Hey! So. It's over. :( If you have read my Doggie Drama story, you know I talked about a sequel for this story. I'm not sure what the concept is going to be, but there will be a sequel! :) This is a thank you letter for all my wonderful fans! I love every single one of you! Let's hug over our computers and mobile devices. XOXO! The reviews really helped me in the making of this story. It was like, fuel. I ran on them. Your ideas, your motivation, everything. And I am appalled. Over 1,000 people viewed this story. 3 words...BEST PRESENT EVER! So I want to send all of you 1,000 hugs! I cannot think of any words to describe how happy I am. I have an OVERLOAD OF HAPPINESS! I wish I could say more than Thanks, but I am still shocked. (insert 1,000 X's and O's here!)

Thanks! 3