I have also taken on a pseudo role as acting Lord of Evil."

"Meaning." This sounded like gibberish to the Lich. How was he to know about the ways of the Nightosphere.

"I'm deathless." Fangs reflected small pieces of light that shown on her through the many windows of the grand hall. The once deadly rays of sun now did nothing, "Nice try though." She complimented.

From the door the vampire had entered, Peppermint appeared smiling, "I'll seen your tricks before and have served my mistress long enough to be able to tell." He commented, giving a much harsher critique of the Lich's scheme than Marceline.

"What is this?" The Lich demanded. He could feel that his powers had not yet take root in this vessel. And as such, he desperately tried to fight.

"Maybe you aren't as powerful as you thought."

Finn, Jake and Lady appeared on either side of the princess's form. Cornering the creature on the thrown he had so wished to take as his own.

But they would have none of that.

"So this was planned?!" The Lich shouted out.

Now as the group had almost completely circled around the Lich, Peppermint smiled. It was a smile of one who knew evil as an old friend.

"You're not the only one who wants her and unfortunately for you, we want her more."

And the peppermint began to recite an ancient incantation few had ever desired to hear. Amulets turned hot as fire and as cold as ice all at once. Unable to keep them held, their carriers dropped them to the ground.

There was a loud rumble as the candy floor cracked from underneath them.

Powdered sugar dust was still afloat in the air as Bubblegum took her first sharp deep breath. Coughing as it consumed her lungs.


Blue eyes, ones that had not imaged to be reopened ever again, reflected a concerned face. The face, backdrop by fallen pieces of the grand hall, was that of a person whom she had also never believed she would see again.

The cloudiness lifted from her sleepy eyes and she fully tried to rationalize why this could be.

"A dream? Have I expired?" She would not question further, for it didn't matter how they had found each other once more. They had.

"I'm so sorry." Bubblegum wrap arms around the vampire's neck. What more could she say as guilt and happiness weld up inside her.

"Shhh" The other cooed back, not wanting to hear any of it, "I'm not any more dead than I was before." Marceline smiled.

It was like a nightmare come to life. And as the panic subsided, as she adjusted to reality, "But I- my hands, they-" Looking down to the vampire's chest to see no wound. If it were not for the red that dyed Marceline's cloths, she would had thought it all a dream.

"It's alright." The queen hoped that the more she reassured the other monarch the more she would come to realize it was now, indeed, fine, "In any case, are you hurt-"

Bubblegum was now, as she kissed her still undead love, wet tears falling from her eyes to meet with interlocked lips. The tears turned the embrace both salty and sweet.

"Wow, I've never seen the Princess cry."

"Hush, Gumdrop. Mind your manners."

A young candy creature was the only honest enough to speak out.

The Princesses eyes went wide as conversation hit her ears. Pulling away she was met with a very open setting. Part of the walls had fallen on the side of the castle and many a candy creature had gathered to see what had happened.

What they had come to find instead was their Princess kissing a Queen, as well as the kingdom's heroes trying their to bush themselves of the dust as best they could while not disturbing the scene

"This is-" The Princess tried to explain her current romantic behavior. However, when her eyes caught Marceline's she found she could not apologize. Instead she turned to address the young Gumdrop, "For crying, I apologize. As a leader I shouldn't be so weak in the future."

"You're not weak." The little one responded. That had not been his thought as he had spoken aloud, "It's just, I was surprised. You are like me, I cry sometimes too." He grinned with joy. Seeing someone he admired so act in such a 'normal' fashion was a wonderful feeling to the young sweet.

Bubblegum stood up slowly. Marceline tried to help her, but the princess needed to do something on her own. She was still slightly unsure of what she had said or done under the Lich's control. But from the looks of it he had not gotten far.

"And as for the kiss-" The princess began.

Finn, who was now searching for the Flame Kings amulet amongst the rubble, spoke up, "We know."

"-You know?" Bubblegum exclaimed, turning to look at Marceline who put her hand s in the air.

"I didn't tell him." The vampire defended.

"How do you think you got together in the first place?" The young boy paused before pointing at himself with pride.

"NAHA" Jake swatted his hands at his brother, "Remember, it was my bitter sweet jelly~"

Finn frowned, "I remember we agreed you wouldn't say 'jelly' anymore."

Lady smiled, getting in on the fight, "Technically, I started it the idea."

Bubblegum's mouth hung open at this development. It all became clear, all that had happened with the flower and the random blind date … had been a setup!

Marceline whispered to the princess, "Why are they just standing there, shouldn't they be staking me or something for 'disgracing your honor' or something?" She nodded her head at the still wordless citizens.

The princess was brought back to the matter at hand. Taking a deep breath she spoke out in a royal voice, "My people, I um, am currently seeing someone… and well." She look over to Marceline, unable to finish her thought. Under her breath she spoke to the queen, "If I pass out to get out of this do you think they would buy it?"

"And leave me alone to deal, don't you dare!" Came a harsh whisper back.

"So does that mean she's not going to eat us or scare us ever?"

"She wasn't so scary before."

"No more pranks?"

"No, of course not." Bubblegum smiled, catching Marceline's expression change to a slightly terrifying smirk, "NO!" The princess repeated once more, this time direction at the vampire specifically.

At this, a bombardment of gossip amongst the crowd began. Some spoke of rumors of weddings and other such matters. Yet others simply began speaking about repair of the grand halls walls.

Everything was nothing as the princess had expected.

"That wasn't so bad." Marceline spoke the words aloud that Bubblegum had been thinking.

"You all just fought the lich again!" The princess reminded, "What do you mean, 'not so bad'."

"No, I meant telling your citizens."

"You're right."

"I 'm just so mad at you two!" Finn walked over, he had luckily found the amulet, "Why didn't you didn't tell us?"

"But you said you knew." Marceline pointed out.

"YA but from lady's snooping!" Jake joined in.

Bubblegum shot her friend a joking glare and the rainicorn simply suck her tongue out.


A sudden scream drew them all away from their happy banter.

"This can't be!" The disgruntled voice called out.

Bubblegum grew concerned and hurried over to the irritated candycorn.

"I just got done fixing this hall from last time, when the truck that ran into it." He cried.

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