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"Demon/God/Summon Speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon Thinking"


Ch.1 Kyuubi Attack


"Jii-san! Why can't I see tou-san and kaa-san?!" A young boy of 4 years said to his caretaker at the moment, who happened to be Jiraiya.

"Relax Naruto, You'll see them tomorrow, and its starting to get late. The nice people at the hospital have to focus to help your kaa-san with your little brother or sister." Jiraiya said. "Now come on gaki, you gotta sleep." Jiraiya said as he dragged the boy into the mansion. Naruto tried to resist his godfather's pull, but resistance was futile.

-Somewhere near Konoha-

Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, stood by his wife who had given birth to a pair of healthy twins, both were female. The older of the two by 1 minute, had red hair much like her mother, was named Natsuki. The younger twin, who had bright yellow hair instead, was named Kasumi. As Biwako gently handed the twins over to their mother, Uzumaki Kushina, Minato only smiled before he went to reinforce the seal on Kushina. However, his attention was removed from the task as he heard two pained screams and saw both Biwako and Taji, who were delivering the baby, fall over and die. Minato saw a hooded figure with a patterned mask, holding both babies in one hand, and another held above the infants in a very threatening manner.

"Yondaime Hokage Minato, step away from the jinchuuriki, lest these two children live very short lives." The figure, obviously a man said as both Minato and Kushina were on full alert. This unknown, was able to enter unnoticed when there were seals guarding the area, along with two ANBU teams, kill two people and kidnap their newborn children, without so much as a scratch on his cloak.

"Gwah!" Kushina screamed as the seal changed in a way showing that it would break soon.

"Kushina!" Minato shouted as he turned slightly to check the seal on his wife.

"I will not ask again, Minato." The man said as he pulled a kunai from his sleeve. "Back away from the jinchuuriki. Are your children's' lives so meaningless to you?"

"C- calm down!" Minato stammered out as he was beginning to panic.

"Calm down? I'm cool as can be." The masked man said as he threw both babies in the air, before following them to kill both infants. Before he could, a yellow flash swiped both babies from the air, and Minato landed on the wall. The Hokage flashed again to a random shack before throwing off both of the babies' towels before the tags on them could explode. Minato flashed again to his mansion where he met a surprised Jiraiya.

"Take care of the twins, no time to explain." Minato said as he gently handed the twins to a speechless Jiraiya before flashing back to his wife.

Just before Kushina could be killed by the extracted Kyuubi, which was being controlled by the masked man, Minato flashed and saved her.

"You're as fast as your name suggests. But you're still too late." The unknown said as he looked to Minato, who was carrying his very exhausted and weakened wife.

"The twins are safe, don't worry." Minato said as he flashed away back to the compound with his wife, meeting a still shocked Jiraiya. Minato gently laid his wife down by the bed where Jiraiya had laid the babies, with Naruto in the room across.

"Minato, what the hell is going on?!" Jiraiya said quietly. His student was far too stressed for the typical childbirth.

"Tou-san?" Naruto said quietly as he walked up to the two adults, rubbing his eyes a bit.

"Not now Naruto, your kaa-san and your little sisters are over there." Minato ushered Naruto towards the rest of his family, out of hearing range.

"Long story short, the Kyuubi was extracted. Wake up Tsunade to have her check up on Kushina." Minato said as he donned his white Yondaime Hokage clock with flames licking the bottem. Jiraiya only gulped as his prized student flashed away. The sage only sighed as he shunshined to the Senju compound to wake up his teammate. It was near midnight, and Tsunade was already asleep, and she was a heavy sleeper.

Everywhere in Konoha, people were going about their normal business, though a small number noticed something off. However, many animals were disturbed.

The masked man discreetly landed somewhere in the village, before a very large sealing array appeared beneath him.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

And in moments, the once peaceful village had a portion of it destroyed, and the orange Kyuubi no Kitsune in the center of the destruction. One roar had spread fear through the entire village as the fox began its rampage for destruction. The ninja were quick to react as genin and chunin evacuated the civilians, while the jonin and the ANBU took it upon themselves to attempt to distract the fox's attention away from the village, while waiting for their Yondaime Hokage, or his predecessor to arrive and help.

The Kyuubi begain charging up a large ball of positive and negative energy, very rapidly and in very large quantities. After the completion of the ball of destruction, it was launched towards the Hokage's Monument, before being sucked into a seal and teleported into the distance to explode without any casualties. Behind the seal, one could see Minato, who was surprised by the Masked man and teleported away.

The Sandaime Hokage arrived to defend against the Kyuubi with the Adamantine Staff in hand.

"Listen up! Genin and Chunin, you will find and evacuate the remaining civilians before going to the shelters yourselves. Jonin and ANBU, we will do all we can to hold off the threat while Minato finds a way to deal with it. May the Will of Fire Shine even brighter on this day of struggle!" The Saindaime shouted as everyone left to do their assigned task with a renewed vigor.

-With Minato-

"Not bad, Yondaime. I am impressed. Not only to inflict a wound on me, but to remove the Kyuubi from my hold. Clearly you've earned your title as Hokage. But know this, one day I will return for the Kyuubi, and all will fall before me." The Masked man said as he swirled away.

"Wait!" Minato shouted as he tried to stop the masked assailant, but it was too late as the man disappeared. The blonde could only look towards his village, seeing the Kyuubi's eyes return to normal, though the beast was still rampaging.

"I have to get there fast. I'm so sorry Kushina, but I can't seal it back into you." Minato thought to himself as he flashed back to the compound, to see Tsunade checking up on Kushina and the twin babies.

"Where's Naruto?" Minato asked as he rushed to his wife's side.

"He went back to his room." Kushina strained out as she saw Minato reaching for the two babies.

"Minato, wha? No, don't use that seal, I know you're gonna! You can't seal it into them! Why can't you just seal it back into me?!" Kushina cried out as Tsunade gave Minato a rather dangerous look.

"I'm sorry Kushina, but if I seal the Kyuubi back into you, I doubt your body will hold out muhc longer afterwards." Minato said in tears as he flashed away with the babies, leaving his wife in distraught.

As for Naruto, rather than going back to bed as he said, he was currently sneaking out of his window, and trying to climb onto the roof. He was a curious 4 year old, and with all the noise he couldn't sleep even if he wanted to.

-Kyuubi Area-

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" A large plum of smoke around the size of the Kyuubi appeared, before disappearing and revealing Minato on top of Gamabunta, with a clone holding his two newborn children. Cheers of joy erupted from many shinobi as they saw their current leader appear.

"DAMN IT MINATO! WHY OF ALL THINGS IS THERE THE KYUUBI IN FRONT OF US?!" Gamabunta shouted rather angrily at his summoner.

"Shh... Please try to keep it down, and its a bit of a long story." Minato said as Gamabunta looked up to see the two newborns.

"Hm... What do you need me to do?" Gamabunta asked the blonde.

"I need you to try and keep the Kyuubi still for a while so I can seal it." Minato said as Gamabunta nodded.

"Don't you dare die on me then. I want answers." Gamabunta said as he leapt towards the Kyuubi. "No promises Gamabunta."

The fight continued as more nin were injured and killed. Even Gamabunta did was not unharmed, now sporting a large cut over his left eye. Eventually, it came to an end.

"Gotcha now bastard." Gamabunta said as he finally got a good grip on the Kyuubi, well, as good of a grip a toad can get. Minato quickly flashed through some handseals.

"Shiki Fuin!" Minato shouted as a ghastly entity appeared behind Minato, with beady red eyes and a dagger in its mouth.

"What is it that has called me forth?" The Shinigami said in a hollow voice, echoing slightly.

"I ask that you split the Kyuubi into its Yin and Yang chakra and sealing each into my daughters, Shinigami-sama." Minato said as his exhaustion began to take its toll.

"Very well then mortal." The Shinigami said as it stretched its hand towards the Kyuubi, which howled in pain and struggled greatly as it felt itself being torn apart and separated. An altar appeared in front of Minato as he laid the babies upon it for the Shinigami to drag each half of the Kyuubi into the babies before using a seal. The Kyuubi, in a last attempt to be set free, launched a claw at the blonde man, but was completely separated before contact.

Minato wordlessly finished the Hakke no Fuin Shiki on his two newborns, sealing the Kyuubi. The Yin chakra was sealed into Natsuki, while the Yang chakra was sealed into Kasumi.

"The deed has been done. You know the price of my contract. Are you prepared?" The Shinigami spoke. Minato gulped, and was about to give an answer before seeing the deity turn and gaze upon the village, as if looking for something. Minato however, had no idea and had no intention of asking. The Shinigami eventually laid eyes upon a small, blonde haired boy on a rooftop, who also happened to be looking in the Shinigami's direction. The death god sported a small smirk, not that anyone could really tell.

"That child, Namikaze Naruto, you will be a fine symbol of my power in this land. We will meet again." The Shinigami mused as the deity then turned to Minato, noticing the human as the father of its chosen avatar, and was waiting in apprehension.

"You will live this day. But not without a price. I will be taking a portion of your remaining lifespan, 10 years will do." The Shinigami gave the price as Minato only looked in shock, as if he heard wrong. Not dying but losing a bit of his life sounded great to him, considering the circumstances.

"Everything comes at a cost. I will have your soul eventually." The Shinigami spoke before disappearing, as if never being there.

"Minato!" Both Jiraiya and Hiruzen shouted as they arrived at the area.

"Minato, you used the Shiki Fuin didn't you?" Jiraiya said as Minato nodded. "How the hell are you alive then?!" Jiraiya shouted.

"It appears that I lost 10 years of my life rather than my entire life, but I won't complain." Minato said, still slightly surprised as Hiruzen picked up the two children.

"Regardless, Jiraiya-kun, please bring little Natsuki-chan and Kasumi-chan back to Tsunade-chan and Kushina-san. Minato will be visiting the hospital." Hiruzen said in a tone that left no resistance as Jiraiya did as his sensei told. Minato on the other hand collapsed from exhaustion and Hiruzen picked him up, before leaving for the hospital.


Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique

Shiki Fuin - Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Hakke no Fuin Shiki - Eight Trigrams Sealing Style


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