Say It For Me

I hated hallways with every little molecule that made me who I was. And not just regular hallways, school ones especially. It's where I would constantly get bullied by other kids, and because of who I am, I wasn't even able to fight back, verbally or physically. I would come home with hidden bruises so my family wouldn't see and start worrying. What was the point of worrying if it's just going to continue since there's absolutely nothing you can do about it? So I was also called emo for always wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants, even when the weather decided to drop temperature bombs of one hundred degrees or more.

I lived with my foster father and my older twin sister. Our birth parents had died in a car accident we had all been in when Rin and I were about five, and it was because of that that I had completely stopped talking due to shock. No one's heard my voice, ever, since that terrible day. Gackupo, a man we had no idea existed until we were seven, took us in permanantly, seeing as we were going from house to house without a concrete place to stay. He was nice, and I could swear that there were days that further prove my question on whether or not he's a ninja.

...Seriously, who catches a fly without even looking at it with only a forefinger and a middle finger?

Either way, my sister and I were complete opposites. I was quiet (obviously) and reserved, while she was just out-going and a serious morning person. I never met anyone like her that likes to start jumping around first thing. But we look exactly the same. Blond hair, blue eyes, angelic smiles. If it wasn't for the fact that we had two different scars that told us the story of our past, we would literally be identical.

I always looked in the mirror after my bath, running a finger gently across my chest, tracing the pale, jagged scar that just mocked me every day of my life. It was from when the car door broke in half and just decided that I was the perfect victim. My sister had one on her back, though much shorter, and it was from the windows breaking and causing one large shard to jab into her, leaving a deep gash.

Gackupo worked a lot. Neither Rin nor I had an ounce of talent when it came to cooking, so dinner was more often than not take-out or delivery. It was always so lonely without him. And quiet. At times, Rin would sign to me, and I would back, so conversations outloud were avoided. Other days, when she was in a worse mood, she would vent to me and I would write to her. And I would tell her a few of my problems too, but didn't get too into details.

In school, I usually get away with just being pushed into lockers and sometimes, rarely, get hit. Lately though, since we've entered high school, I've almost gotten raped twice. Everyone does it because they know I'm a mute, and they know I won't make a sound so they can easily get away with it. The one time I tried seeing a therapist, I vowed never to go back. They really do live up to the spelling of their names. 'The Rapist'.

At times I wished that my parents hadn't died, that I hadn't gotten into that accident, and that I hadn't lost my voice. But we can't always get what we wish for.

ネ、 オシエテ?
-Nee, oshiete?-

I felt myself wince visibly as yet again, someone pushed me into a nearby locker. Snickers hit my ears as I turned to look at them, picking myself up and remembering my place. I wasn't to fight these losers, it would only get me into even bigger trouble. The laughter stopped as I continued walking to my class, making sure that I got the room number right by keeping an eye on my schedule. Jesus, I hated the first day of school.

"Oh," someone, somewhere, drew out, catching the attention of a few other students who turned to me and smirked. "Did we hurt the poor little orphan's feelings?" The other reason I hated this school with my entire being. The news and gossip traveled way to fast for my liking. Someone tugged on my ponytail, making me look at them. "I'm talking to you, you little shit." My mouth opened involunterely as all my books clattered to the ground, and it was always at this moment that I wished that I could scream. Another hand punched me right in the stomach, sending me down with a puff of air. This hurt too much...

"Hey, let 'im go!"

The pain stopped for a moment, but my eyes remained tightly shut, afraid to see who was trying to save me just in case I would be met with ugly, smug faces that belonged to my bullies. The hand that was holding my hair was smacked away, and by the sounds of it, roughly, and a gentle pair of fingers took my face into my savior's hands. The gentleness went away and I heard a shuffling of books, followed by a little silence. " can open your eyes now," he said carefully.

I cracked them open just a bit, and was met with a back and some dark blue. His hair. His hair was dark blue. He looked at me with matching eyes and took in a deep breath. "Jesus," he sighed out, "your eyes are fucking gorgeous." In his arms, my books were neatly nestled.

I felt a river of blood climb up and find its way to my face, so I hid myself, which caused him to start freaking out. "I'm sorry. Too direct? Seriously though, they're so damn bright. And blue. I love the color blue. I'm sure you can tell. What's your name?" His broken sentences spun in circles in my head when I noticed the red notebook, the one I always used to talk, sitting right on the top of the pile in his arms. I pointed at it, and he looked down for a moment, passing it to me. I took the pencil from the spiral, and wrote my name as neat as I possibly could. I turned it to him.

"Len?" he asked, testing it on his tongue. "Aren't you that mute? So that's why those kids were bothering you." I was a thing? That mute? "Not to be rude," he quickly corrected himself. "I've heard about you for a few years and I've wanted to meet you, but you've always slipped from my grasp. But I'm glad now. The name's Kaito. Where's your class? I'll walk you." I once again, pointed at the pile and he began digging for my schedule, but being careful about not letting anything fall. He found it, and glued his eyes to it, brows furrowed in deep thought. "You're a junior...yet you have pretty high up classes. You're impressive. C'mon, I'll show you off." He stood and took my hand, stuffing my crap under his other arm.

Again, I blushed, feeling the warmth of his hand, the slender fingers trapped inside my own, while my fingers were trapped in his. It made me feel...wanted. Other students looked and made faces at me but Kaito pulled me forward a bit, pulling me closer to him, increasing the stares. I tried to block them out but when the blue-haired boy wrapped an arm around my waist, I couldn't just stand there any longer. To think that he had the courage to do this in front of everyone! I started squirming once I heard the murmurs float through the hall, but his grip remained ever tight. "Relax, I want to protect you."

Remembering the notebook in my hand, I opened it and scribbled down, 'But this is too embarrassing!'

"I know," he simply replied, flashing me a white smile. He opened a door that lead to the courtyard, away from everyone else. "All I want to do is keep you safe, though."

'Do you even know where you're going?'

"Mmhmm," he hummed, and refused to let me go. He opened another door and showed me an empty hallway. "Our class is just down there. In the deserted part of school." He pointed to an open classroom door, and dragged me to it. "Hey, Mei-chan!" He waved at the teacher standing at the front of the class.

"Kaito! I told you plenty of times, it's Meiko-sensei!" She turned to me. "Hello, I'll be your teacher for English."

I smiled softly and nodded at her, and turned to smile at Kaito, but stopped when I saw the serious and dark look on his face as he stared down the rest of the class. "Mess with him. I dare you. I'm sure most of you know that he's a mute." That threatening tone of his was seriously scary. "I'll be speaking for him for the time being. Considering I'm in this class." The students all visibly shuddered. "His name is Kagamine Len; sixteen years old. He has an older twin sister, so now you have two people to worry about. He's shy; so don't push him too much. And he's dating me, so don't fucking touch him, understand?" Everyone nodded and I just looked away with a blush as he led me to the back of the classroom, hand tightly grasping mine.

Kaito was in this class? What grade was he in? I jabbed him in the side with my pencil and wrote that down. He smiled at me. "I'm a third year. Eighteen. Have an older brother by four years, and more than exuberant," he explained happily, answering all the questions that littered my head. Except for one.

'You're a third year in a second year class?'

"No, you're just in a senior class. You're smart, right?" I gave him a face. "Okay, rhetorical question. But...this is the day where we don't do shit. I have questions, if you don't mind."

I shrugged and opened my notebook to a brand new clean page, preparing to write. "So...I heard that you're an orphan." So this is where he's gonna start. "I was kinda wondering, is that true?"

Reluctantly, I nodded. "...How?" he asked quietly, and carefully.

I thought about it a little before deciding that it was too early in our relationship for him to learn the real truth. 'I'm not sure. I just know that after an accident when I was five. I was brought to Gackupo with my sister when I was seven. And I was unable to speak.'

"You serious? An accident? What...?"

'I don't want to talk about it.' I simply wrote, and he shut up. The following questions in no way entered the bubble of my personal life and hell, which I was grateful for.

" final question." I tilted my head in confusion. "Do you want to be my friend?"

My pencil hit the paper almost instantly. 'You walked by to the class by holding my waist and told the class that we were dating.' A look of shame crossed his face as if he thought that he was being rejected, but I continued writing. 'I'd love to be your friend.'

He grinned broadly and held out his hand, and I took it. We shook.

I didn't want to start this story this early, seeing as "Ring" isn't finished yet, so I will not post the second chapter until "Ring" is posted as complete. But this is what my next story will be about.