Between a Mother And Daughter

Chapter 3

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It was an end to another exhausting day of the market. Carlotta and her daughter were in their house.

The Widow was fixing stew, and her daughter sat on the other side of the fire Place.

She was stirring the stew, and Mila had a question.

"Hey Ma?" She asked.

"Yes, dear?" Carlotta replied.

"What do you think of Codlin?" She asked.

Again, she was taken aback from the sudden subject.

"Well, honey, I..." Carlotta trailed off.

"Do you like him now? That he's been talking to you?" She asked again.

Carlotta changed her gaze from Mila to the pot, pondering.

She has to admit, her heart has been aching with loneliness, and ever since Codlin began visiting her, her pain was eased each time. She has enjoyed his company, and how he was around others, as well as Mila. He has helped her with no expectations of receiving any type of reward, and went further by contributing to helping her keeping Mila fed. There was no use of keeping her secret.

Mila sat there, patiently waiting on her mother's opinion.

She smiled, recalling the memories of what she saw that day, Mila throwing her arms around Codlin after giving her an apple.

"I do like him, Mila," she said, still smiling. Finally letting it out.


"But, don't tell him yet! I...I can't..." Carlotta tried telling her, but couldn't finish.

"I won't, mommy, I'll keep it," Mila told her with a smile.

Carlotta let out a relief as she smiled at her daughter.

"Ok, stew's ready." Carlotta said as she looked behind her and grabbed a bowl off the table behind her.

She took the stirring spoon and filled the bowl.

The mother took the bowl over to Mila, who was eagerly waiting for her meal.

She set it down, "Thanks, Ma!" She heard, before Mila dipped her spoon in.

"You're welcome, baby," Carlotta told her before heading back to get a bowl of her own. When she did, she went over to sit across from Mila.

"So, did you do anything with Codlin today?" Carlotta asked Mila before lifting her spoon up to her mouth.

"Codlin took me up to the walls and we sat down. He told me stories of the world outside Whiterun!" Mila said happily.

"Hm, What kind of stories?" Carlotta asked.

"He told me about the other great cities and their people. It was interesting!" Mila replied, dipping her spoon before taking a bite.

"That sounds fun, is there a city you find most interesting?"

"I think I like Solitude more. I want to see the Blue Palace! He told me it was beautiful there!" Mila gladly told her.

"I've heard," Carlotta said with a smile, taking a sip of the stew.

"He didn't want me to tell you this, but I can't resist! He said you were more beautiful than the Blue Palace!" Mile said to her.

That made Carlotta immediately stop chewing and she swallowed.

"He did?" The Widow asked, surprised.

Mila nodded.

She thought she was used to honeyed words from men, but hearing them from the Dragonborn by her daughter, left her...slightly shocked.

"He really said so?" Carlotta asked one more time.

She nodded again, "Yep!"

"Hm..." Carlotta said as she looked at her stew, stirring it for a moment.

She was unsure what to think at this point. She was taken by surprise, twice, this night. This week was full of unknown expectancies.

The night progressed with the mother and her daughter finishing up their meal. When it was the time to hit the sheets, Carlotta was thinking about the compliment she has taken so differently than all of the others. Lights were out for her soon afterwards.

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