Hey! I LOVE Zoe/Russell (Zussell) but there are very few stories about this ship. Anyways, sorry for such a cheesy title, here's the story.

Zoe's pov
Such a tragedy! Nothing to wear...again! "BLYTHE!" "Yeah, Zoe?" "Fashion Emergency! Digby is coming in like, ten minutes, and I have nothing to wear!" "Zoe, you have PLENTY of clothes. Oooh! This is the perfect outfit!" "Thanks Blythe!" "Zoe, are you sure about Digby? I mean, he's been gone for three months. Long distance is hard, if you ever date." "Positive! Maybe. Not really!" I was second-guessing myself, bad sign! I can see the flashing sirens now. "You know, maybe you should tell Digby...you don't like him. That way it's over before it's even started." I thought this over. Should I? I know I don't like long distance, but do I even like Digby? He was cute, but how do I tell if he's boyfriend material? Or trustworthy? "Okay Blythe. I'll think about it." "Good." She went into the dumb waiter. I sighed. "This is going to take a while."
Vinnie's Pov
"What's up?" I asked Russell. "Nothing." He grumbled. That usually meant he was mad and didn't want to be pestered with questions. "Okayyy." I turned on the TV. A show about human girls finding wedding dresses was on. "Oh! I ADORE this show!" Zoe shrieked. Ugh! No way I was watchin' this girly crap. I put on my headphones and pressed play. I started dancing to the beat. "Yeah! Uh-huh! That's right. Boom!" "Uh, Vinnie?" "Yeah! Go, go, go, Vinnie." "Vinnie?" "Move it! What what?" "Vinnie!" I felt a light tap on my shoulder, only to turn face to face with the lovely Penny Ling. I liked Penny, but I'd never admit that to her! Never. Not even if I had to do it to save the world. Maybe. I guess I'd save the world. "Whaddya want Penny?" "Can you quiet down please?" "Sure." "Thank you!" Now what to do? Since Zoe the Zombie had gone gaga for her stupid TV show, she had taken over the TV, and I don't want to bother Penny with my dancing...hey! Now that I think about it, where is Pepper, Minka, and Sunil? "Russell?" "Huh?" "Do you know where Minka, Pepper, or Sunil are?" "No, now that you mention it...I haven't seen any of them all day!" Oh no...

So it's short, but this is only the beginning. Hope you at least liked the concept!