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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every MB20 song.

"I'll Believe You When"

Maybe One Or Twice,
I Wasn't Fair, I Wasn't Nice
But Now I've Got Myself Together
When I Promise To Be Better You Say
Whoa, I'll Believe You When
Whoa, I'll Believe You When
Whoa, When Everything You Say
Don't Turn Out Wrong

Buffy was hanging on by a thread. She was so tired of being let down... time after time, over and over again. She knew Angel wasn't a bad guy, he didn't mean to hurt her, nothing was done on purpose... but things still came to be and that rather, well, sucked.

He would promise her one thing, something would happen, and all would just go to pieces.

It was frustrating. Big or small, it seemed to always happen. From a promise to go away for the weekend, that someone was out of his life, he wouldn't answer that call... whatever.

She was just to a bitter stage maybe, everything just seemed to pile up.

She wasn't sure how much longer she could last.


Angel sighed, frustrated.

He knew he'd been taking a lot of things for granted, meaning to or not, it's what happened when it came to his girlfriend, to his relationship. She was always there, always perfect. She was always beliving in him.

Until, she wasn't.

She had right to feel that way, no question there. It seemed life just kept ruining everything he built up. Be it work, life, family or friends... random nonsense. Something seemed to always come along and... pow.

But, he was trying his very best these days to make the viscious cycle stop.

He didn't need to lose the best part of his life over all the wrong that continued to find its way to him.