Ask Yasuhiro Kuroi


Chapter One: Ice Cream


"'Ask Yasuhiro Kuroi'? Seriously?" Kuroi turned to face Kise in her swivel chair, giving the blond a blank stare.

Kise nodded vigorously, a huge grin implanted on his face. "Yeah! Doesn't it seem fun?"

"Well, I feel like a greater power is at work here." Kuroi confessed, glaring at her laptop screen. "I don't want random people asking me weird questions."

"Oh, come on, they won't be that bad! I did it before!"

"Yeah, key word is did it. Meaning you don't do it anymore. I bet all it was was just a bunch of your fangirls asking you to marry them or date them or something sketchy like that."

"..." The model was silent, before shrugging. "It's okay, Yasuhirocchi! I don't' think anyone really likes you!"

"Oh, whoa, thanks, Kise. You opened my eyes." Kuroi bit back sarcastically, tempted to punch the blond.

"You're welcome!" Apparently Kise didn't hear the sarcastic tone in her voice, which only made Kuroi want to hit him even more.

"If you're so worried about it, then how about I sit with you and read any questions you get! Then I can help you that way, if you have any questions." Kise suggested, tilting his head at her laptop screen.

"Yeah, I guess so." Her posture sunk in her chair as she gave into Kise's demands.

"Okay!" Kise smiled, poking at Kuroi's arm. Kuroi twitched, and sighed. "Oh, first, I guess we should set some ground rules."

"Obviously. Okay, rule number one... Well, I do not want any sick perverted questions. Hn."

"Eh! Does that count for dating and kissing?" Kise frowned, leaning towards his crossdressing team mate.

"... I dunno. Wait, why would anyone want to ask about dating and kissing? And what kind of kissing!?" Kuroi groaned, grasping her head. "This asking people stuff is getting confusing."

"Awh, Yasuhirocchi. It's okay, I'll help you through it."

"Idiot, you make it sound worse. Let's just move onto number two."

"Okay. Hmm..."

"Mm..." Both of their heads tilted upwards as they tried to rack their brains for a second rule. "I actually can't come up with anything." Kuroi admitted, giving another loud sigh.

Kise nodded, pouting. "Yeah, my minds pulling a blank."

"You know, if Kasamatsu-sempai found out that we were doing this other than practicing, he'd kill us for sure." Kuroi spoke softly, cringing if only a little at the imminent death that would await them.

"Yasuhirocchi, it's not fair! He wouldn't kill you, he'd kill me!" The loud whine escaped his lips as he nearly fell backwards out of Kuroi's spare chair.

"Shut up, idiot." Kuroi finally smacked Kise upside the head, enjoying the brief moment where the model let a whine out. "Anyway, I guess we should just leave it as is, and see if anything happens?"

"Wait! I finally thought of one!" Kise erupted, his eyes sparkling weirdly in the sun that shined in through the window. Kuroi raised her eyebrow, before motioned for Kise to speak up with her hand.

"Let's hear it, then." She frowned impatiently.

"Rule number two! No 'name-calling'!"

"So, I can't call you idiot?" Kuroi asked jokingly. She ignored Kise pout and continued, "But, I'd have to agree, no matter how childish that sounds."

"Okay, now you can post it!"

"Just gimme a second." Kuroi replied, as she finished typing up the rest of the information. "Okay.." She trailed off, finally hitting the 'accept' button. "Done." She pushed herself away from her desk, and turned to Kise.

"I'm so proud of you, Yasuhirocchi." He sniffled, showing the girl a watery smile.

"The heck... What's wrong with you all of a sudden!?" Kuroi sat up straight, wondering just what the hell had gotten into her team mate and friend.

"It's just... Uh, I don't know what I was getting at..."

"Idiot... Let's just, uh, go play basketball."

"C- Can we get some ice cream after?"

"Yes." Kuroi replied without missing a beat as she stood with a yawn and a stretch. Kise's tear-stricken eyes widened as a Cheshire grin appeared on his face. "Okay!" He exclaimed happily, before practically running out the door.

Kuroi gave her laptop one last look, before following Kise out of her room, making sure to grab her basketball before she left.


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