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Chapter Three: Bed Time?


By the time Kuroi got back home, she was about ready to collapse on her bed and go to sleep. She hadn't realized how late it was until the sun was practically gone down, the moon coming out slowly.

She yawned, and managed to change quickly, and throw her wig somewhere close to her bed. She pulled her socks off, and paused when she noticed a little pop-up window on her laptop.

"Guess I forgot to turn that off..." She mumbled, taking a seat on her chair. She closed the window, which she read was a message for telling her that she had new messages. "The heck." She blinked, staring partly in shock at the new questions she got.

"Uso..." She groaned, before deciding to click the first one. "Maybe I'll just try to answer quickly..." Kuroi muttered, her eyes darting to the new question.

'Oh, it's from Danny again. Let's see... What do you find most attractive-... about... Kasamatsu,' She read the first part inside her head, blushing furiously. Shaking her head, she deciding to continue reading before even beginning to think of forming an answer. 'How would you describe Kasamatsu and Kise? Do you sometimes wish to just abandon Kise in a forest so the wolves can eat him? If you do I can tell you where there's a good one.'

Kuroi couldn't help but let a giggle out. "That could be useful." She smirked at the thought. She glanced down at her keyboard, and then thought over the questions.

Trying to ignore her blushing face, she spoke quietly as she typed her answer in the small reply box. "I'd like to think that it's his shortess," She joked. "But I realized the more that I got to know him, the more I started to... like.. him. I actually think it's from when I found out about his fear of girls. I wanted to help him, and I thought it was so freaking adorable. Of course, I never said that to anyone... Then things started to get me thinking from there. I paid more attention to him, started seeing him more... I- uh, also like his eyes." She finished lamely. Gosh, she felt like such a girl talking about this. To random people, no less.

'Let's see... To answer the other parts... Hm. How would I describe Kasamatsu and Kise? I suppose I could see myself being closer to sempai. He's like a messed up cross-breed between a tsundere, kuudere, and dandere; if you ask me. Wait, you were asking me... Er, whatever, that's my option on him. But, you know, I still like him for it. And Kise... I wouldn't mind knowing where this forest is.' She paused, nearly choking on her own spit at the thought of dropping the innocent blond off at some random dark creepy forest. Of course, she wouldn't do it. But, it made her feel better knowing that she could.

"I'm evil." She concluded. 'Oh, back to replying... Kise, Kise, Kise... Well, as said before, I really do see him as a brother to me. An annoying one, but I still love him like family. He's an energetic little shi-'

"Kuroi!" Kayate's voice called through the door, making Kuroi's thoughts come to a halt.
"Uh- Yeah?" She called weakly, looking around for her wig before her mother decided to use her new found lock picking powers again.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you were back. I didn't hear you come in."

"Ah, well, I'm going to sleep soon."

"Okay. Goodnight, dear."

"Night." Kuroi waited as she listened to her mother's soft footsteps fade down the hall, and sighed. She swiveled back to her laptop, and looked at where she left off.

"How come every time I try to use bad words, mom always somehow interrupts me..." That was something that was beginning to happen regularly, which freaked Kuroi out a bit. 'Where was I? Oh, he's really... energetic, and loves the attention from his fangirls. But, when it comes down to it, he can be really reliable and strong, serious, and stuff like that.' Kuroi smiled, ignoring the awkward feeling of praising Kise.

She finished typing the last of her thoughts, and yawned again. "Five more..." She twitched. Only now she was beginning to feel her body shut down slowly, the more late it got.

"Reimei-Jennoir asks: Would you and Kasamatsu-sempai do a modeling job when Kise asks you too?" Kuroi blinked. This was a different question, and it got her thinking. "Ehh... I'm too hideous to even think of modeling." She chuckled, despite just insulting herself. "But, knowing Kasamatsu and Kise, they'd probably make me do it in the end. So, I suppose I would. Kasamatsu... I'm not sure. I mean, if Kise could convince him somehow, then it'd be a miracle."

"Next is: Oh, it's Kirie." She read the comment and nodded in understanding. "So OC means original character... Wait. Who's an OC?" She shuddered, suddenly feeling as if someone was watching her. She shook her head, wanting to escape the odd thoughts, and got back to the question.

"Were you already on your first date with Kasamatsu? How was it?" After reading the question, she randomly giggled. "Ehh. No, I mean, not yet, anyway. What I meant in your previous question was that Kise would probably tag along in the shadows and find some way to interrupt... Knowing that idiot. But, I have yet to go on one with him..." She trailed off, feeling flustered from all the questions about Kasamatsu.

'I sure as hell hope he doesn't find out about these and read all my answers! That'd be horrible.'

"Ne- Oh, wait, there's a second part... What do you think about unicorns?" Kuroi stared, before giggling once more. She formed a response in her head and typed it onto her laptop. 'I think they're cute. But I'm not going to go all fangirly over them and throw a big party about them or anything. I just find them interesting and cute. Plus, I really like mythical creatures and beings and all that stuff.'

Moving onto the next question once she was done with Kirie's, she scanned the writing. "Ippen asks: Can you greet Kise-kun for me? And then What do you like the most about Kasamatsu?"

"Well, I can greet Kise for them tomor- Wait, how do these people even know I know about Kise and Kasamatsu?... Weird." Kuroi shivered again, turning back to the question.

"I feel like... I already answered something similar, so I'll just shorten my answer. 'I like his personality and his eyes, but I also like the rest of him. He's... perfect.'," She formed her answer and typed it in before hitting send.

"Gosh... tired. But, almost done." She smiled, figuring that she might as well just finish with the last three questions and then go to sleep.

"Freddy Krueger. Whoa, wait, Freddy Krueger!" Kuroi twitched, staring at her screen in minor shock. "Asking: ... Can I visit you in a dream? Ehhh... er, and, Do you like scary movies?"

"I'd rather not die in my dream... Sorry Freddy. Also, I do like scary movies. A lot, actually. But! I will not watch them when I'm all alone. I can't stand being by myself. It's scary..." She frowned, suddenly remembering that one time that she and the others had went into that forest.

'CherryPop0120 asks: Kuroi, do you know how to cook?' "Yes, I do. Not anything awesome, but just easy things to make. My mom thought it'd be a good idea to teach me some things when she wasn't busy with teaching dance and such." Kuroi smiled at the fond memory of her mother teaching her how to make Omurice when she was only eight years old. It didn't work out so well in the end...

"Ah, last one; Kuroifanboy1. Ehh, I have a fanboy!?" Shocked, she nearly toppled out of her chair. She regained her balance with cat-like swiftness, and went back to reading the question. 'What is your best and worst class? Also, was there anyone at Teiko, from the Generation of Miracles, that you were close with, and would you want to be friends with them now?' Ahh, her middle school days. Those were fun.

She began typing in her response, 'My best and worst class. Well, I'm pretty bad at history. I'm pretty good in English, although I find it super boring.' She paused in her typing, curling her fingers in before stretching them out. They felt as if they were beginning to cramp up. "Stupid fingers. Er, anyways..." 'Anyone at Teiko, from the Generation of Miracles... Well, I've ran into Murasakibara a couple times. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember my face, despite giving him candy some times. I wouldn't mind befriending him, though. He seems nice... I think? Maybe nice, in a quiet, straight-forward kind of way...' Kuroi gave an affirmative nod, and pushed her swivel chair away from her desk. She rolled to the edge of her bed, and stood, before collapsing on the soft covers.

Her purple eyes closed and she soon fell into a deep sleep.


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