Chapter 2

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We walked into the classroom, and I could feel all the stares that were directed at me. Kiba guided us to a couple of seats in the back next to a boy that had his hood up and was wearing sunglasses. Weird.

"Hinata this is my friend Shino. Shino this is Hinata she's new here." Kiba introduced us.

"N-nice to meet y-you Shino." He just stared at me, and I looked over at Kiba for an answer.

"Oh yeah, I forgot Shino doesn't talk much."

Just then a loud group of students walked in and the loudest of them all was a boy with blonde hair. I looked over at Kiba and Shino and they both looked kind of annoyed.

"W-who are th-those p-people?" Kiba simply looked at me and said "That's Naruto and his group. You want to stay away from them."

Just then the teacher walked in, and we only had ten minutes left of class. He then proceeded to start to give a ridiculous excuse as to why he was late, which he didn't even finish before the entire class accused him of lying.

"Ok class today we have a new student. Would you please come up here and introduced yourself to the class." He said. I got up and walked to the front of the class. All the way there I could feel everyone's stares.

"Ok now tell us your name, where you're from, and something about yourself."

"H-hello m-my name is Hi-Hinata Hy-Hyuga. I m-moved here f-from Suna, and I-I l-like to p-play m-music."

"Thank you Ms. Hyuga you may return to your seat now."

With that I headed back towards my seat next to Kiba and Shino. When I was walking back to my seat I could hear people whispering to each other and when I walked by it would stop so I knew they were talking about me. Once I was finally in my seat again I took out my notebook and started working on the song I've been writing, but I didn't get to do that for very long because the bell rung.


I started to pack my things up when someone approached me. I looked up and saw bright blue eyes staring down at me. Just then Kiba stepped in front of me and confronted the stranger.

"What the hell do you want Naruto?" he asked.

"What I can't come say hi to our new classmate." Naruto replied devilishly. Soon we were being surrounded by Naruto's group. I looked around nervously, and started to panic. I was starting to hyperventilate. 'Oh no this is not good. I'm having a anxiety attack on the first day.' That's when I noticed everyone was staring at me and whispering to each other that's when I lost it. I was crying and hyperventilating, and then everything went black. The last thing I remember is Kiba screaming my name, and the feeling of being picked up.

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