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Chapter 1: Awaiting Perfection

"I've decided to get one." Blaine replied after taking a sip of blood from his goblet carved out of a human skull. The skull fit perfectly in his cold hands and the familiarity of blood and death calmed the excitement brooding within him. "I now have the resources and power. It only makes sense that I get one." Blaine's longtime companion, Nick, slightly raised his brown eyebrows – silently encouraging his friend to continue with his narration. Both vampires were setting in matching leather chair with nothing but cold marble tiles and a fire glow separating them. Similar to his kind host, Nick too was enjoying his dinner, only his blood was originating from a far more delicate source.

The conversation took a momentary pause when the fire from the marble mantle snapped and crackled. Blaine's black pupils circled with hazel irises steadily watched the mystic orange glow and the tempting flames wave without decision. For too long the natural element of fire was able to enrapture and enflame the passion and blood burning from inside him. However, whether it was due to time or age, fire has become less appealing and ultimately replaced with the cooling sensation of white-blue moonlight. It was this very moonlight shinning from the study window that recaptured Blaine's attention once the fire's outburst ended and return to its former state of subtle flames. The natural moonlight was calm in comparison to the domineering fire – a detail that brought unexplained comfort to the dark haired vampire.

"It's about time you got one." Nick cheered. His lips were stained red and his white-pearly fangs were fully extended. "You'll be surprised when you learn how much fun a good one can be." The shorter vampire added. His long cold fingers softly combed through the blonde head of hair resting against his shoulder. Attached to the ruffled hair laid a pale-partially nude boy with a terrified expression on his face and a leaking wound on his frail neck.

The boy has a name that much Blaine knows to be true, however it was never a detail he concerned himself with learning. A human is only a human after all.

"I can still remember the day I bought Jeff." Nick smirked at the boy, as if remembering a particular unspoken incidence. "He was so scared the first night I took him and the taste of his virgin blood was ever-so divine." Nick licked the last trace of blood off his lips. "Even tonight, long past the days of his virginity – Jeff's blood is still sweet and the taste his fear and obedience makes it all the richer."

Blaine took another sip from his goblet and watched the powerless human tremble while his master brushed his fangs over the marred skin. The sight was beautiful, wonderfully addicting and painfully arousing. The fire from the mantle crackled again, but this time Blaine did not look towards the sound. His inner pleas for his own human's submission was too caught up in the nude image to Jeff to stray back to the roaring flames. The passion and burning desire inside him was heavy and loudly begging for something rare and feeble that he could own and control. Yes, Blaine Anderson wants his own personal human, but not any human will suffice - no his human will be special and one of a kind. Someone perfect and made just for him. His human would both love and fear him; and fully submit him and satisfy him without question or hesitation.

At the end of the day there is little that Blaine truly needs from his human – blood and sex being the highest priority on his list. But why should he accept anything less than his highest expectation? It has never happened before and it will not happen now. He will own his ideal human and that human will be perfect. This human will quiver in his presence, and satisfy his need for blood and sex, and most importantly his human provide him with power and authority. After that Blaine - and Blaine makes himself aroused just by thinking about it - his fangs will puncture his human's neck, and his body will break and take his human's innocence.

Blaine closed his eyes and tightened his grip around the skull. Using and relaying on the goblet as a way support and calm the flare in his groin. It will not be easy to obtain such a special breed and until then he will need patience to control himself.

"Where are you going to get one?" Nick removed his hand from Jeff's hair and pushed his boy deeper between his widened legs. In complete and beautiful perfection, the blonde stared up at his master and kissed Nick's jaw line. The human was dressed simply in a short cream colored loin cloth with a silver collar. "I got Jeff from the Lancaster ranch back east. They have a nice selection of humans to choose from, and unlike other ranches, their humans weren't drugged up." While Nick spoke, he slowly ran his cold hands up and down the warm skin on the boy's exposed chest.

Blaine smiled into his goblet when Jeff's domesticated lips trembled with fear. The pure look of terror in the boy's eyes was too beautiful to interrupt. Thankfully Nick continued with his story and hand gestures. "Some ranches drug their humans into compliance, but Lancaster disciplines their humans into acquiescence." Nick squeezed Jeff from around the waist, "Jeff, do you remember what you were doing when I rescued you." Nick smiled and Blaine smirked as a lone tear trickled down the boy pink cheek. "You were in a dark chamber. Your arms were cuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling and you were forced to stand on your toes." Four more fat tears fell down the boy's face. Blaine loved to watch humans cry, and it was such an easy accomplishment to achieve. "You were a very bad boy before I took you in, but you're my good boy now."

Blaine uncrossed and crossed his legs again before standing up, unable to fully contain his inner growls of sinister hunger. It was too much for him to look at. His desire to claim a human was strong, and the cast shadows over Jeff's bare skin did not help ease his appetite. In the past Blaine has never lusted over the blonde, but tonight in his own weakness, there wasn't any assurance in what he would or wouldn't do. In the end, the safest option was to stand up and distance himself from the rich taste of unadulterated fear radiating off the human and polluting his study.

The dark haired vampire took another sip of blood to mask his hunger with cool disinterest. "I'm not going to the ranches." Blaine stepped away from his friend and journeyed towards the window. The early evening snow had stopped falling and the clouds had moved out. "I plan on going to my parent's estate tomorrow." Blaine did not need to turn around to know that Nick was staring at him. "Last time I was at my parent's house they had recently bought a human girl to be their maid. She was fourteen at the time and now she is seventeen. Even though I prefer men, I cannot deny her beauty. She has fair porcelain skin, beautiful cerulean eye and soft brown hair. I haven't thought much about her until I decided to get a human."

Nick's silence spoke his question.

"This blood that I'm drinking," Blaine turned around and raised the goblet-skull towards Nick. "This blood belongs to a male human who helps raise children at one of the ranches. I've been observing him or the past few months. According to his supervisors he has a kind and forgiving heart. They also tell me that he is submissive and eager to please." Blaine brought the skull back to his lips and took another drink – stamping the conversation with a deliberative pause. "I decided not to make any decisions until I sampled his blood. I must say that I like it. It's docile and sweet."

"I don't understand." Nick stated. Blaine turned around and started back through blue moonlit window when Nick resumed stroking Jeff's naked stomach and chest.

The untouched layer of snow on the window ledge temporary distracted the vampire. "Her beauty with his passiveness, it's the perfect combination. It's the perfect offspring."

The word 'offspring' fell from Blaine's lips like a deafening thump and mantle fire popped and crackled unexpectedly.

"You plan on specially breeding your own human?" Nick gasp. It was not unheard for some vampires to arrange control breeding, but it was never an idea Nick imagined that Blaine would involve himself with. Patience is not a virtue that describes his friend. When Blaine wants something, he wants it now, and waiting through the course of a human's childhood seemed like an awfully long time for someone like Blaine.

"I know breeding is an uncommon choice, but I've always been selective with my property." Blaine closed his eyes and swallowed. The mental image of a facelessly pale body groping black sheets flashed in his mind like a filthy of wet dreams. His plan would be without flaw. Everything about the boy would be his and under his control. He would own the human's body and mind, the boy's mere existence would be thanks to him. Blaine already has his human's future planned out. Tomorrow he will get temporary ownership of his selected male and female. He will bring them back to his estate. The male will mount the female until she became pregnant. After which the male would return to his former post, and the female will stay with him until she bore him a perfect son.

"You wouldn't be able to claim him until he is sixteen. Are you willing to wait that long?" Nick calmly asked. "Let's say she pregnant in a week, can you wait…sixteen years and nine months before you fully claim him?"

"This will be my human, just like Jeff is yours. This human will not be a cheap drink or fuck. If I'm going to give him my blood that will make him my immortal human, then I'm going to expect him to be perfect. I will wait to claim him, but understand one thing." Blaine smirked. "There is a difference between claiming and owning. He will my property even before he is born." Blaine stared back at the untouched snow outside. The snow was innocent and untouched, a common theme of the vampire's wants.

Blaine's thoughts fell silent when he heard Jeff suddenly gasp and pleasurably moan; no doubt Nick had resumed feeding and was fondling with his human's sex for added flavor. The human had already succumbed to a few rounds of blissful agony while Nick ate.

The moon was full under the clear sky and the distant sound of a crying wolf caught Blaine's attention. He did not miss haunting in the night or feeding off his prey, such sport was for the careless and the young. Blaine has been alive long enough to experience this fun. Now he wants to relax and enjoy his prey.

The sounds of moaning and sucking continued in the room. Blaine closed his eyes and imagined the day he would get to do that. Of course he would have to wait, and while waiting he would still pleasure himself with the available flesh that ended up in his bed. However, nothing would compare to owning, controlling and claiming a human who would share his last name. Blaine already knows that when the time comes and his human is old enough to claim, he is going be impatient and greedy. To the best of his ability Blaine calmed the thought away by taking another sip from the skull.

Every ounce of the boy would belong to him. The boy would be conceived under his instruction and nurtured by his scrutiny. At a young age his boy would wear a leash and collar to keep him contained. Only after trust was developed and maturity settled, he would free his human of a leash. Of course the collar would stay. With all his boy's training, he would still keep his human's mind modest. There would be no reason to trouble his boy's simple spirit with reading, art or science. All his human would need to understand is how to satisfy, fear and appreciate him. As for sex, such knowledge would be thrust into his delicate human at the right time.

"He will be my little pet." Blaine whispered to himself. "I will wait however long it takes to claim him, and when I do he will be perfect." Then, almost as if the universe was making a promise to Blaine, a shooting star dashed across the night sky. "I will wait for my prefect human and I will make him prefect."

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