Bully Me Not…
A Star Trek Story of Bullying
AN: I own nothing but I do want to dedicate this story to the Trekkers against Bullying society or TABS this is a nonprofit story but your reviews would be appreciated and to join the fight against Bullying find the Trekkers Against Bullying page on Facebook LL&P

Chapter 1: Spock *He's not one of us*

Spock was different from other Children on Vulcan he had perfect points in his ears, perfect Vulcan hair never out of place, but the one thing that most Vulcans saw in him that showed them he was a human was his Eyes. Most Vulcans had Silver, White, Black, Gray, Tan or even yellow irises while Humans had brown, blue, black, hazel, or green irises this set them apart. Spock was ridiculed for being a hybrid it all started when he went to grade school…

Spock was the smartest kid in his class and other full Vulcan Children didn't like that. So one day after he finished his learning for the day Stonn and his gang went to Spock. He knew why they were there to get an emotional response from him. The picked they teased they made fun but they didn't get a peep out of him. Until… "He's a traitor you know marrying that human whore!" Stonn snapped. They one thing Spock could never ignore was a comment about his mother and father this angered him and Spock charged at Stonn. This had started a Fight…

The bullying had continued they practically ruined his life… one day he was sitting with his close friend Saavik who was a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid. Spock was developing a crush on her but the other tormented her and pushed her away from him. This broke Spock's human heart he wrote a poem for times like this and hoped someday a kid like him could see it to…

Bully me not! why do you do it?
It's hard for those who must go through it
torment and insult thee
it won't get to me

For I stand alone
until I'm all grown
for those who cause the pain
you are the ones that should be ashamed

For you point out my every imperfection
to you I say look at your reflection
I may not be perfect but I am stronger than you
because i won't be repeat the things you do

Whether I be human
Whether I Be Vulcan
I will always stand and fight
for what I know is right