"They've been what!" came Ri's outraged voice which echoed throughout the fairly large office.

"They have all be relocated," came the calm notes of the High Commander.

"Relocated where!?" Knightly had allowed her clenched fists to pound upon the elder's desk making his collection of pens drop and paper jump. "Look Captain I understand that you must be feeling-" the Kat was cut off. "You understand what I must be feeling.. you above all people are you kidding me!" she scowled as he straightened up and paced around the room.

"Listen Ri it was your best chance."

Turning to her Uncle and High Commander kept her gaze steady and square, "Best chance for what uncle!? HMMM? They were all I've got!"

"That was exactly why it was the best choice for you-you were getting too attached!" countered the other who calmly remained seated upon his chair. "If you are to become Commander you would have to relinquish your companions for actual-"

"Become Commander HUH!" she huffed. "That explains everything!"she exclaimed. Reading her Uncle's confused eyes, " That's why Ferral was acting all high and mighty yesterday!"

Keeping a steady voice the other continued as if he hadn't been interrupted, " I'm well aware of Commander Ferral's actions, which is why you were chosen to take his place. You have a good head upon your shoulders, I'm sure things will run much smoothly if-"

"But what about my crew!?" Knightly apparently didn't see the opportunity that was presented before her.

"They can still be transferred back you know, once you take his place a lot of changes will take place, I'm sure you're well aware of that."

"So you mean to say, I can re-enlist Furlong and Clawson if I become Commander?" Knightly prompted. When she heard no answer knew that it was a negative.

"It's a shame about what happened to those two-" the High Commander was yet interrupted once more.

"But it wasn't their fault! You know that," as she stopped pacing to stare her Uncle straight in the eyes.

"I understand that this is all so sudden and Ferral has been diplomatic about it all, he recommended that you take time off and sleep on the decision."

"Ah!" she gasped in a short breathed high pitched tone, it was the sort of expression one would hear when it was obvious that the listener didn't buy a word that the speaker was saying-a complete outrage-an utter lie. Shooting her narrowed chocolate brown eyes towards the well colored other clenched her fist trying to keep calm. "You mean that you're going to suspend me!? For how long!?"

"Indefinitely.." came a calm yet smug toned male's voice.

Turning to her left gritted her teeth and uttered, "Ferral…" under her breath.

Playing the diplomat Commander Ferral turned to face the other officer and added, "It's obvious that your niece had been traumatized- seeing her own colleagues and friends fall from the sky in a near death experience took a toll on her emotions and thus isn't thinking clearly. " Turning a glare her way added, "If she was thinking properly she would have grasped the opportunity and taken my place," his voice sounded sincere, yet it had a near sarcastic and mocking feel upon Knightly's ears. ".. instead of clinging onto her dear friends and comrades for support. She needs to be more independent.." he added with a sinister glare behind his eyes, "After all I wouldn't want to place a weight on your niece's head that she can't handle yet.. I know I wouldn't want my Felina to be forced into such a situation."

"Ah!" gasped Knightly on the side as she frowned in disbelief. He was going to do away with her just like he did Jake and Chance, and her Uncle was buying all this trash? Unbelievable!

Taking Ferral's words into consideration, already knew which card the Kat was playing, although he couldn't over look the desperate vision that stood before his eyes the moment his niece found out her fellows were transferred. She was still a kit by heart to most standards he deemed, after all being Commander meant one would have to see everyone in the same equal light, no one given more or less then what they were worth-meaning no special treatment on or off duty. The High Commander knew he was going to regret this decision, but felt it was only fair for the Commander who'd served the Enforcers well for over a decade. Standing up fixed the distraught she-Kat before him with a stern set of eyes, "When Commander Ferral deems you worthy of your new post, shall you return to full time duty." Seeing Ri protest he cut her off, " That is final!"

"But-" Knightly protested once more. "What will I do now!? Flying is my life!"

Ferral took the opportunity to cut in, "I've already sorted it out, I know that you love tinkering around with mechanics so I've taken the liberty to set you up with just the place for that.." his sinister grin only fed Ri's anger as her fangs now were revealed as her lips pursed into a scowl.

"Marieana-Ray Knightly you are dismissed!" came her Uncle's final note.

"I still can't believe we have to watch over this-" Chance's words were cut off at the sound of a car's engine and exchanged a confused glance with Jake.

"I wonder who could that be.." came the tan tabby's curious play of words as he made his way towards the door. "Heh look who decided to join us," came a crooked amused grin."

"Who?" humored Chance who just stood at the door to find a she-cat dressed in baggy black cargos, and an orange tube-top while carrying a duffle bag. Eyes widened at the very feminine form, "Woa.."

"Welcome to your new home toots!" came the mocking notes of the irritating Kat that had been at the driver's wheel.

"Ugh.." rolling her eyes as she disembarked only paused to look over her shoulder to see the broken down pickup tut-tut its way down the road kicking up a cloud of fumes making her grimace. Looking forward kept her frown plastered upon her pastel features, almond shaped eyes pointed straight at the pairs that seemed to stare her down. Pausing in front of the door met the 'owners' of this place.

"We meet again, Cap'" came Jake's snide remarks.

Rolling her eyes leaned on her right leg, "Lets hear it, better get it off your system." Ri's voice was flat, annoyed, and just as before, emotionless.

Jake felt a grudge tug in his gut, was it guilt? True he felt sorry for the she-Kat, but he had to admit, she did give them one heck of a hard time.

Chance stepped out and offered his helping paw, "Need a hand?" his words were kind, and only after feeling her cold tension did he retract his outstretched four fingered hand. Eyes softening as her figure walked into the apartment's entrance could catch the slumping of her shoulders and the hanging of her head. Without all that fancy uniform, she really was just an ordinary she-Kat..with a whole lot of problems. Taking a deep breath walked up to his best friend who also seemed to allow his eyes to follow the figure who just slumped over the small dining table and buried her face in her hands.

"I know bud.. I feel it too," came Jakes quiet voice. Sighing deeply looked at the clock, his favorite show was about to start but for once he really wasn't in the mood to watch it. Still depressed from the events of the day before decided to put on some dinner.

Taking a deep breath Ri stepped into the shower with her clothes on, still broken from the news she'd not been spared. Head hung low, felt the weight of her back length brown hair tug at her scalp. "This can't be happening.." it wasn't until an hour had passed did her mind start thinking. Maybe she was too arrogant for her own good..maybe.. this was just her punishment..maybe.. she deserved it.. It wouldn't be the same without her crew, they were her strength..her backbone..the only real family she felt she ever had..Sighing deeply frowned, for it wasn't over. If things were this bad, maybe taking her place as Commander wouldn't be such a bad idea..but then again it was all in Ferral's hands now..She should've just taken the job when she'd read that envelope baring her promotion. Then again..she wouldn't be in the sky anymore would she..? All she wanted ever to do was be in the sky..with those she could trust..but now all that was taken too. Changing out wrapped herself in a towel only to put on a scowl when she found out the petit building only had one bedroom and two beds. Dumping her bag shut the door and changed out only to reappear to the scent of beef stew.

"Glad you can join us Captain," came Jakes kind tones as both of the pilots stood up.

Chuckling drew a small weak smile and as she closed her eyes she shook her head.."At ease gentlemen.." She knew that the guys were trying to make her feel better. "I do believe we didn't get off on the right foot.." she admitted making the duo before her exchange looks before looking back at her. The slouched depressed figure was no more, and the she-Kat seemed to straighten up as she extended a welcoming hand, "I'm Marieana Ray Knightly," she smiled.

Chance stepped in and grasped her small paw tightly, "I'm Chance Furlong, and this is my buddy Jake Clawson."