Title: Crazier

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Stephanie Meyer owns anything Twilight Saga related and the songs are not mine either, I will give credit at the end of each chapter. Songs MIGHT be altered to suit the story line, I will let you know when this happens.

Pairing: Bella/Emmett, Jasper/Alice

Summary: After being offered a record deal Bella is worried about what the distance will do to her new relationship with Emmett. She decides to finish her last year of high school before she does anything drastic. Will her and Emmett be able to handle the stress of a long distance relationship or will they fall apart like people say they will. Bella finds herself in quite a dilemma, L.A? Nashville? Is Jeremy all he claims to be? She'll find out as her and Jasper embark on this journey together. New music, new friends, new beginnings…new struggles.

Some things you need to know that may have been confusing or forgotten from Pinky Swear Promise:

Bella started this journey at 90lbs, gaining ten pounds from when she dated Aaron. Her total dropped weight was 50lbs leaving her at 80lbs when they broke up.

Emmett has blue eyes, and is 6'4".

Bella is 5'1", starting this story at 97lbs.

Jasper is 6'1", 170lbs.

Alice is 5'0", 105lbs.

Bella and Emmett never said "I love you" at the Superbowl, I took that out and I am moving that event to this story.

The school year for them will go until the end of May. I am a university student and I am finished in April, and I needed them to have a longer summer in Pinky Swear Promise, so I will stick with that plot.

Bella's birthday was May 29th, she came to Forks on June 2nd. Jasper's birthday was in late July.

Bella has not spoken to her mom since Jasper's birthday dinner.

Cullen Family

Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen

Masen Family

Don Masen, Tracy Masen, Edward Masen

Hale Family

Ben Hale, Kerri Whitlock-Hale, Jasper Whitlock-Hale, Rosalie Hale, Dylan Hale

Swan Family

Charlie Swan, Isabella Swan

Allen Family

Phil Allen, Rene Whitlock-Allen, Vicki Allen

Last Time:

We were all on our way to the after party, that's right…Cardinals won baby! I stopped to talk to Jeremy before I left and told everyone to wait for me by the car.

"Hey Jeremy… I just wanted to thank you… so much for this opportunity. I had an amazing time…so did Jasper." He was grinning from ear to ear.

"Bella baby you won't believe it. I just got off the phone with my agency, how about we don't make this goodbye?" I looked at him confused.

"What do you…"

"I want to sign you. I want to sign you, Jasper, Max, Laura and Tim. You guys are gold together and I want to give you guys your jumpstart." I looked at him stunned. He wants to sign us… he wants us to start a career out of this… he wants… us… oh my God…

"NO WAY!" I started jumping up and down clapping and totally felt like Alice. I have been hanging around that pixie far too long! I didn't care though…this day could never go wrong!

"Oh I'm so glad you're on board! I'll get you my number and get the ball rolling. You guys can move to LA as soon as we get everything signed and-"

"Wait… hold on… what?" I looked at him, all excitement gone.

"What…" He asked confused.

"You want me to move to Los Angles? But… I have my last year of high school to finish…"

"Oh… right. That's okay then we can start as soon as you're finished! Oh baby you're going to love California…"

"But… Why can't we do this in Washington?" I couldn't move to LA… my family… my friends… Emmett…

"Because if you want to make it big you have to be in LA…are you saying no?" He asked disappointed.

"No! Of course not… I… Umm… can I think about this please? I need to talk to some people…" Jeremy smiled in understanding.

"Of course! Here is my card, I already have your info. I'll talk to my agency and we will be in touch." I looked at his card.

"Don't you worry Bella. You will see this is the best way and when you come around I will make the world see the outstanding talent you guys have. LA will make all your dreams come true." I nodded numbly and said goodbye.

Walking back to the car I thought long and hard about what I just did. 'Are you seriously considering moving to LA? What about your life in Forks?!' my mind screamed at me. I was so quick to jump and not decline the offer… was I seriously willing to give up my home…for my dream?

"Hey beautiful, ready to go?" Emmett's smiling face asked me as I approached the car. I nodded and tried not to look at him…this was so hard…

"Hey now… you alright? What's wrong?" He tilted my chin up and I looked into his eyes. I forced a smile.

"Nothing…I couldn't be happier." He smiled and kissed my lips gently.

How could I give this up?

This was just an intro chapter, Chapter One is to follow! Enjoy!