Prompt: Kali asking Julia's advice + a love confession.

Kali settles into Julia's armchair by the window, draping her legs over the side of it and lays her face in the sunlight, curled up like a cat. She sighs.

"I'm not sure I should meet with them." She says, and glances over at Julia. Her emissary is carrying a tray with what looks like a full tea service into the living room. She sets it down on the coffee table and purses her lips, clearly deep in thought. Julia always prefers to stand when they're dealing with pack issues – she likes to pace – but Kali likes to sit and watch her. Julia is fascinating when she's thinking really hard. She bites her lower lip and twirls dark curls around her fingers, and the way her eyes light up when she finds a solution…

Ugh, it's really getting disgusting how in love with her emissary she is. She's pretty sure Julia has no idea, either. She's all sweet smiles and wise words and kind eyes as usual. Kali is frustrated.

It's not really done, an alpha hooking up with an emissary. Normally an alpha would choose one or more betas in their pack – and sometimes only for a fling, for the proliferation of the pack. Werewolf dynamics were more relaxed. No one minded whether your chosen lover was a man or a woman if you were a beta, but if you were an alpha it was expected that your main partner would be able to give you children.

Kali's pack would probably not mind her hooking up with Julia if sex were all it was. But it couldn't be like that with Julia. She's the kind of girl you give your world to – the kind of girl who makes everyone else disappear. It's not that Kali or the emissary herself is against casual sex, but Kali could not be with her for only a night. She wants to be with her forever.

"You should go to the meeting." Julia says, pulling Kali from her thoughts. She's walked over to the window, casting a long shadow on the floor in the fading sunlight. "It's an opportunity for peace."

"Do you really think that'll happen?" Kali asks skeptically. She arches an eyebrow.

"No." Julia replies, honest as always, shaking her head. "Not really. But I hope they prove me wrong."

"Who?" Kali is curious: does Julia think it's the wolves that can't keep their promise, or the hunters?

Julia smiles. "The Argents." She walks over to Kali, stopping at her side. She sits down on the chair's free arm. "What, do you think I don't trust you?"

"I think you know how violent and unpredictable we can be." Kali points out, and straightens up in the chair. She collects her body and turns to face Julia.

"So can they." Julia reminds her, lays her hand gently on Kali's shoulder. A friendly touch. "It doesn't mean it's not worth trying to change."

Kali throws her another skeptical look, but the earnest expression on her emissary's face causes her to soften.

"Okay, I'll give them a chance. One chance." She says, and Julia's grin is reward enough. Kali looks at her in quiet for a moment. And then, out of nowhere, Julia takes Kali's chin in her hand and bends down to meet her lips in a gentle kiss.

She's too shocked to do anything before the other woman pulls back, a very satisfied look on her face.

"Julia, I –"

"Kali," Her emissary cuts her off. "I'm not stupid. I see the way you look at me. What I don't see is how you've missed the fact that I love you. I should have thought I made it obvious." She grins, standing. Julia turns back towards the kitchen, walking away more gracefully in heels than anyone should after confessing their love to an alpha werewolf.

"And you can pick me up at 7 Friday." She calls from the kitchen. "I expect to be wooed!"