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Sisterhood of the Traveling Hunters.

"You can't tell me that you have to go light candles and sit around in a circle holding hands with a bunch of chicks and expect me to just let you go," Dean argued with me over the phone for the millionth time since I told him I was taking a little shore leave for the weekend. I also may or may not have originally told him I was going to go put gas in the Impala and then just not have come back to the room, only calling him when I was already over the state line.

"I don't think we've ever lit candles…or held hands for that matter," I trailed off thinking back to the many trips we have made over the years to meet up with each other.

"Not the point!" Dean's shouting brought me back to our conversation. "We have more pressing things at hand then for you to go to meet your little girlfriends. IN MY CAR, I might add! I'm putting my foot down, Leah, you need to come back to this motel right now. That's an order!"

I had to bite my bottom lip before I laughed in his face, or I supposed technically in his ear since we were on the phone. "See you Monday, Dean, have fun with Sammy."

"Leah Marie, don't you dare…" he started to threaten but I ended the call and threw my phone on the seat next to me.

If you look up the definition of friend in the dictionary it simply states that it is one of the same nation, party or group. Well Kate, Becca, Sadie and I could not fit that description any better if we actually tried. We were probably as different as you could get while still being exactly the same. We supported and helped one another in times of need, we joked and defended one another and we definitely never let anyone get in between our friendship.

There was no one else in the world that had a bigger heart than my Kate. She was probably the most sincere and genuine person I had ever met and I was still shocked that we hadn't corrupted her over the years though Becca and I had certainly tried. My Becca, the girl that always managed to put a smile on my face in the darkest of times. She had this uncanny way of making light of any situation and reminding the rest of us to find that spice of life. Last but definitely not least was my Sadie. The girl who acted more mature than the three of us put together though she's been known to put my tempter to shame on occasion.

You would have thought that our families would have met because of the line of work we do but you couldn't be more wrong. We actually met at a random school in Fairfax, Indiana purely by chance. We were astounded to find out that we each had two overbearing protective brothers and that sadly we had all lost our mothers at young ages. We even made up codes when we were younger so we wouldn't get confused since we each had a Sam and Dean. Kate and I were the little sisters, the babies of our families while Sadie and Becca were both twins though at the opposite end of the spectrum. Sadie had a younger brother while Becca had an older one. Kate and I used to feel left out and would joke that we were sisters. As hard as it was to bring up the past it brought us closer than I ever thought was possible.

Then the day came when it was time to move to another school. I remember it like it was yesterday. Becca and I doing everything we could to make sure no tears were seen escaping our eyes as we said goodbye and Kate tightly hugging Sadie making us each promise to keep in touch. It worked for awhile, the endless phone calls and when we got the chance the random letter or picture but the years passed and we started going our own ways.

Every year, that was the agreement we had come up with. Every year we would find a motel in the middle of nowhere that was in walking distance to a bar. No brothers were allowed and no excuses were to be made on why you couldn't show up. It worked well for awhile until everything seemed to go downhill and fast.

Our families fought, a lot, and though not with each other it put a strain on our relationships. This was the first time in three years we vowed to make no excuses and were actually going to meet up. After talking to each of them I felt a pang of guilt deep inside that I was pulling them away from their lives but it was time. Time to see their faces, drink each other under the table and laugh until our sides hurt. In all reality I just wanted one more weekend with them before I had to say goodbye. I've had many fears in life; the dark when I was younger, rats and their disgustingly long tails and even a few of the demons we had hunted but I never thought I'd be afraid of time.

I pulled into the motel parking lot and cut the engine, remembering to lock the doors, I shoved the keys and my phone into my pocket before jogging across the street to the bar. My excitement to see my old friends out weighed the nervous feeling of telling them my secret. I yanked the door open and quickly scanned the crowd half expecting to hear Becca's boisterous laugh or see Sadie hitting on a guy. I almost turned to walk back out when someone called out to me.


I turned to see Kate sitting in the corner her smile not reaching her eyes that were normally full of life as she waved me over to the table Sadie and her had claimed. We said our hellos and gave each other hugs, joking how it was probably best we got that over with before Becca showed up. She wasn't exactly the type of person who liked to be hugged though that hadn't stopped us in the past from squeezing her.

"Have you been waiting long?" I asked as I took a seat in the corner and Sadie poured me a beer from the pitcher they had ordered.

"About fifteen minutes," she shrugged as she topped off her and Kate's glasses as well. "Ask about the clunker Kate showed up in."

I looked over and raised an eyebrow at her surprised she hadn't taken the bus like years prior. She shook her head as if to wave the comment off. "We've been staying at Bobby's the trunk was the only thing running. What was I supposed to do take Dean's car?"

"There's nothing wrong with that," I mumbled taking a sip of my beer silently wondering how long it would be until the real drinking started.

Kate and Sadie shared a look before turning to me, Sadie smacking me in the arm, "You stole Dean's car?!"

"Borrowed!" I corrected as Kate hung her mouth open in shock. "I borrowed the Impala with full intent on returning it after this weekend."

"Where the hell is Becca?" Sadie questioned as she checked the time on her cell phone. "I swear that girl is going to be late for her own funeral."

As if on cue she came bounding through the door looking like she was ready to murder someone as she strode over to our table and plopped down in one of the chairs. "Do you know what the overgrown ape just did?!"

"Well, hello Becca, it's so nice to see you. Me? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking," Sadie sarcastically replied with a smirk as she filled Becca's empty glass.

Becca grabbed the glass took a big swig and nearly slammed it back down on the table but before she could say anything her phone started ringing making Sadie jump about a foot in the air.

"Jesus, Bec," Sadie put her hand over her heart, "Can't you have that on a normal ring tone or some random song like Leah does? That's as bad as the one Sam has!"

"What?!" Becca snapped as she answered her phone. "No, Dean you can not come join the party…because you're a Neanderthal!"

"I see I wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting away," I whispered to Kate who just gave me a half smile and went back to playing with the condensation on the outside of her glass.

"Because you aren't going to scare off the only estrogen I know!" Becca yelled before slamming her phone on the table though her little outburst had the table next to us giving her funny looks.

"Hey, buddy? Got a problem with estrogen?" I asked as he stared at Becca before allowing his eyes to slowly move over to meet mine. When he didn't answer I went to get up, "I asked you a question."

I heard Sadie let out a loud sigh before grabbing my arm and pushing me back into my chair, "let it go, Le."

"Yeah, let it go, princess," the man chuckled and I watched as Sadie's calm face melt away.

"Alright, mister," she spun around the venom literally dripping off each word. "I did you a favor because if I let Leah continue you would have been walking out of here with three teeth instead of the five you have now but now you get to deal with me."

The man laughed with his friends as he crossed his arms ready to say something when the bartender made his way over to where we were.

"Is there a problem here?" he asked looking between the man and Sadie before looking over to me a smile forming on his lips. "Leah?" My head shot up at the sound of my name but his face didn't look familiar at all. "My God, it is you! What are the odds?"

"Uh…" I stuttered for a minute until Becca gave me a hard kick under the table to say something, anything. "About a million in one," I replied giving an incredulous look over to Kate and Becca to let them know I had no idea who this person was.

"I just can't believe you are here! It's been what? Five years? Time sure does fly," he smiled and turned to the guys that were giving us a hard time. "Sorry fellas, time to go."

"You're kicking us out?" the man growled.

"Yup," the bartender held his grown.

"Pull your shirt down," Becca leaned over Kate to whisper to me.

"What?" I looked at her like she had six heads.

"Just do it before I do!" She threw a balled up napkin in my direction.

It was surprising to see how far she had come after that horrible night. We had never been so worried about her, the spice she normally had was gone and she seemed almost too cautious for awhile. But I knew that even talking about putting herself out there was a big step for her so instead of letting her do something she would regret I tugged at the bottom of my shirt until you could see the line of my cleavage easier. I got a thumbs up from Becca as Kate sat back in her chair waiting to see what would unfold.

The bartender got not only the guy who had made the comments but his whole group of friends to leave the bar. He came back over to the table with a tray of shots. "Drinks are on the house, anything you want," he gave me a wink before heading back behind the bar to take care of a waiting customer.

"You slept with him, didn't you?" Sadie questioned as we each grabbed a shot.

"No!" I defended myself moving so that I could sit with one leg underneath me but all three of them just stared at me. "I don't think I did. I don't know!"

Becca and Sadie laughed but again Kate barely let a smile pass her lips.

"To free drinks," Becca started holding her shot glass up.

"To fighting evil," Sadie joined in.

"To being together again," Kate added softly.

"To us," I nodded, each of us clinking our glasses together before letting the burning liquid slide down our throats.

"Alright, so I need to know," Sadie set her empty glass on the table and motioned to Becca's right arm that was in a cast. "Did you try chewing gum and walking at the same time?"

"Yeah," I teased, "Didn't we agree that would be too dangerous for you?"

"What can I say? Poltergeists can be a real pain in the ass," Becca replied grabbing one of the straws off the table and trying to shove it down her cast to try and get an itch.

"You shouldn't do that," Kate told her so quietly I almost didn't hear her from the seat right next to mine.

"Yeah, yeah," Becca shoved the straw so far in I almost though she was going to lose it in there. "You sound like my brothers."

Sadie reached over and took the straw away from her and placing it on the other side of the table out of her grasp. Becca stuck her tongue out at her before motioning to the bartender for another round.

We drank and chatted for hours about everything and nothing. Becca was still trying to convince us that 'Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC was the best song ever. Sadie talked about the trouble they were having locating her father and how weird it was working with Sam again after so many years. But it was Kate that I kept my eye on as she nodded along with the conversation, adding a word here or there but staying quiet for the most part. When she was happy she couldn't stop talking but when she was sad she wouldn't say a word.

Turned out the bartenders name was Josh and he was kind enough to let us stay after hours so we could continue catching up with each other. Between the four of us we polished off a bottle of whiskey, three pints of beer and at some point had switched to scotch.

"But…" Becca giggled barely holding on to her glass as she swung her arm around as she talked, "the best part was when Dean got so mad I thought he was having a canary."

"Coronary," I corrected her with a laugh.

"Yeah, canary," she nodded causing Sadie to start laughing as well.

"Coronary, Bec, he didn't have a bird!"

When Kate barely even registered what we were talking about I'd had enough and cut off our fun times to help our girl. "Kate," I started really unsure of what to say but my tone of voice gave me away.

"I'm fine," she answered automatically but none of us let her off the hook that easily. "Guys, come on, pour another round. I don't want to talk about it."

"I didn't want to talk about it either," I rolled my sleeve up and showed her the scars on my arm, "I was angry for him leaving me in this world without him. It's just us, Kate, you can talk to us."

She was quiet and for a minute I didn't think she was going to say anything as she sat there staring into her empty glass until she spoke up. "It's…it's just all the stuff you don't think about until it's too late, you know? Like now he'll never be able to walk me down the aisle. The fucking aisle. I never even thought I would want to get married until I realized he wouldn't be able to walk me down the aisle." She stopped a minute to try and collect herself before turning to me with tear streaked cheeks, "it gets better, right? The happiness comes back?"

"Oh, Kate," I sighed not able to tell her that I still hadn't found my happiness. "You'll get there."

"After…that night," Becca spoke up, "It took a lot for me to even walk out of the motel room but Dean helped me. I don't know how but he built my confidence back up. He fixed me."

"And, we're here to do the same for you," Sadie smiled warmly.

"We really are one big dysfunctional family aren't we?" Kate asked with the biggest smile I had seen on her face all night.

"Who you calling dysfunctional?" Becca questioned as she attempted to pour more scotch into our glasses though most ended up on the table.

"So, now that you've brought up walking down the aisle…think any of you will ever get married?" I asked as I tried to help Becca with the drinks so we wouldn't end up swimming in them.

"I don't know," Sadie admitted taking a long sip of her drink before rolling the glass back and forth between her hands. "I guess one day, if the right guy came along and we were in love, real love, I might consider it but there's always going to be evil in the world."

Kate nodded her head sadly in agreement, "Maybe if you asked me back in high school my answer would have been different but I agree with Sade. Especially now after everything that has happened I wouldn't be able to leave Sam and Dean. They are both just so…broken right now."

"Becca?" Sadie questioned and she vigorously shook her head in the negative. "Yeah, we'd have to find someone who could handle you."

She rolled her eyes before looking over to me, "Well we all know Leah never wants to get married she just wants the rock."

"Absolutely," I agreed with a smile. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

"Next year, we need to pick somewhere exotic to go to," Kate laughed as she threw her head back to take her shot.

"Florida?" Becca suggested.

"I was thinking more like a cruise," Kate replied.

"I can imagine it now," Sadie looked off into the distance as if she was watching it all in her head. "A week with no brothers, no hunting just drinks with little umbrellas and pool boys."

Watching the three of them talk about plans for next year brought a sad smile to my face as I sat back in my chair. I couldn't bring myself to tell them about the deal I had made but I realized they would be alright without me. Sadie would take care of them; make sure they followed whatever dreams they had. Becca would be there to make them smile when times got dark; reminding them that even a night in a bar with your friends could be an adventure. Kate would find her happiness again, there was no doubt in my mind, and she would find it and share it with others.

As I sat back taking in the scene in front of me as Sadie snatched Becca's phone off the table as Dean called again to check on her and tossed it to Kate who got up and ran around the bar. It was a game of monkey in the middle full of laughter and it was in that moment I realized I wouldn't just be leaving behind two brothers but three sisters as well.