This fic has been on my mind for some time now, and I finally feel like I can sit down and start to type it out. I will still work on "Tears in the Sand", but I wanted to start this one while I tried to figure out the fight scenes for the other fic. Originally, Swan Lake was a German fairy tale with a tragic end; over time it passed through different cultures and evolved from a story to a ballet, and finally to a cartoon; also, two alternative endings were added. If any of you were familiar with Swan Lake it would probably be the recent cartoons that were released within the last decade that you know. I am not writing my fic based on those cartoons. My fic will be based, in plot, on the original tale itself. The scenery and some of the minor characters will be based on an old cartoon version of the story that I saw when I was about seven. Obviously that was a long time ago so unless you can remember the 1980's then you won't have a clue what I'm rambling about. It was a good cartoon, much better than the newer versions. I do not remember any of the dialogue, so I'm making that up as I write, and of course the whole story will be changed to yaoi. I have gone out on a limb and made some illustrations for this fic which I hope to color in and get posted soon. By the way, as much as I don't care for fluff, I have gone with the happy ending, simply because I don't want my heroes to drown after all my hard work. Um I mean after all their hard work. Heh. Oh and I've also gone entirely SaiyaJin with my cast, so Goku is Kakarot in this story. The main pairing is K/V with P+V and N/R on the side. They do not have their tails or any special powers in this fic, except for Paragus and Raditz, but that's magic. Characters:

Princess Odette ~ Vegeta

Prince Siegfried ~ Kakarot

Knight Rothbart ~ Paragus

Odile ~ Raditz

King ~ Bardock

Prince's Friend ~ Nappa

King's Counsel ~ Fasha, Toma Warnings:

Violence, Yaoi, Lemon, Language, Sexual Assault. Not in every chapter but this is a general warning for the whole fic. Disclaimer:

I do not own Dragonball Z or any of its characters. I do not own Swan Lake or any of its characters. I am using them for my own pleasure and if you wish to sue then you will receive all that I have which would be a few cobwebs and a spacey mistress. -=Waves a hand in front of Kobo's face..sweatdrops at her zoned out look..places a bucket under her open mouth to catch the dribble.=-

Swan Lake

Chapter One

The sun shone brightly in the afternoon sky, it's warm golden rays lighting gently upon the vast canopy of an emerald forest. Vibrant green leaves rustled by a playful wind provided a patchy cover to the carpet of soft grass that extended over the ground beneath the ancient, gnarled tree trunks. Bushy shrubs sprouted out of the ground in small clumps, some were dotted with berries of varied colors and some with tiny, fragrant blossoms. Graceful flowers gently swayed in the breeze, dancing peacefully with the dazzling butterflies and buzzing bees. Birds twittered to one another from the shadowed limbs of thick trees. Squirrels chattered as they went about their daily routine of nut collecting under the cover of cool leaves. Deep within the sylvan terrain a pair of hunters stalked silently, the light footfalls of their leather boots the only noise to warn their unwitting prey. The first man crouched low behind a thick gathering of bushes, his sharp black eyes narrowed in concentration as he sized up his target. Gloved hands slid a long shafted arrow onto a polished hunting bow. One dark eye closed as a set of pale lips pulled into a tight line. A steady breath, two more; the white- feathered arrow flew from the crafted bow with a soft whistling sound. It sailed speedily through the air and embedded itself in the body of an unsuspecting buck. The deer fell to the ground with a gentle thud, the arrow's long shaft sticking out of its right side. The two men walked to the fallen prey and expertly removed the arrow from their kill. The shooter wiped the blood from his weapon and placed it back into the quiver strapped to his back. He placed his bow over his other shoulder, setting the curved wood against the cushion of his flowing cape. He watched his escort, and friend, pick the carcass of their kill up and lay it across his squared shoulders. The two of them exchanged quiet smiles as they headed towards a small stream for a short break.

Prince Kakarot leaned his back against the velvet-soft moss covering a wide trunk. He glanced at his latest kill with a smirk of satisfaction, his father would be proud of the days catch, and there were still many hours before he had to return home. His hunting escort, Nappa, knelt by the bank of the stream and drew the clear water to his mouth in one large, cupped hand. His dark brows lifted as he closed his eyes and drank contentedly of the pure water. He dried his hand on his pant leg and turned back to join his prince under the trees. A grin eased its way over his lips while he admired the prince's relaxed state; ebony hair spiking out in every direction, soft pointed bangs brushing against closed eyes, and muscled chest rising and falling with quiet, peaceful repose. Prince Kakarot was as beautiful as he was strong, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the burly escort, but he had never found more interest in the younger man except to be his friend, and his attendant. He sat down heavily beside the prince and turned a pleased smirk towards the collection of prey that was gathered next to them. "A fine catch indeed my prince. Two mallards, one boar, four rabbits, a fox, and that fat buck; the king will be impressed I'd say." He licked his lips in anticipation of the feast to be had later that evening. Kakarot opened his eyes and looked at the pile of animals. He nodded his head, thick spikes of hair bouncing with the action. "I hope so, it would be a shame to have gone to so much effort if father turns his nose up at my catch." He and Nappa shared a small chuckle. The larger man ran his index finger over his slim mustache a few times. "I should say so, that fat boar gave you quite a chase, you nearly fell into the river barging after him." Another round of amused laughter spilled through the calm air. Kakarot patted his quiver of arrows and stroked his fingertips through the white feathers of his longest weapon. "My grandfather's arrow serves me well." He admired the long, sturdy shaft as Nappa nodded in agreement. "Aye, as well as it served him it does." Broad muscles stretched as he leaned his back against the moss-covered trunk. "This forest teams with game, how long shall we tarry here and hunt my prince?" He raised a dark brow as the prince considered quietly. Kakarot tilted his fair face towards the stream while he thought. A small nod was directed towards his questioning friend's baldhead. "One more hunt Nappa. Then we shall return to the castle with our catch and surprise my father with a feast." Grins spread over their lips as they settled down for a short nap before the last hunt.

Kakarot stalked through the underbrush with his bow in his hands; his eyes glanced quickly from side to side as he made his way slowly through the woods, searching out any adequate prey. A soft rustling in the bushes to his right drew his attention to a grazing doe. The fatted deer was nibbling on the tall blades of lush grass; its gentle eyes focused on the meal before its mouth. Kakarot drew his grandfather's arrow and steadied it in his bowstring. His eyes narrowed while he aimed the sharp metal head for the doe's heart. His hand pulled the string of the bows back slowly, and he paused to steady his breathing. A sudden shiver in the bushes below him was all the warning he had before a group of startled sparrows erupted from the green shrub. Kakarot stumbled back in surprise and stepped on Nappa's left foot with the thick heel of his boot. His escort yelped, dropping the game he held to cradle his toes, while bending down he bumped his prince, and caused him to let go of the bowstring. "Damnit no!" Kakarot cursed as he watched the doe escape into the woods and his grandfather's arrow sail high into the air and disappear some distance ahead in the forest. "Nappa I have to find the arrow! Stay with our catch until I return, I shan't be gone long." He yelled over his shoulder to the taller man as he ran into the darkening woods. He stumbled through the bushes and tall grasses as he searched for the familiar sight of white feathers and smooth wood. Animals skittered to their holes and nests before the pounding feet of the prince. The sun neared the horizon, beginning to set as Kakarot searched on. Kakarot sought for his weapon through several miles of thick bush and shadowed undergrowth till he stumbled upon a glassy lake of calm blue water. Across the expanse of the lake's surface rose a green hill and a staircase of stone steps. He wondered about where the steps led and as he stepped forward to try and get a better view, he caught sight of his weapon sticking out of the ground near the lake. The prince ran out to the old arrow and retrieved it from the soft earth. He breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped the dirt from the metal head. Just as he was returning to the bushes he heard the gentle flapping of large wings and the cry of a bird. He crouched behind the shrubbery, peeking through the green leaves as a white swan descended from the dusky sky and sailed across the water to the center of the lake, creating ripples in the smooth surface. He fitted his arrow into his bow once more and took aim at the beautiful swan while the first stars of the evening began to twinkle in the sky. "You'll more than make up for that lost doe my beauty." He whispered to the swan as he steadied his arrow for the strike. The moon broke into the blue sky at that moment, silver rays spilling down upon the center of the lake, bathing the white swan in an enchanting glow. Kakarot paused in stunned silence as the water rippled beneath the swan, whose long neck stretched upward towards the moon as it gave a gentle cry from its open beak. The prince watched in fascination as the water and moonlight swirled together around the swan, a silvery glow illuminating the lake as the bird changed form within the wildly spinning spout of water. A quiet explosion of light and liquid revealed a man where the swan had once been. The prince dropped his weapon and stared openly at the lovely creature. His dark black hair was slicked against his shoulders from the water, but it stood straight as a flame once the man had shaken the droplets from it. He had a smooth, angular face; his hair ended in a widow's peak on his forehead, dark sculpted eyebrows were drawn low over smoldering onyx eyes, high cheekbones rested above pale, full lips and a smooth jaw. A graceful neck melded into curved shoulders and a well- muscled, compact frame in a silken shirt and tight pants. The man was slighter than any Kakarot had ever seen; he was even shorter than some of the women at the castle, but the prince could tell by the muscles that he was not a weakling. He watched in muted awe as the man stepped out of the knee-deep water and looked at the glowing moon in the sky. His eyes seemed filled with longing and great sorrow as he stared into the night sky. The prince lowered his hand to the ground, accidentally jabbing his fingers against the sharp arrowhead. "Ouch!" Kakarot covered his mouth with his wounded hand and hoped the man hadn't heard his outburst. He soon found himself to be incorrect in that hope. A pair of fiery orbs glared at him from the edge of the lake. The prince stood up and stepped towards the silent figure while giving the man his best smile. "Hello there, I am Prince Kakarot. It's a lovely night out, and I hope you don't think me rude for staring at you, but you see I lost my arrow while hunting and when I came here to get it back I saw a beautiful swan, but I see now that you were that lovely creature. I would like to know your name if I may ask it?" He rushed his explanation out at the startled man. A surprised look came into the prince's dark eyes when the enchanted being stepped away from him and became skittish, almost frightened as he neared him. Kakarot tilted his head in confusion, he wondered why the man seemed so nervous all of a sudden. The enchanted man glanced over at the stone stairs and then looked curiously at Kakarot. He blinked at the tender smile on the prince's lips. "My name is Prince Vegeta." He said softly, his voice seemed sullen but Kakarot could detect a sorrowful note in it. He stepped forward again but paused when Vegeta stepped back. The smaller prince turned towards the stairs and hurried to them as Kakarot called after him. "Wait! Prince Vegeta where are you going?" He cried out in bewilderment. The enchanted prince looked back at him from the top of the stairs and shook his head, a sad and angry gleam in his dark eyes. He looked up suddenly, as though he could hear something, and then vanished into the woods beyond the steps. Kakarot frowned as he retrieved his weapons. "Prince Vegeta. I'll be back, be sure of it prince. I want to know all about you." He whispered determinedly as he went to return to Nappa.