Don't own a thing.

It started out as serious, but he found himself about to crack as he made his "This is mine" declaration in the restaurant. Especially later when he had the bar to himself and she came over and he tried to shoo her away.

He made a crack about her Latin-speaking talents, and got a Brennan-response back. Not a surprise. And it made his face grew into an even bigger smile, damn it all.

As she walked away, he shook his head just ever-so slightly.

It took him a moment to see she had left something. For a fleeting second he thought she'd forgotten something... a credit card, key card, whatever... but this was Temperance Brennan. Of course she didn't. So he picked it up, and felt a little flutter in his stomach and heart.

She'd gotten him his own pass.

He knew she'd had to probably fight a little to get it, too.

He thought about before when he said he wanted one, not expecting her or anyone to listen or really get one. But here it was.

And for some reason, it touched him more than he was willing to even try to wrap his head around right now.