"Just sit still –"

"Don't touch it!"

"Korra I almost got it just hold on," Mako said holding her leg down with one hand and tweezers with the other.

Mako slowly brought the tweezers closer to the sliver of wood stuck in Korra's foot. He clamped the tool around the barely noticeable stub and every so gently began to pull –

"Ow!" Korra shrieked pulling her foot away, pain shooting up her leg.

"Korra -!"

She quickly jumped off the counter "Nope, no I can't. I can't do this, I'm done." She threw her hands up stepping away from Mako.

"I almost had it!" Mako exclaimed his frustration growing, "Come on," He gestured to the counter "Get back up here,"

"No way," She shook her head stepping back "I – I'm just going to let it come out on its own." She crossed her arms.

"No, because then it will get infected and then you'll have to go to the hospital to get it taken out," Mako said as if he were talking to a child, "Now do you want that to happen?" He raised his eyebrows

Korra bit her lip her eyes not meeting his. With a defeated sigh she dropped her arms "Fine." She grumbled and hobbled over to the counter. Pulling herself up she positioned her foot on Mako's lap "Just be careful," She warned.

"Always," Mako sighed, picking up the tweezers.

Once again he searched for the end of the splinter, when he found the small piece sticking out he glanced up at Korra who had a death grip on the edge of the counter. Mako snickered "I find it amazing how the great the powerful Avatar is afraid of a little splinter,"

"Shut up," Korra growled kicking him with her good foot

"Hey, no kicking the doctor," Mako mused pointing the tweezers at her

Korra stifled a giggle "I'm sorry doctor Mako, proceed."

"Thank you," Mako focused his attention back on her foot where he grabbed the splinter and gently pulled half expecting Korra to jump up again but she stayed still. With one swift movement he pulled the splinter out holding it between the metal clamps "There it is," he said holding it up "That wasn't so bad now was it?" He said peeking up at her and she gave him an icy glare in return. Tossing the piece of wood in the nearby trash he pulled out a box of band aids

"Alright we got polka dots or squiggles," He said holding the two up

"Hmmmm . . . . polka dots," She smiled

"Polka dots it is," Mako said pealing back the paper "I would have picked the squiggles but that's just me," He mumbled putting on the band aid

Korra hit his head "Shut up,"

"Hey," Mako stood "What did I say about hitting the doctor,"

"Sorry, doctor" Korra bit back a smile

"I don't think believe you," Mako turned his back to Korra

Korra tugged on his arm "I am! I promise!"

Mako turned and positioned himself between her legs "After everything I've done this is how you treat me?" he asks in a bad GodFather accent.

Korra rolled her eyes and pulled him in planting a kiss on his lips,

Pulling back Mako shrugged "Mh I'll take it," He said in his GodFather voice before leaning back in for more.