Brokenstar had waited almost a moon for this moment, the moment he could take back what was rightfully his.


He led his followers in a winding path around ShadowClan, so that they could not be easily tracked. They finally made their way to the entrance to the camp, where they waited just outside of.

"Are we ready to take back what is ours?" Brokenstar asked quietly.

Quiet cheers sounded throughout the group.

"Are we ready to take back what we never should have lost?" Brokenstar asked a bit louder this time.

Louder cheers erupted through the group.

"Are we ready to take back ShadowClan?" Brokenstar cheered, louder still.

"Yes!" cats cheered.

"ShadowClan, attack!" Brokenstar yowled as he led his cats into the ShadowClan camp, battle erupting around him.

Brokenstar himself had taken on Nightpelt, who, despite being leader of ShadowClan, had not claimed his nine lives yet.

"You're going to be almost as easy to kill as Tigerclaw was," he taunted viciously as he swiped Nightpelt's paws out from under him and pinning him to the ground. Nightpelt laid limp, feigning defeat, and he rushed up to throw off his attacker.

"Do not hesitate to kill your enemies!" Brokenstar shouted above the throng of battle.

Nightpelt rolled the heavy tom over onto his back, but in doing so, he exposed his soft underbelly, which Brokenstar promptly clawed at. Nightpelt fell on to the ground, panting. Brokenstar glared at his opponent for a moment before leaping at him. Rolling him over and slashing his throat open.

"You will not live..." Nightpelt croaked out as he died, being unable to finish his sentence.

Brokenstar looked out at the ShadowClan camp, filled with blood and dead bodies.

"Nightpelt is dead!" he shouted at his warriors. "We have won at last!"

The former rogues, now ShadowClan warriors, cleared out the camp of the bodies and blood, and began to dig a mass grave for their enemies.

It had been two moons since Brokenstar and his warriors had invaded the camp and almost killed Lionheart. When it became clear that Brokenstar was not going to disappear in the shadows, Bluestar had reason to worry about another attack from them.

"We have no reason to worry about Brokenstar. We have enough well trained warriors in camp to fight him off. We proved that when nobody died when he tried to invade two moons ago," Lionheart said.

"Yes, but he killed Tigerclaw. He was one of our best warriors." Bluestar countered.

"And Tigerclaw had one life, versus the nine that Brokenstar had," Lionheart said.

Bluestar hesitated for a moment, and then agreed. "You're right. We have nothing to worry about." Bluestar then walked out of her den, Lionheart following her.

Lionheart was out hunting by himself, when he paused to scent something.

"ShadowClan! What are they doing here?" he whispers to himself.

He looks around, and seeing nothing, he continues to hunt. His ears perk towards a vole that's sitting by a tree. Lionheart gets into a hunting crouch, but then a noise sends it scurrying away.

"Enjoying life, Lionheart?" a voice behind him asks.

"Wha-? Brokenstar!" Lionheart says. My luck just keeps getting worse, he thinks to himself.

"Yes, I am Brokenstar, and I am the last cat you will ever see," he says, looking down at the still surprised Lionheart. He quickly pounces on Lionheart and rolls him over, and pins him to the ground.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself before you die?" he asks tauntingly.

Lionheart looks up at him menacingly, and then says, "I'm not dying yet," and rushes up, knocking Brokenstar down, who quickly gets back up.

He pounces on Lionheart and relentlessly pummels him with his paws, drawing blood with every scratch. He finally decides that he has had enough fun with his prey, and sinks his teeth into Lionheart's neck.