Fat Elbert: Hey Hey HEY! Its Fat Elbert!

Cole: *Pulls gun out* What you do to my Rexie Elbert *Death glares, not caring it famous fat Elbert*

Kiara: *Takes Katana out* Where's Rex, Fat!

Fat Elbert: I don't know But, Hey hey You wan-*BOOM*

Cole: Oops *Blows gun hole* My hand slipped~

Kiara: *Finish's off Elbert with a stab to the heart with Katana* Mine too~

Cole: Enjoy the first chapter of Final SYT... *Walks off like a boss*

Kiara: And Review when done reading *Walk off like a Badass*

Today's the day, THE DAY OF FINAL SYT... well the morning of final Show You Talent

Cabin Number 1 Boys

Cole's POV

"Yummy gummybears" I mumbled in my sleep before my eyes shot open

"Today's the..." I leaned up from my bed rubbing my eyes, I took my hands away from my face looking At the bunk bed to find Morgan asleep still and Rex gone... The usual

I sighed before tossing the bed sheets off my body, I walked up to bunk bed and climbed up the ladder to wake up Morgan

"Morgan..." I shook his shoulders

He tossed and turned, groaning "Go away Yaoi hater..."

My eyes widen "What? Morgan likes... WAIT WHAT!" I questioned myself "Morgan! You like yaoi!" I shook his shoulders so hard managing to shake his whole body

"C-cole?" Morgan yawned his eyes slowly opening to find me on top of him

We both stared at eachother...

"Cole... Why are you on top of me?" Morgan Question with half lidded eyes "And why are you pinning me down..." He grinned "With no shirt on"

"No I-

"Cole you sly dog" Morgan said "I never knew you would even think of doing this in the morning, and to me? What Rex going to think" Morgan whispered

"WHAT!? NO, I WAS JUST TRYING TO WAKE YOU UP!" I panicked before letting go of him

I quickly backed away Managing to fall off the top bunk

I landed on my back "Ow..."

I heard Morgan laugh As i looked upwards, to see him hanging his upper body off the bed

"I was just joking Jheez, Cole" Morgan giggled

I stood up quickly before taking my pillow and throwing at him, I got to admit my throwing was amazing cause it actually managed to hit his face

"Critical hit!" I cheered

"You know today's the day" Morgan said as the pillow fell from his face

"I know I wish It wasn't..." I sighed

Cabin number 1 Girls

The three girls all woke up wearing the Outfit the first came to the camp in

"Yeah Finally Today's the day!" Emma cheered

Blaze jumped up "I know!"

Sierra sat next to the window looking outside her eyes locked on the camp entrance

Emma noticed this as she walked up behind her

"Sierra?" Emma whispered in her ear

Sierra quickly sprung up "Y-yeah!" She smiled lightly

"What's wrong?" Emma asked putting her hands on her hips looking deeply into Sierra eyes

"N-Nothing..." Sierra panicked as Emma continued to stare

Sierra turned around breaking there eye contact "I said it was nothing" she went back to the window

Blaze sigh sadly as she sat on Sierra bed "Don't worry your not the only one who's gonna miss this camp"

Sierra clenched her hands together "It's not only that..."

Cabin number 2

Sky yawned "Hm, The big event..." Leaning on the wall with closed eyes

"Yeah Its finally has come!" Kiara smiled "To show off my skills" She said sitting on her bed

Hikari played with her hair "Yeah and mine!"

Sky smirked "Finally, we may all be happy and one big family"

Kiara sighed "One big family?"

Hikari nodded crossing her arms "Yeah Since you and Sierra are no longer fighting as well as Ninel and Yin, Its harmony"

Kiara thought long and hard "But I never agreed I-

"CAM IT KIARA!" Sky shouted opening her eyes with a death glare

Kiara jumped a bit from the sudden shout

"You should know, That Sierra herself Doesn't like fighting..." Sky narrowed her eyes

"W-What do you mean?" Kiara questioned

"Can't you tell?! Sierra been looking quiet down lately" Sky answered with a pout

"What..." Kiara said softly before looking at the ground in sorrow "I didn't notice..."

"Hikari!" A voice yelled threw the window

The two not Kiara both looked to see Chao Xin

"Can we talk?" He smirked while waving

Hikari blushed "W-What-I mean yeah!" She stuttered on her words

Hikari walked to the window as Chao Xin grabbed her hand leading the girl outside

Kiara Sighed Laying back down on her bed

Sky face palmed "You have to end this thing with the both of you"

Kiara gulped

Cabin Number 3

"FINAL SYT! IS FINALLY HERE!" Gin cheered Jumping up and down

Aurora sighed "Yeah I see..." As she rested her chin in her hand

Yin quickly jumped out of her bed before hugging both Aurora and Gin at the same time

"Going to miss you guys" Yin said sadly

Aurora broke out of her grip "Yin... Remember me, you, and Kiara are still together" She giggled

Yin let go of Gin "Oh yeah i guess i forgot that eeh"

Gin Crack her neck "Well im leaving this camp after"

Aurora and Yin both looked at each other before nodding and hugging Her

"Will both miss you Gin" They said together smiling

Gin blushed "Idiots..." She smiled

Annabelle quickly came out of the washroom Raising an eyebrow at the hugging "Whats going on here?" she question

The three all giggled "HEY SNOW WHITE!" Gin snickered

Annabelle smiled "Thats my name don't ware it out!" She saluted

Cabin number 4

Neptune sighed as Ninel left the cabin 10 Minutes ago , Suikana was always helping Rex which left poor Neptune alone

She started humming the song she choose for Final SYT

"Hey Neptune..." Bao whispered threw the window

Neptune sighed once again "Hey Bao"

"Whats wrong?" Bao titled his head side ways climbing threw the window

"Nothing!" Neptune sprung up "I was just thinking" She hugged him

Bao blushed before clearing his throat "Yeah of course"

Neptune giggled kissing him in the cheek

At the cliff

"Where are we going?" Hikari question being pulled up the hill by Chao Xin

"Ths cliff!" He said with a dazzling smile

The two finally reached there togather

"The cliff, Why would you brin-

Hikari was cut off by Chao Xin Lips pressing against hers

Hikari eyes widen in surprise, before relaxing

Ninel spotted the two as she walked up the cliff

Ninel smiled before quietly walking away to the dock watching the sun raise she closed her eyes, breathing in and out the air

Ninel whispered to herself "Dashan..."

"You called me?" A voice snickered

she jumped a bit at the sudden voice as she looked around "Dashan?"

"Down here!" Dashan waved

Ninel looked down into the lake to find dashan waving above the surface of the water

Ninel sighed "You scared me Dashan" she put her hand on her chest like she was got a heart attack

"Oh sorry love" Dashan smiled while blushing "Hey want to take a swim with me?"

Ninel panicked before shacking her head "N-no thats ok"

Dashan smirked "I would pull you in but..." Dashan took water into his heads and splashed it onto Ninel

"Dashan!" Ninel wined smiling "Now I'm a bit wet" She sighed

Dashan jumped out of the water now onto the dock Before hugging her tightly

"Dashan, Your wet!" She sighed

"I know that's the point" He smiled

Ninel gave in hugging back


Lunch Room

It didn't take long for the campers to fill the area fully

Kiara, Sierra, Kyoya,Ginga, and Morgan sat at one table

Kyoya crossed his Arms as he watched the hungry Ginga pretty drive into his breakfast

"What?" Ginga questioned with a handful in his mouth

Kyoya continued to glare at the redhead before sighing "Your such a pig"

Ginga gulped his food down before muttering "Takes one to know one..."

"What was that?" Kyoya gave a more deadly glare

Ginga just grinned "Your stares don't scare me Kyoya"

"Oh will you two chill" Morgan slouched into his seat "This is our last meal togather..."

Kiara nodded in agreement "Yeah kovu be polite"

Kyoya sighed before bringing up a smirk "Maybe i should make up a cute nickname for you my little elf"

Kiara slammed her fists on the table blushing "I'm no elf!"

"You kind of look like one gotta admit" Ginga coughed out

"Be quite Ginga, what do you know" Kiara crossed her arms sitting back down

"Trust me he knows more than you could ever" Sierra spat

"Excuse me!" Kiara shouted facing Sierra herself

"You know Kiara..." Sierra said softly

"What?" Kiara leaned on the table

"I don't think we'll ever get along..." Sierra frowned a bit facing Kiara

They made massive eye contact staring at eachother

Kiara had a questionable look before a huge smiled filled her face "Thats it! We could be Rivals!"

Morgan clapped "Like Kyoya and Ginga"

Kiara nodded as Sierra smiled "Then its decided, We don't have to be enemies anymore but we also can't stand each other, So nonother than Rivals!" Sierra cheered "Finally a good idea pops up in your head"

Kiara put her hands behind her head in pleassure "This will be more fun than I thought" She stated

"Yeah but only if I wasnt facing an e lf" Sierra snickered

Kiara laughed "Your the only elf I see"

Kyoya Grinned before lightly taking Kiara's chin and kissing her on her lips

Kiara felt her face heat up as he backed away "Kovu!"

"I bet Ginga wishes he could do that" Kyoya snickered putting Kiara on his lap

"I can so!" Ginga pushed his plate aside leaned over the table and kissed Sierra on the lips

Her eyes shot wide open, as Morgan mouth hung open

Ginga leaned back sitting in his chair before turning around blushing massively

"Wow I guess Ginga does have Guts" Kyoya snickered

"G-Ginga..." Sierra said to herself

as she touched her lips before getting up from her chair

Sierra walked over to the other side of the table grabbing Ginga collar of his blue shirt and pulling him into yet another kiss

This time, Ginga was the surprise one but he quickly relaxed, Tugging Sierra herself, onto his lap

"Oh snap! thats what I call, a make out session" Kiara smiled nuzzling on Kyoya chest

Morgan groaned feeling bit left out of the love as he snapped his fingers getting everyones attention at the table including Ginga and Sierra

"Dudes, Cole and I have an idea that will be happening to our little Manger tonight" Morgan whispered

Everybody shrugged "Could we help?" Kyoya snickered

"Let him tell us first Kovu" Kiara whispered

"Okay my little elf" Ginga said in mocking tone of Kyoya

Kyoya blushed before quickly looking at Sierra "I love you Sierra, even though I'm a Pig" Kyoya snorted at The redhead who blushed

"Oh Kiara, I think you the most sexist girl I ever met, Too bad I'm a Douche bag!" Ginga spat

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!" Kiara shouted so loudly as everyone went silence through out the lunch room

"Yeah Kiara right Morgan trying to tell us something" Sierra stated

"Thank you ladies..." Morgan leaned in "Ok, So the plan is...

Gin, Neptune, Aurora, and Yin sat together

"So Ninel got Dashan" Yin sighed "Note to self don't underestimate Ninel"

Aurora giggled "You got that Right" She said

Gin seemed to be staring at her food resting her eyes on it, Neptune noticed this as she nudged Gin with her elbow

"You okay?" Neptune pouted

"Yeah I'm fine thanks for the thought though..." Gin yawned

"You tired?" Yin questioned

"Yeah just a bit..." Gin stared at her food

"Than sing" Aurora said smiling as Gin gave her a confused look

"I don't get it" Gin said narrowing her eyes

Aurora sighed as she stood up from the table, She walked behind Gin and lightly rested her hands on her shoulders

"This Camp motto is make the music take you away" Aurora whispered as she started humming

Neptune smiled as she took up the cup and held it to the air before slamming it down on the table creating some sort of rhythm


I got my ticket for the long way round

Two bottles of whiskey for the way

And I sure would like some sweet company

And I'm leaving tomorrow, what do you say


When I'm gone

When I'm gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me by my hair

You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

Neptune put the cup on the table normally as she clapped "That was Great guys" Yin gave thumbs up

"Wasn't it" Somebody whispered behind Aurora as she jumped in surprise

Aurora turned around quickly to see Cole and Rex as she sighed relieved

"Hey Babe" Rex winked as Cole nudged him in the ribs

Aurora gazed a pone Rex smiling "Hello Rex" Before her eyes slowly made there way to Cole "Hey Cole"

"Hey Aurora my lovely" Cole kissed her on the cheek as she blushed

"What about me?!" Rex teased tapping his cheek as Cole laughed

"You two are friends again" Aurora blinked

"As always!" Rex pulled Cole into a hug who smiled messing up His hair

"Took long enough" Yin joked

"Man!" Rex snarled as his phone vibrated "I have to go and get things ready for the big event..."

"Now?" Cole wined "You promised we were going to wrestle" He pouted

"Hey I thought there was no fighting allowed at this camp?" Yin asked

"Yeah but-Me and Cole play fight" Rex stated "There's a difference Yin"

Yin shrugged "Whatever flows your boat"

"Don't worry Cole," Rex put his hand on his friends shoulder "We'll play later"

Cole gave a fake smile because this is going to be there last day together

"Well maybe next year right?" Cole pouted looking at the ground as he took Rex hand off his shoulder

"Stop it guys, theres still about... 14 hours left in the day jheez" Yin snarled

"Yeah true!" Cole said and he turned to Rex "Every hour counts! I'll help you with the event"

Rex gave a questionable look before smiling like maniac "Yeah it would be more funner with you, me, And Suikana there!" He danced "Come on! No time to waste!" Rex grabbed Cole's hand as they both took there leave

"Those boys" Aurora sighed with a smile

Annabella, Blaze, Sky, Chris, And Masamune all sat together

"Are you crazy I'm rapping final SYT!" Masamune smiled with teeth pointing at himself

"Oh really..." Annabella said as her eyebrow risen "Your a rapper?"

"Yeah, I'm the number one rapper" Masamune grinned cockily

"Amateur..." Blaze snickered as she ate her eggs

Masamune face lite up red "Am no Amateur!"

Sky sighed at all the commotion "Chill Masamune..." She said

Chris nodded in agreement "Yeah your voice is the loudest, and most annoying Masamune"

"Pfft, please Chris, your voice is high and peachy" Masamune mimicked

"What!?" Chris glared angryliy as Masamune stuck his tongue out

"Enough!" Annabella shouted "Lets just eat in peace, please? I mean this is our last meal togather" She stated poking her eggs

Masamune and Chris both nodded as they started to eat

"Thats better" Blaze grinned

With Rex, Suikana, And Cole

"Suikana, Where'd you put the mic?" Cole shouted across the stage

"Under the chair in the front row" She pointed

"Why would you put it there?" Cole questioned walking towards the front row and grabbing the mic

"I forgot to pick it up" Suikana answered hitting some buttons that turned on some colored lights aiming at the stage

Cole walked back onto the stage and put the mic on the mic stand

He twisted it and adjusted it so it would be a fair height

"There," Coke stood back "Thats a good height"

"Yeah, for you" Suikana snickered Before she hit a button that sent a beaming and blinding white light on Cole

Cole covered his eyes "Too much Suikana" Cole said

"Oops, Sorry" Suikana said before turning off that light

"Co ca Cola!" Rex waved getting Cole attention who walked to him

"Since when was my name co ca cola?" Cole laughed

"Since now!" Rex smiled as paint was on his cheeks and hands

"What are you doing?" Cole questioned before looking down

"Im making the banner of the event, Then putting it above the stage so everybody knows whats happening!" Rex exclaimed "Come help me!" Rex handed Cole a paint brush

"Aha! Its funny cause while your painting Suikana doing all the work, shes like the real manger of this Camp" Cole chuckled as Rex Gave a glare

"I mean-Nevermind!" Cole smiled bitterly

He sat crosslegged, Before he started painting he noticed a misspell

"Ah Rex?" Cole said with a bit of a snickered

"Yeah?" Rex answered smiling while still painting

"Its says 'Finel SYT'" Cole said pointing

"Yeah Final SY-Oh..." Rex noticed that he put an 'e' other than an 'a'

"Mannnnn!" Rex threw he paint brush in the air "We have to start over!"

Cole started laughing so much he cried, but was silence as Rex's paint brush he threw in the air landed in his hair

Rex laughed pointing at him before Cole shoved his paint brush in his mouth

Rex quickly spat out the paint, As he dipped his whole hand in the blue paint bucket standing up slowly

"You want some?" Rex asked staring deeply into Cole eyes

Cole quickly stood up grinning as he also dipped his hand in Red paint "The real question is, do you want some?"

"Blue is a way more Awesomer color than Red" Rex picked up the whole bucket of blue paint

"Your right..." Cole whispered before he pick up the whole bucket of black paint "Maybe something more effective"

"No! well, actually You win Haha!" Rex surrendered

"Little to late for that!" Cole charged at Rex with the bucket

He quickly dumped the whole thing on Rex hair and onto his cloths before he could even run

"Work of Art!" Cole blew a kiss

"Oh Buddy..." Rex wiped his eyes while picking up a bucket full of white paint "You asked for it!"

and so the battle begun...

"Guys!" Suikana shouted but the boys didn't stop there paint battle "Arg Never mind!" Suikana hissed as she continued working

She suddenly stopped as she didnt have an idea on what to sing for Final SYT

"Hm" She thought "AHA! I got it!"

Suikana closed her eyes blocking out the Sound of Rex and Cole fighting

She took a deep breath in


In sleep he sang to me

In dreams he came That voice which calls to me and speaks my name

And do I dream again for now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there

Rex: I'm not dead?

Kiara: I thought you were

Cole: Yeah! me too

Rex: Sorry to worry you guys! ANYWAYS It was really hard to update guys with no internet and all

Cole: Then how did you update?

Rex: Why, i went to the library for the first time!

Kiara: For the first time?! Wow you must be smart

Rex: I kno-Heyyyy

Cole: Baka Kiara

Rex: And Since i have to use the internet to get lycris for the songs its going to be even more of a challenge

Cole: Nof said

Rex: Anyways hope you guys understood because i love all of you

Kiara: Every single one of you!


Rex: Im working on the next chapter so erm bye for now and sorry once again

Cole and Kiara: BYEH!