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Emily settled into the cab, rolling her eyes as Effy touched her sympathetically. How can that help? Emily thought bitterly. She swallowed hard as Effy asked the cabbie to take them to the hospital. Emily couldn't look at Effy. Instead, she stared out the window as the streets of London passed her by.


"Say something," Naomi urged her, unsure of herself. Unsure if she would have the will to go through with what she'd started. Because yes, she, Naomi Campbell, had started this. And despite the booze and the spliff, she wanted Emily. And maybe, hopefully-

"I'm all about experiments, Me," Emily responded nervously. And before Naomi could protest, Emily had reached for her shirt.


"Emily?" Effy whispered. Emily sighed, shaking away the memory as the cab slowed down. Again, Effy touched her softly.

"Don't," Emily snapped, pulling back her arm. "Not unless you can explain why you didn't tell me? Or her? Fucks sake, why didn't someone tell me?"

Emily looked at Effy now, for the first time since the airport. Pleading with her eyes, she needed to understand.

Effy was quiet as the taxi came to a stop, staring straight ahead. Emily gritted her teeth, waiting. She ways annoyed with Effy, with everything. No, she was pissed as all hell. Emily shook her head and lifted herself out of the cab. Effy made to follow her.

"Stay where you are," Emily demanded. Effy froze.

"Do you not think you've already taken enough away from me as it is?" Emily asked, exasperated. Effy stared, unsure what to say. She knew what Emily wanted, she wanted the same thing. But how could she fix Naomi? She couldn't, she could barely fix herself.


"Tell me what we're gonna do," Effy pleaded.

"Well, I'm going to die. What are you going to?" Naomi stated through ragged breaths. She'd given up, and Effy hated her for that. Sighing, she reached to embrace Naoms with her free arm.

Emily, Effy thought. That's what we're gonna do. Because fuck if I'll let you give up like this.

"You didn't-" Emily started. "You didn't deserve this time with her. You stole it from me."

"She wouldn't let me," Effy began. Tears burned on both girls faces.

"I'll never forgive you for that," Emily interrupted, before slamming the taxi door and walking away.

Emily sighed as she fell into a chair. She hadn't meant what she'd said to Effy. Not completely. She was exhausted and overwhelmed. She needed to blame someone. Effy was an easy target. Emily closed her eyes.

Forgive me, Ef, she thought. She was boiling over with anger. Now that she was here, alone in the waiting room she kind of wished Effy had followed her in. Katie hadn't been able to find a flight until the following morning. Of course, she wasn't alone, not really. She could find Naomi's room if she wanted. But wasn't it easier to sit and pretend this wasn't real? That Naomi would come to her and scoop her up? Saying she was crazy for thinking she'd lose the one thing, the only thing that mattered to her? Her Naomi, her everything.

Emily took a deep breath, clinching her jaw. Why hadn't Naomi just told her? Ages ago. They would've had more time together.

"Miss?" a nurse said to Emily, lightly touching her arm. "Are you all right? You've been sitting there for a while. And I know it's not my business but it seems you've been crying."

"Fine," Emily replied. She was surprised by the nurse's kindness. "Just here to see someone. My girlfriend."

"Do you need help finding her room?"

"No. I know where it is, thank you. She's resting. I'm just letting her rest," Emily lied.

"I understand. If you need anything, I'll be right over there," the nurse told Emily before walking toward the nurse's station desk.


Effy returned to the hospital immediately following her meeting with Victoria. She was surprised when she did not find Emily in Naomi's room. She had to have been gone at least two hours, if not more. She'd been standing outside of Naomi's room for all of five minutes when Emily surfaced.

"I can't go in," Emily admitted. "I just, I need more time."

"There isn't anymore time, Emily," Effy said quietly.

"I'm so angry with her," Emily replied, saying it aloud for the first time. She could feel her cheeks flush and fresh tears in her brown eyes.

"She's dying, Emily," Effy responded simply.

Emily choked a sob back, "I know."

Effy collected the petite woman into her arms, allowing Emily to sob quietly for a few moments.

"Look at me," Effy instructed, holding Emily's shoulders. "You have to be strong for her. You have to be strong her like she was strong for you."

Emily nodded, taking a deep breath to steady her. With one last look at Naomi through the glass, she rounded the corner and opened the door. Without hesitation, she lifted the thin blanket covering Naomi and slid into bed next to her girlfriend. Her heart was pounding as Naomi turned, opening her steal blue eyes. Emily gently stroked Naomi's cheek.

They stared at each other for a moment, no words needed to be spoken. Emily couldn't prevent the sobs from overtaking her and she collapsed onto Naomi's chest. Naomi instinctively wrapped her arm around Emily and wasn't surprised to see Effy when she looked up. Thank you, she mouthed. Effy nodded and turned away unwilling to witness what felt like a private moment between Emily and Naomi.


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