Say It For Me


Later that night, after school was over and done with, I was laying on my bed thinking about all the things that happened on the first day of my second year of high school. The moon was bright and full, shining through the window and into my room, illuminating the floor. I had told Kaito earler to be careful, not because I had a huge tendency to break other people's hearts, but because I was sensitive to everything around me. I never really had any type of intimate relations. Well, no, I did, but they usually all ended because my partner was too annoyed with the fact that I couldn't speak out any feelings. And that I made no complaints. And that I never fought any other people away when they tried to make a move on me.

I really don't understand why they didn't think since I was a mute, I wasn't able to make any noise anyway. To be honest, it pissed me off a bit. Other people, such as my sister and my father, understood a little more on how I felt. Understood that all I wanted to do was be liked everyone else even though at the time, I couldn't. I rolled over and groaned internally, letting out a frustrated puff of air.

I should have asked Kaito for his cell phone number. That way, I could easily talk with him. But it had sadly slipped my mind and by the time I had gotten home, it was much too late. He was probably pretty far away from me, with no connections whatsoever.


I jumped on my bed, slipping on a pair of pants that just lay on my floor (I really needed to clean my room once in a while) and turned on my laptop, focused on seeing if Kaito by chance on some social site. I logged onto my msn and typed Kaito's full name into the search bar. A few results popped up (apparently not a lot of people in Japan had Kaito as their first name), and one stood out. Blue hair. That's him. There was no doubt in my mind, so I clicked on the profile and looked at it.

His screen name was IceMan. I didn't even begin to question it. If BananaBoy was bad enough, IceMan couldn't be any worse. I noticed that he was online and started a chat with him. Our only method communication. Constant typing.

'hey kaito. its len. whats up?'

'len? as in my adorable little mute?' I blushed as the words appeared on the LED screen. 'hey wats up? :D'

'i asked you first.'

'damn chill. sorry. well house life is pretty boring. u know wat i mean?'

I chuckled silently. 'try not talking.'

'rite. mute. sorry.'

Again, I let a few puffs of air exit me as I chuckled soundlessly. Kaito amused me so much. I don't know; it just felt like we've been best friends forever. 'is it too late to chat?' I typed out.

'i wouldnt give up a chance 2 talk w/u.'

My face started burning and I felt a small smile crawl over and cover my lips. 'haha funny.'

'i do my best,' he replied, and I can picture a sexy smirk on his face. This man was just way too over cocky, but it was just that over cockiness that won me over and made me fall head over heels. I wasn't about to complain, absolutely not. I liked having these feelings. 'len we should hang out.'

'hang out?'

'yeah, i dunno. out somewhere. i know a few places where we can go and be alone.'

I gulped and stared at my screen, fingers frozen on the keyboard. Alone. That word scared me just a little on the inside. I haven't been alone with someone exluding my family for a few years now. And as I've told myself a few times already since meeting the boy, relationships weren't really my forte. I've constantly been cheated and lied to. But perhaps Kaito was different from everyone else. I glanced at the time in the corner of my screen. 11:55.

Almost midnight.

'sure,' I replied. 'just the main thing; where and when?'

'now, lenny,' God this guy knew exactly how to push my buttons to make me blush. 'thats going 2 hav 2 be a secret.'

I pouted, even if he wasn't able to see. The site dinged and 'stop pouting' pooped out onto the messenger, startling me. A smirk came onto my lips. This was going to be fun...

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