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Chapter 1


"Hollywood starlet Bella Monroe recently sat down with us for an interview about her role in the upcoming film sequel to 'The Hunger Games'," the tall, brunette E! News host spoke, before continuing.

"The sequel which is based off of the book, 'Catching Fire', is said to be all kinds of exciting, due to the heavy amounts of action and romance in it," by this time, Alice was falling off of her seat in anticipation.

"Throughout the interview, Bella remained coy in giving out details of the movie, but was kind enough to drop a few small hints. And, when asked about her costar Jacob Black, she smoothly avoided the topic, saying that they were 'nothing more than friends'."

"However, these recent pictures of the two hugging outside of an L.A. café prove otherwise, fueling rumours that the two teens are secretly dating," the host smirked a little as the camera zoomed in on an image of a tall, black-haired, Native American guy [Jacob Black] hugging Bella, while she clearly looked as if she wanted to pull away.

"Bullshit," I rolled my eyes at the newswoman, knowing full well that Bella would never date a guy like that. She just wasn't the type of girl who would fall for someone like that.

And how, might you ask, would I know that?

Well, because – much to the shock of probably everyone - I'm her brother.

Our parents, Charlie and Renée Swan – now, Renée Monroe – split up when I was five, and Bella was four. When this had occurred, they'd both agreed that I would stay in Forks with my father, while Bella would leave to go to Los Angeles with my mother.

They'd figured that Bella would need a mother more than a father, while I would need precisely the opposite.

It was a few years later in L.A. that Renée soon fell in love with a big-time Hollywood lawyer, Phil Monroe, who she'd finally decided to settle down with and marry.

Bella hadn't initially wanted to change her name, but when she'd started auditioning and getting chosen for major movie roles, she'd decided that it would be best to protect both my father's identity and mine.

Of course, we hadn't asked her to, but in the long run, we were both really grateful that she had. Charlie was an extremely private person, who wouldn't be able to handle any form of a spotlight. And, me…well, I was all for it. But I did value having a normal, teenage life – something that my sister hadn't been lucky enough to have.

My friends didn't treat me differently because I was Bella Monroe's brother. They surprisingly liked me for me: buff, curly-haired, goofball Emmett.

The only one who knew about any of this was my long-time girlfriend, Rosalie Hale. And I had only told her when I felt like we were serious enough about each other - not wanting to keep something this huge from her.

Secrets are a big no-no for a healthy relationship, according to several fashion magazines that have been shoved in my face for the past few years – courtesy of Rose and Alice.

And since I'm giving you a play-by-play of my life, I might as well tell you a little bit about my friends.

Firstly, there's Jasper Hale. He was a senior in high school with me, and just graduated this summer to attend Dartmouth College.

In terms of appearance, he's tall, and lean, with blond hair and grey eyes. Jasper's actually one of the few people that always seems to be calm and collected no matter what – definitely the mediator in times of conflict at school. He's been one of my best buds since middle school.

It was actually because of Jasper that I even got to know Rosalie, due to the fact that they're cousins – hence the same last names.

Secondly, there's Edward Cullen. He, too, has been one of my good friends for as long as I can remember. He's one of the tallest guys in my group of friends, more muscular than Jasper, with unruly bronze hair and green eyes. We're polar opposites in terms of personality – which I guess is why we've always stayed so close.

Edward's quite shy and reserved, and always has his head buried in either his schoolwork or a book. But, I can't say that he's a total nerd, due to the fact that he plays football for Forks High – he used to play alongside Jasper and me, up until the two of us graduated a month ago. But Edward's still going to be playing next year, seeing as he only just finished his junior year of high school.

Even though he's a year younger than me, I have to admit that he's one of the most mature guys that I know.

But I'm getting sidetracked. Next, there's my girlfriend, Rosalie Hale. She's tall, blonde, and beautiful, with stormy grey eyes. She's also extremely smart, and is definitely less of a girly-girl than Alice. I mean, any time my car gives trouble, I completely bypass the mechanic and send it straight to her – she's even been accepted into some prestigious college to study engineering.

Rosalie's definitely a tough girl, who can take care of herself if she needs to – which is actually very useful when she's such a bombshell.

We first got together in our freshman year of high school, and I'm proud to say that we've been inseparable since then.

I know, without a doubt, that I'm in love with her. There's just no one in my eyes that can compare to her. Apologies for the sappiness, but it's true.

Last, but not least, there's Alice Brandon – who I mentioned briefly before. She's been Rosalie's best friend since kindergarten, and has therefore been one of my good friends since I initially got to know Rosalie in middle school. One word that basically sums up how she looks is… well - to put it lightly - pixie; what with her cropped, spiky black hair, small height, and feisty personality.

She's definitely not someone that you want to have on your bad side, but she can also be a really caring person, and one who always stands up for something she believes in.

She, as well, is a senior. Oh, and she's also dating Jasper Hale.

Alice is actually the only other one of my friends who has even an inkling that I have a sister. And that's only because she has this weird intuition about things like that – if I wasn't a non-believer, I'd almost think that she was psychic.

"Why don't you think that she's dating Jacob Black?" Alice asked suspiciously. Lately, she'd been firing questions like these at me, almost as if she'd finally figured it all out, and all she wanted was for me to confirm it.

It was always like this; sometimes I'd slip up and say something that would link me to having some sort of connection with Bella, and then I'd have to quickly brush it off and hope no one realized. Knowing that I couldn't tell Alice the truth without the rest of my friends hearing, I just shrugged exasperatedly, "Just because. She wouldn't ever go for a guy like that."

Uh oh. Too late, I realized that I really shouldn't have said that last part.

"Oh, and how would you know that?" Alice asked, black eyebrows practically reaching her hairline. She had me cornered there.

At this point, Rosalie was looking at me with an expression that said, "Are you really going to tell them?" while Edward and Jasper were looking up from the video game they were playing, curiosity etched on each of their faces.

I didn't know what to do, or say at this point.

Should I finally tell them? Or make up yet another lie?

I didn't honestly think that their perception of me would change in any way if they found out, simply because they'd all known me for such a long time. And I knew for a fact that they'd never tell a soul.

So the real question was: why didn't I want to tell them? At this point, I had no reason not to. Wasn't it time that I finally told them? I mean, I'd known all of them since I was twelve, and I trusted all of them with my life.

They were going to find out one day, anyway.

I shrugged mentally, oh, what the hell?

"Fine. Do you really wanna know why I act this way every time Bella comes on the screen? Why I 'know' these things about her?" I questioned, folding my arms across my chest. I felt Rosalie move from her spot besides Alice to stand next to me, putting a hand on my back comfortingly.

A round of nods went through the room, making me throw my hands up in the air like, "Okay, fine."

"It's because she's my sister. Bella Monroe is my sister," I confessed, only to be met with two looks of utter disbelief, and one of pure smugness. You can guess which looks belonged to whom.

"Yeah, and my grandmother is the Queen of England," Jasper joked, as Edward chuckled along with him, going back to their game.

"Look man. It's cool. I know how Alice gets when someone makes up a rumor about Ryan Gosling. She acts like if she knows him personally, which is kind of what you're doing now with Bella. You don't have to be embarrassed and make up such a ridiculous lie, just to explain your actions," Jasper looked at me calmly, while nodding.

You have got to be kidding me.

I had known that it would hard to convince them that I was telling the truth. I mean, when I had told Rosalie, I'd had to explain my whole life story to her before she'd finally started believing that I wasn't simply out of my mind.

But I had a feeling that convincing Edward and Jasper was going to be an entirely different challenge. Alice, thankfully, wasn't an issue. In fact, she was practically patting herself on the back for having 'known my secret all along'.

"I know it's really far-fetched, but she is. I wouldn't joke about something like this. Our parents got divorced when we were little, way before I even knew any of you existed. My mom, Renée, took Bella to L.A., and after a few years, she started making a name for herself. She changed her surname so that Charlie and I didn't have to live in any form of spotlight. And, well, it worked," I explained, slightly out of breath as I unsuccessfully tried to convince my two friends.

Edward frowned, looked apologetically at me, "I want to believe you, Emmett. But I can't really know for sure that what you're telling me isn't all just a made-up story. You have to understand where I'm coming from."

I closed my eyes, putting my hands on my face in frustration. This was going to be harder than I'd initially thought.

"Emmett, why don't you just video call her?" Alice suggested, making my head snap up towards her. Huh, the pixie actually had a really good idea.

I nodded my head, deciding to message Bella first to make sure that I wasn't disturbing her before going to Skype call her.

All the while, my friends looked anxiously at me as if I were a fragile doll.

I only rolled my eyes at them, knowing full-well that in a few seconds, they'd be apologizing for not believing me.

Soon after getting the 'okay' from Bella, I walked across the game room in my house, to my laptop, typing in my password before going over to the Skype application.

It wasn't long before I was highlighting her name and clicking the 'Video Call' button.

By this time, my friends were all sitting behind my desk chair, actually looking surprised as to how far I was taking this. Wow, to think that they still didn't believe me.

"Hey. Oh, hi Rosalie! What's up?" a voice floated from my speaker before a picture soon appeared of Bella on her laptop, smiling at a desk in her room.

Rosalie waved back, smiling as much as Bella, while the rest of my friends were blinking in shock and pinching themselves to make sure they weren't simply in a daydream. Both Edward and Jasper were spluttering, while Alice's jaw had dropped open in shock.

From what I could tell, Bella was sitting in her bedroom, on the wooden desk adjacent to her king-sized bed. The room looked about the same from when I had visited last year, with interchanging grey and navy blue walls, white furniture, and elaborate décor.

Suddenly though, Bella noticed the three gaping faces in the screen, and a suspicious turned thoughtful turned comprehending look formed on her face, "So… I'm guessing that you finally told your friends?"

Then she shocked them even further when she moved a stray piece of hair away from her face, "Wait, so… let me see if I can get this right: you're Jasper. You're Alice. And you're…Edward."

She pointed to each of them, as all of their eyes widened.

"And you're Bella Monroe," Edward said, eyes wide, as if the truth was only now finally settling in.

Bella smiled, nodding, "Yup, the one and only. Wait, scratch that - I sound vain." She whispered the last part to herself, making us all chuckle lightly at her.

Jasper soon spoke slowly, as if still processing this whole thing, "And you're Emmett's sister?"

I looked at him, my expression unimpressed, "Seriously? Is it that hard to believe?"

Edward and Jasper practically yelled, "Yes!"

Bella laughed then, completely amused at my friends, "Yes, I'm Emmett's sister. Even though we don't look anything alike, we are completely, 100% related. I can get a DNA test to prove it. I just live with our mom and stepdad, while he lives with our dad. It's been that way since, about… 14 years ago?"

I nodded in confirmation, as she smiled reminiscently.

"So, you guys have kept in contact all these years?" Alice asked with wonder, only to be met with Bella and me grinning.

I nodded, "We visit each other at least once a year, usually at a location that we decide on, to protect us from the paparazzi and stuff. I surprised her last year in L.A. though. Other than that, we just Skype each other, or text."

"Wow, it's pretty amazing that you guys have stayed so close. I mean, the distance is pretty crazy, but also the difference in lifestyles. That's really cool," Edward was speaking thoughtfully, more to himself than anything, but Bella still thanked him.

I grinned when he looked a little dazed.

We all began talking; breaking the ice in a way, and it was a while before I actually took in Bella's appearance. My older brother protective instinct instantly kicked in when I saw that her eyes had light purple marks under them – a clear sign of sleep deprivation.

But, although her eyes looked tired, Bella otherwise looked put-together as always.

Her long, mahogany hair was flat-ironed, and her face had traces of make-up, leading me to the assumption that she had just come back from an event of the sorts. However, she was dressed comfortably in an oversized sweater and skinny jeans, so I guessed that she had arrived home a long time ago.

"Have you gotten any time to rest lately?" I asked her, already knowing full well what her answer would be, once she cringed.

"Emmett, I only have time these days for naps. Every time I'm about to get some sleep, something comes up. And it's almost always important. I don't want to disappoint anyone by cancelling," she said, slightly uncomfortable with all of my friends listening and watching so intently.

Noticing this, Edward made a head motion to Jasper and Alice, who soon dispersed around the room, going back to what they had been doing before; thereby giving us some privacy.

However, they couldn't help but sneak glances at the computer screen every once in a while to confirm that this whole thing wasn't all some weird dream they were going to wake up from.

Rosalie spoke up, "Bella, you're just gonna end up letting everyone down when you crash and burn from exhaustion. Have you thought of taking a break? Not a long one… just for the rest of the summer. It'd be like if you were just a normal teenager going on vacation from school."

I actually had to do a double-take at what Rosalie was suggesting – it was pure brilliance, actually. I agreed with her, asking Bella why she didn't just do that.

"I don't know… I mean, obviously it'd be really nice to get away from all this for a little while. And I'm not really working on anything that huge at the moment," Bella's eyebrows scrunched together as she pondered the idea for a few minutes.

And then an invisible light bulb went off in my head,

"Um, Bella? Why don't you just come to Forks?"

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