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Chapter 7: Only Room to Love One

"Blaine, help me!" Kurt cried and desperately tried to pull away from his attackers. "I don't like it. I don't like it." The eleven year old boy frantically kicked his feet and tried to standup. "Blaine! Make them stop! Make them stop! Please come and get me!" Kurt gradually elevated his pleas to non-coherent screams.

The Sebastian tightened his hold around Kurt's waists and kept both of the human's tiny arms pinned down. "I would stop moving if I were you." The tall vampire growled into the tiny ears. "The more you fight us, then the more this will hurt you."

"No," Kurt cried and tried to move again.

"You can scream and kick all you want. In fact I encourage you to fight it. I don't care if it hurts you." For the simple truth Sebastian to be known, Kurt was not in any danger of getting hurt. If anything Sebastian would prefer if Kurt kept still while Nick gave the tiny boy his annual vaccination. In that case Sebastian could leave and be on his merry way. However, Blaine made it clear to him that he and Nick were supposed to be the 'bad guys' in this situation.

"I didn't do anything wrong! Why! Why! Why! Blaine they're hurting me!" Kurt shouted again and failed in his attempt to escape Sebastian uncomfortable hold.

"Relax kid," Nick mocked and rubbed circles of alcohol onto the pale arm. "Maybe if Blaine didn't baby you so much, then you would know what real pain is. This little human, is not pain. If you want to learn what true pain is, then I suggest you ask Jeff the next time you see him."

Kurt loudly sniffed his nose and blinked away fresh tears. His normally pale cheeks were pink with salty tears rolling down. "Please don't hurt me." Kurt begged. "Those things hurt." Nick unzipped a black bag and removed a capped needle syringe and one tiny vial. "Where's Blaine?" The young boy muttered.

"Far away from here and you," Nick growled.

"No! No! No!" Sebastian could feel the messy haired boy roll his head back and forth under his chin. "Blaine is always here."

Sebastian rested his chin on top of Kurt's head, stilling the boy's fruitless motion. "Maybe he got tired of you?" Nick suggested and peeled open the plastic surrounding the syringe. "It wouldn't surprise me if Blaine decided that he was done playing with you." Wide blue eyes stared at Nick with horror and Kurt's tiny mouth formed in an 'o' shape. "Trust me little human, if Blaine doesn't want to play with you anymore, then I'm sure none of your toys will play with you either. The maids will stop cooking you food and no one will help you bath or tuck you in bed. You will be nothing more than a lost, lonely and dirty little boy."

Nick looked away from the petrified child and cleaned the lid of the vaccination vial. If there was any ounce of guilt in his body, then it was well mask behind his cold eyes and a firm expression.

"B-Blaine wouldn't leave me." Kurt hesitated. "He said he would never leave me.

"You never know." Sebastian teased. "Have you done anything to annoy him lately? Have you been a good little boy?" Kurt made a noise of agreement. "Have you argued about eating your fruits and vegetables lately?"

"No." Watery blue eyes watched Nick fill the syringe with the clear liquid.

"Have you been going to bed without causing a fuss?" Nick suggested. "Are you brushing and flossing your teeth every morning and evening?"

"Yes. I've been a good boy." Kurt took a deep breath and tried to understand what he did to upset Blaine. Of course he did something wrong, Kurt told himself, otherwise Blaine would be coming to rescue him.

"Then I guess he just got tired of you." Nick decided and calmly formed a C-shape against Kurt's deltoid muscle. With his less dominate hand, Nick felt Kurt's muscle tense. "Remember little human, the more you tense up, then the more this will hurt." Nick motioned the needle forward, but pulled back when he felt Kurt's deltoid muscle tighten.

"Could you please tell Blaine I'm really-really-really sorry and I'll be better now? I don't want to get poked." The young boy panicked. "I don't want this! I don't want this!"

Sebastian took a deep breath when the young boy resumed screaming. This happened every time Kurt needed to get a vaccination. He and Nick would tease and try to scare the poor child and Kurt would resist them. Or so, this has been the new pattern. When Kurt was a baby he would stay awake and cry for hours from sore muscles and other typically baby fuss. Since then the two older vampires have turned the simple ten second procedure into something significantly scarier. Among all the horrors they've inflict upon Kurt, this was the first year Sebastian and Nick tried to convince Kurt that his master had abandoned him. According to Blaine, eleven was a good age to advance Kurt's training to a new level.

"I don't think a sorry will cut it." Nick coolly spoke. "Blaine works very hard to keep you safe and comfortable. Do you remember when you had a kitty? You weren't able to keep her happy. You failed as a master and now you're failing as a pet."

Kurt shoulders dropped at the reminder of his kitten. He had done everything in his power to keep Kitty well taken care of. He gave her food every morning, he brushed her hair and he allowed the soft animal to sleep on his extra pillow. It all ended one afternoon when he woke up from a nap and realized that Kitty unleashed herself and disappeared. Along with the missing cat, was the noticeable absence of her hair brushes, litter box and water bowl. Kurt cried for the next two weeks.

"I tried to keep Kitty happy." Kurt chocked over his tears. "I loved Kitty."

Nick and Sebastian stayed silent and allowed Kurt to wallow in his sorrow. They knew the real story behind Kitty's disappearance. The story was unremarkable and fully consistent with Blaine's history of jealousy. During Kurt's nap time, the dark haired vampire snatched the cat and freely gave it away to another family. Blaine later explained himself. "Kurt isn't allowed to love anything that isn't me."

"You need to understand Kurt, Blaine works very hard for you. He feeds you, cleans you and keeps you warm and safe. What do you do for him? Do you even try to make his life easier?" Sebastian asked and simultaneously tightened his hold on the thin body. "You're no longer a little baby who can't hold his neck up. You need to make things easier for him."

"How?" Kurt asked with self-pity.

"By holding still," Nick quickly answered and inserted the needle into the thin arm. Kurt closed his eyes and remained still while Nick injected the vaccination. A few seconds later Nick retracted the needle and put a bright blue Band-Aid over the pale skin. Much to Nick and Sebastian's relief the small needle did not draw any blood that could trigger any savage instincts. "See, that did not hurt."

Blue eyes watched Nick discharged the needle with complete betrayal. How could Nick have done that to him without his permission? How could Blaine have allowed this to happen?

"Are we done now?" Sebastian demanded and loosened his hold on the young boy. "It's my day off from babysitting and I need to go."

Nick nodded his head. "He should be good."

Neither vampire cared or said anything when Kurt slipped out of Sebastian arms and slithered onto the floor. Kurt was completely exhausted from fear and the arm they poked him was growing sore. As if neither man would notice him, Kurt slowly leaned over and grabbed a doll from among his collection toys. With toy in hand, Kurt hid behind a tall love seat. From this hiding spot Kurt tried to listen to the two men talk, but they were talking about things he did not understand. They were using terms that he did not know and their references lacked meaning to him. None of that mattered to Kurt. He only cared about the whereabouts of Blaine, and neither vampire were mentioning anything of that sort. With time the vampire's conversation lessened to the comforting sound of white noise.

Kurt released a deep breath of relief when he recognized the sound of Nick zipping up his little black bag of vials and syringes. The relief faded when Kurt heard the both men leave the playroom all together.

The young boy poked his head out from behind and love seat and looked to the area he had last saw the vampires. The area was empty. The playroom was completely and fully empty. An unsettling feeling of fear fell within Kurt's stomach. Where did Nick go? Blaine had told him this morning that Nick would be watching him today. Now Nick was gone. Did Blaine truly leave him and ultimately free Nick the burden of watching him?

Kurt lowered his body onto his hands and knees and slowly crawled out of his hiding space. The room looked the same, but it sounded and felt different. The playroom, as far back as Kurt could remember, had never been this quiet before. Normally Sebastian, Nick or some other faceless stranger would be watching him and bitterly complaining the entire time. If Jeff was watching him, then the blonde haired human would be nervously tapping his feet or fiddling with his hands. When Daniel was here be would be making silly noises in effort to make Kurt laugh. At the end of the day, the play room was never without sound. Now, it was silent. It was not the silence that made Kurt both worried and scared. It was the simple fact that he was alone. This was the first time in his entire life where he has alone and without the promise that Blaine would come back for him.

An uncomfortable tightness grip Kurt's lungs as the pale eleven year old crawled farther out and into the open space.

"Blaine." Kurt nervously looked around and hoped that the black haired vampire would appear. Once Blaine did not return, Kurt resorted to the second person who brought him comfort. "Daniel." The other boy did not come. "Jeff, Sebastian or N-N-Nick?" A nervous whimper left the young boy. Soon the whimper turned into a scream, "Blaine! Come back! Come back now!"

Kurt picked himself off the ground and looked around the room. Sound wasn't the only thing missing. Much to his horror and fear his toy chest was open. Normally the lid was always closed. With messy hair and unsteady footsteps Kurt approached his toy box. A short walk later and Kurt noticed that his toy box was completely empty. Even on his most nasty days, he still had at least one toy to play with.

"Where did my toys go?" Kurt's fingers held tightly onto the brim of the box. "Where did they go?" The young boy turned his head sideways and noticed a second change in the playroom. His white fluffy play mat was gone and replaced with nothing but cold hard marble. With the rug's disappearance, was the removal of the few toys he was playing with before Sebastian and Nick attacked him with the scary needle. Something must have happened when he was hiding.

Nick's earlier words rang in his ear.

"Trust me little human, if Blaine doesn't want to play with you anymore, then I'm sure none of your toys will play with you either. The maids will stop cooking you food and no one will help you bath or tuck you in bed. You will be nothing more than a lost, lonely and dirty little boy."

"Oh no!" Kurt cried with loneliness. Blaine no longer wanted him, and now no one wanted him. Among his feeling of isolation, the young boy remembered the doll he had left behind the love seat.

With excessively loud feet and desperation in his heart, Kurt raced to the other side of the love seat. Thanks to every good grace, the toy that he hid from Sebastian and Nick was safe and unmoved.

"You wouldn't leave me Robbie, right?" Kurt talked with a shaky voice and picked up the simple doll stressed in brown. "It's just you and me from now on. We're going to have to help either out." The doll remained still and nonresponsive. "Do you know how to cook or clean?" The toy named Robbie did not answer, and the lack of a response reminded Kurt that he was in fact alone and his last of toys didn't want talk to him.

"You will be nothing more than a lost, lonely and dirty little boy."

Kurt dropped the toy on to the floor and then wrapped himself up like a little ball with his head between his knees and his arms around his legs. Sometime during this, Kurt resorted to rocking himself in a smoothing nature. The story of how he received his blue Band-Aid seemed was absolutely insignificant. Apparently it was possible for his day to go from bad to worst.

"You will be nothing more than a lost, lonely and dirty little boy."

Kurt did not want to be lost, lonely or dirty. Blaine always protected him and ensured that he was always safe, with company and cleaned. "I'll be a better boy now. I'll be a better boy now." The young boy repeated to himself for over an hour. It was in the beginning of his second hour of isolation when Kurt heard his favorite sound in the world. The first voice he ever heard and learned.

"Oh Kurt, there you are." Blaine spoke from the doorway. "Are you all alone?"

Kurt stared upwards with disbelief. Did Blaine come back for him? Would Blaine forgive him and take care of him?

"B-B-Blaine," Kurt stuttered and opened his arms from around his knees.

The dark haired vampire gladly scooped the boy off the floor and into his arms. Once Kurt was securely within Blaine's hold, the young boy wrapped his arms and legs sound the vampire. "Don't leave me. I'm sorry. Please don't leave me."

"It's okay," Blaine sang into the boy's ear. His hazel eyes narrowed when they noticed the single doll on the floor. The vampire had clearly instructed Sebastian and Nick to remove all the toys from the playroom. He would need to have a word with them later. Their orders for today were simple. First they were to scare Kurt. Second they were to take all of Kurt's toys. In that case Blaine would be Kurt's hero and only form of amusement. "I won't leave you."

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt. "You did leave me. I call and I call and you never came back for me. I was all alone."

The vampire knew he should have felt bad for what he put his boy though, but his intentions were for the greater good. Besides, Blaine reasoned, it's not like Kurt was in any physical distress, and there is nothing wrong with a minor mental adjustment here and there.

"I'm sorry, Kurt, but I've been very busy lately. You know that." Kurt did not care about the words Blaine was saying. He only cared that he was in his rightful place in Blaine's arms. "You are a lot of work Kurt. Sometimes you set me behind schedule. Jeff and Daniel are a lot of work for Nick and Sebastian. That is why they had to leave you today."

"My toys are gone too."

Blaine hid his smile. "They are needed to help out around the house. Not everyone can just play around all day."

"I can help. How do Jeff and Daniel help?"

"Oh," Blaine carried the boy over to a chair and sat down, Kurt remained on his lap. "You're too young to do their jobs. You're too young to do a lot of jobs a human like you is supposed to do."

"What am I supposed to do?" Kurt screamed. "I don't like being alone! I don't like being with Nick and Sebastian. See they hurt me." The young boy pulled away and showed Blaine the blue sticker on his arm.

The vampire frowned as if he did not order for Kurt to get his vaccination. "Did they hurt you?"

"Yes," Kurt's baby fat cheeks were still pink and blotchy. "It really hurt."

"That wasn't very nice of them." Blaine agreed. "Would it make you happy if you spent more time with me and less time with everyone else?"

Without the need to display his arm anymore, Kurt wrapped himself around Blaine again. "I don't want to be with Nick and Sebastian unless you are there too. I don't mind it when Daniel watches me."

For a moment time stopped. "Daniel?" Blaine asked for a confirmation. Surely Kurt misspoke.

"Daniel is nice. He..." Kurt paused when he remembered that he had promised keep his friendship with Daniel a secret.

"What does he do?" Kurt did not see it, but Blaine's eyes repeatedly flashed between red and black. "What does he tell you?"

Kurt did not need to be overly observant to realize that Blaine's calm behavior had been touched. "He...he..."

"Tell me Kurt." Blaine pealed the boy's arms away from him and resecured the tiny body on his lap. "Look me in the eye...Kurt." Blue eyes seemed to be looking everywhere except at Blaine. "Kurt, look at me or risk time out." The young boy folded to the threat. He did not want to be left alone again or risk the chance of making Blaine angry.

Kurt sadly bit his lips and allowed his blue eyes to look into Blaine. "Why are your eyes red? That's not normal."

"It isn't important." Blaine subtly corrected. "Now tell me, what do you and Daniel do? Don't lie to me." Kurt silently weighted his options. "I can always tell when you're lying or telling the truth. Now, speak the truth. What kinds of things do you and Daniel do?"

" nice to me." The eleven year old stated, however the irritated look in Blaine's eyes suggested that the answer would not suffice. "He's...he'" Kurt barely whispered the last word in his sentence. If Blaine did not have excellent hearing, then he would not have been able to hear Kurt's answer.

"He is your friend." Blaine repeated the foreign and forbidden concept. How did Daniel and Kurt become friends? It didn't make sense. "Friends…Kurt, if you were given the choice between Daniel and me, who would you play with?" Kurt stared at a blank spot on the wall and shrugged his shoulders. For a moment Blaine could only see red. "I see. Why are you just now telling me this?"

Kurt tried to avoid the question by leaning into Blaine and hugging him again. The gesture was restricted and Blaine would not allow the thin body to move out of his hold.

"Kurt, are you keeping secrets from me?" The dark hair vampire demanded. Blaine did not need to hear Kurt's answer. He could tell that his human was withholding information from him. It was now a question of how much. "Kurt, has Daniel been giving you nasty thoughts. Does he tell you nasty things?"

"He plays games with me and shares my toys, just like you." The young boy answered truthfully. Something within Kurt told him not to mention the magical worlds that Daniel had taught him about, worlds that included forests, jungles, mountains and oceans. Daniel even told him a story about a woman named Elizabeth who loves him very much.

"That is very nice of Daniel." Blaine grimly complimented and tried to think of a way to fix the damage that Sebastian's human had caused. Blaine's frustration lengthened when Kurt nodded his head in agreement. "That explains a lot."

The vampire loosened his hold on Kurt's waist and all too quickly tiny arms were wrapped around his neck again.

"What does it explain?"

Blaine was not worried about his storytelling skills. Kurt would believe him no matter what he said. "Sebastian has been complaining about Daniel lately. According to Sebastian, Daniel has not been living up to his expectations. For these past few years, Daniel has become frustrated and he frequently causes loud tantrums." The eleven year old breathed in the words as if they were oxygen. "Daniel used to be a kind and gentle young man, but anymore he has become a bad person. Sebastian has been trying to find the source that has turned Daniel from good to bad. Kurt, are you the source that is making Daniel a bad person?"

"No!" Kurt rejected the thought. "I'm not making Daniel a bad person."

"Kurt, what have I told you. You are a lot of work. It takes a special kind of person who can raise you and not be turned bad in the process. I'm the only person who can raise and take care of you."

Blue eyes thoroughly listened to Blaine, "Really?"

"Yes," Blaine answered with complete certainty. "If you want to be a good friend back to Daniel, then I suggest you ignore him and allow him to become the good person he used to be."

Kurt didn't want to lose Daniel, but what kind of friend allows another friend to turn bad? "I'll stay away from him."

Blaine smiled and kissed the young boy's forehead. "Good. Today has been a rough morning. I think you and I should spend the rest of the afternoon together."

"Okay!" Kurt smiled. His innocent and unknowing betrayal against Daniel disappeared as he left the playroom with Blaine.


Kurt has never been invited to join Blaine for dinner. Normally all the adults would eat in one room and he would dine in a smaller room and at a smaller table. Tonight, however, Kurt was setting next to Blaine and across the table from him was Nick and Jeff. At the farthest end of the table sat Sebastian and Daniel. Sebastian looked like he was fuming at the seams, and Daniel looked extra pale and carefully perched on his chair.

"Well done Blaine," Nick congratulated his friend. "You decided that Kurt is ready for adulthood."

Despite that fact that he would in pain Daniel look up with terrified eyes. Kurt was still a child and far-far from ready for fate he was destine for, unless of course, he could save Kurt before then.

Blaine lightly laughed and patted Kurt's brown hair. "Sorry Nick, not tonight." Daniel's deep breath of relief did not go unnoticed by all three vampires. "Tonight, I want Kurt to become comfortable with our way of life. Kurt maybe a human, but he lives amongst vampires. It is time that he watches and learns how we feed."

"Are you going to be feeding off him tonight? I don't think your little human could pass as a starter." Sebastian and Nick both laughed.

"No I have this," Blaine held up a golden goblet filled with blood. "I want the two of you to feed from your humans. Kurt mentioned this morning that he wants to help me like Jeff and...Daniel help you. What better way for him to learn then to watch you." The room fell cold at the mention of Daniels's name. "I do ask that the four of you keep this tame. Kurt's young eyes are not ready to learn about...the other joys that can come with feeding." Blaine took a sip from the goblet.

Kurt watched Blaine sip his drink. The young boy could not tell what type of liquid his master was drinking. "Blaine is that milk? I'm thirsty for milk." All three vampires laughed at the question.

"No, this is not milk, but you can have some after our guests eat and then leave for the evening."

Kurt looked around the room. "Where is all the food? I was told that I would eat pizza tonight." Kurt loved pizza, but the chief did not make it all that often.

"She is making pizza, but you will be eating later." Kurt did not protest. He was not all that hungry yet. "Kurt," Blaine pulled the boy over and sat Kurt on top of his lap. "Sebastian, Nick and I eat differently than you do. Have you ever wonder how we gain our strength? It is through humans. Nick has claimed Jeff and Sebastian claimed... Daniel.Once a human becomes claimed, then they become extremely precious to their vampire. That human will become immortal and he will supply his master with nutrition and strength. Does that make sense?"


"Nick, Sebastian, why don't you show Kurt what I mean." The two other vampires pulled their humans onto the laps and nestled them into positions that granted the vampires easy access to their human's neck. Per Blaine's request Jeff and Daniel faces were directed away from Kurt. "Don't forget, we are only teaching Kurt how to feed. I want everyone to keep their hands to themselves. Jeff and Daniel,I want you two tosuppress your moans to the best of your weak ability."

Kurt could not understand why Blaine growled Daniel's name. He was about to ask why, but his words feel silent when the two other vampires reveal long sharp fangs from their mouths. Kurt's astonishment to the fangs turned into horror when he noticed the sharp teeth puncture Jeff and Daniel's flesh.

"Blaine!" Kurt shouted and pointed towards Nick and Jeff. "What is he doing?" Blaine snaked his arms around Kurt's waist. The gesture reminded Kurt of Sebastian when Nick gave him a vaccination earlier that day. Fangs looked more painful than a needle.

"It doesn't hurt him. In fact, Jeff is secretly enjoying it. Humans love to feed their master's. It makes them feel good inside."

Kurt rested his head against Blaine's shoulder, and carefully present his thin neck to Blaine - similar what Jeff was doing for Nick. "It looks painful. It was painful when Nick stuck me with the needle." The blue Band-Aid proof was still on the pale arm.

"That was a vaccination. It prevents you from getting sick. The vaccination may hurt for a second, but then it goes away and it makes you stronger and healthier. That is similar to this." Blaine took another sip of his drink and savored a special thought of when Kurt would be old enough to do that. That fact that Kurt was mimicking Jeff's posture only added to Blaine's future excitement.

The young boy watch with fascination as the two vampires resumed feeding. From Daniel and Jeff's lack of resistance and carefree nature, Kurt convinced himself that they were not in any pain or distress.

"Are they really drinking blood?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, but don't fret Kurt. Pet's don't feel any pain." Kurt accepted Blaine's words as truth. "I think today's lesson is complete."

Blue eyes looked away from the scene before him and turned back to Blaine. Blaine's eyes were still a usual shade of red.

"Are you hungry for pizza?"

"Yes!" Kurt excitedly shouted.

Blaine rang a tiny bell and soon a woman in a black dress and white apron arrived. "Mary, please feed Kurt his dinner." The woman quickly grabbed the young boy's hand and the two left the room. Blaine kept his eyes on Kurt until the door to the dining room closed. "Okay he is gone. Stop drinking," Nick and Sebastian stopped feeding and turned to Blaine with dilated lust filled pupils. "Nick, take Jeff and finish what you started." Nick smiled and gladly took his human by the hand and left the room.

Daniel nervously flinched on Sebastian's lap. His face was even paler than before and wasted blood covered his bleeding neck.

"Was his punishment fit?" Blaine asked.

Sebastian smirked. "Let's just say his pre-punishment left him like this. His real punishment will begin after we leave."

Blaine accepted the answer, "Very good. Daniel, look at me." Daniel looked at Blaine with complete fear. "You are nothing but another set of eyes who watches Kurt. You are not his parent or anything special. You're only job is to make him feel unloved. I am his everything. I don't know what your intentions are, but they better end now. If you weren't my friend's human, then I would finish you off with my bare hands."

"I guess tonight I will have to remind you where your place is." Sebastian teased the young human's ear with his sharp teeth. "That should be fun."

Daniel fought back his threating tears. He didn't blame Kurt for his current condition. It wasn't like Kurt knew what the consequences of his actions were. Daniel only hoped that the child would not get hurt any more than he already had.

"Sebastian, cover his ears." The other vampire smirked and accepted the order. Once Daniel was deaf from the conversation Blaine spoke. "I don't know what Daniel has planned or if this will derailed him from it. Judging that he has gone this far to defy us, then I suggest he won't stop now."

"What do you suggest?"

"I suggest that we keep the status quo." Sebastian's raised one of his eyebrows. "I can picture Daniel becoming a piece in a very important lesson." Blaine smile and eagerly took another drink of blood. "A very important piece indeed."


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