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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every MB20 song.

"The Burn"

Forgot About Everything And Everyone I Needed Before
Tryin' To Get A Handle On A Reason To Shine
Pickin' Up The Pieces That Are Falling Behind Takes Time
So I Wonder How I Never Got The Burn
And If I'm Ever Gonna Learn
How Lonely People Make A Life

Her friends, her mother, her watcher all knew that Angel leaving Sunnydale had affected her deeply, that she'd been utterly broken hearted over it... but no one knew how bad. She never let on, didn't need anyone to see the pain she was facing.

And even if she did, what could any of them really do? Yes, they could be there, hold her hand, tell her it was going to get better... but none of it was going to change anything. And she didn't need the pity or the guilt, or to spread the depressive disease to those around her.

So, Buffy buried it.

When she was alone, then she could fall apart. She scream, she could cry. She could miss him freely, beg to the skies for him to come back. Curse him to hell and back.

Curse herself for choices she had made, they had made. Think back to all the moments that had led up to the current times.

She didn't think anything would ever get better, easier. But, she was going to have to put on the show, the act. And see how people manage to go through life with part of her soul missing.

Maybe she'd find someone to pass the time people, bring into this little act.

Who knew.

School was starting soon, venturing off into college. Maybe, if nothing else, it could provide as a distraction.