I was looking for a story like this, but unfortunately I only found one and it was a parody story. So I decided to create my own. This is after the ring…no Sauron or any of that fun stuff. Let me know what you think as I am pretty nervous about posting this. I have always loved the LOTR movies, but I haven't read the books…I know you guys are pretty serious about your LOTR stuff, so I'm going to TRY not to mess anything up. Please correct me if I do, but no harsh reviews or flames please…thank you and I hope you enjoy.


Aragorn's blue eyes shot open as his mind tried to catch up and focus on what had roused him from his slumber. He sat very still, craning his neck and straining his ears; listening for any slight disturbance in the nearly silent atmosphere. He could hear the horses' deep nickering, their hooves pawing at the moist earth. He waited for the soft thud of an elf's boots or whispers of his fair-haired friend calming the animals. When neither came, he darted up off the soil and out into the dense forest. It was still dark, though he could see the sky starting to lighten and the stars dim.

He expected to see the still figure of Legolas keeping watch, but instead found the area empty aside from the two horses tethered to a nearby tree. A sorrel mare and grey gelding, both roughly sixteen hands, lifted their heads and nickered to the dark-haired man. The young mare threw her head, distressed by something Aragorn could not define. The silver gelding turned and pricked his ears to the east as he danced nervously in place. Aragorn suddenly feared for his elven friend. He knew Legolas was quite capable of taking care of himself, but the uneasiness he felt did not cease.

Aragorn followed the direction horse's ears further into the foliage. He drew his sword, holding it tightly in his two hands while listening closely. He inched further into the trees, stepping lightly to avoid making himself known. Rustling in the bushes came from ahead.

"Reveal yourself!" he demanded, raising his sword and tightening his grip.

He paused. Did he just hear...a sob? The warrior dashed toward the shrub and whipped around to the other side, pointing his sword directly into the face of...a tiny elfling drowning in a sea of clothing much too big for him. Clothing that belonged to none other than the Prince of Mirkwood himself.

Well, I hope you enjoyed. I know it was extremely short! I promise the subsequent chapters will be much longer. Please review and tell me what you liked/didn't like. I'm new to FF and not entirely sure how it works, but if anyone would like to help me out with this story that would be excellent as I know I am not the expert on Middle Earth as many of you are and may need some help sorting some things out further in the story…thank you for reading!